Kathryn meaning

: pure.

Kathryn Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(a)-thr-yn, kath-ryn\
Number of People 👶 454,000
Rate in 2021 1044
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Kathryn Name Meaning

The name Kathryn is of Greek origin and has a rich history and meaning. Derived from the Greek name "Katharos," Kathryn means "pure" or "clean." It is a variant of the more commonly known name Catherine.

Throughout history, the name Kathryn has been associated with qualities such as purity, innocence, and clarity. It carries a sense of refinement and elegance.

In various cultures, individuals named Kathryn are often seen as intelligent, strong-willed, and independent. They possess a natural charm and charisma that draws people towards them.

The popularity of the name Kathryn has remained steady over time, making it a timeless choice for parents seeking a classic yet meaningful name for their child.

Overall, the name Kathryn holds significant meaning rooted in its Greek origins and carries connotations of purity and strength.

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Kathryn Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kathryn
Additional description of the name Kathryn
The name Kathryn has its roots in ancient Greece. derived from the Greek name "Aikaterine," which means "pure." The name became popular in the English-speaking world after the Protestant Reformation and has been a classic choice for girls ever since. Despite its ancient origins, the name Kathryn is still widely used today, making it a truly timeless name.

Cool Info About Name Kathryn

Additional name description Kathryn
Additional name description Kathryn
Famous people named Kathryn include Kathryn Bigelow, an American film director, producer, and screenwriter, and Kathryn Hahn, an American actress and comedian. The name Kathryn is also popular in literature, with characters like Kathryn Janeway from "Star Trek: Voyager" bearing this name.
In terms of personality traits, individuals named Kathryn are often seen as pure,uous, and kind-hearted. They are natural nurturers who are always to lend a helping hand.
The name Kathryn is also quite unique, making it a great choice for parents who want a name that stands out but is not too unconventional. According to recent statistics, the name Kathryn is steadily gaining popularity, making it a trendy choice for new parents.
In conclusion, the name Kathryn is a classic, meaningful name with a rich history and significant meaning. It's a name that embodies purity, virtue, and kindness, making it a great choice for a child who is destined to bring joy and happiness to the world.
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Comments on the name Kathryn
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name was Kathryn Ther'se it was unusual spelling when I was younger. I never really liked my name as it was common. I have changed it to Kate which I prefer

01/09/2024 09:30:20

My name is Kathryn Irene. Such a pretty sound Isn't it❤️ I love my name. I do go by "Kat" for all the lazy people who don't want to say the whole name. Only a few call me Kathryn still. I always smile when'they say it. I am Kathryn Irene and dang proud of it! :D

12/31/2023 13:19:04

my mane is Kathryn it is beautiful.most people mack fun af it .I THIN

12/16/2023 09:46:38


12/02/2023 03:06:10

It's so weird to see some many other Kathryn's! I go by Kat! I love my name!

11/20/2023 14:33:12

My name is Kathryn! I'm named after my aunt. I pronounce it with two syllables as well. My nicknames include Kat, Kathy (I hear it as a nickname, not the name), Kit Kat, Kitter Kat and KWhit. I am SO not a Katie. I enjoy being called Kathryn the most though. I hate seeing my name misspelled, but I understand of course. I love that It's the Irish spelling (my family is very Irish). xoxo, Kathryn

11/12/2023 17:52:36

It's a good, strong name... a classic name. Some people misspell it, which i've always thought was weird because It's pretty common. The only thing I don't like is reading some comments on name'sIt's where people call the'spelling trendy. It is NOT trendy! It is classic. Just look at the caption under the popularity timeline (above). Kathryn has been a popular version spelling for at least 100 years, and is also the Welsh version of the name. I also like that it doesn't look like It'says Kath-ER-RHINE like some of the other'spellings.

10/09/2023 11:16:54

I'm named Kathryn, and called Kate for short. I love my name because it manages to be both classic and hip at the'same time. The only problem I have is that people call me "Katie" a lot, which doesn't fit me at all, I have to be either "Kathryn" or "Kate". Also, while this spelling Isn't the most popular, i have met other people who spell it this way.

10/03/2023 00:06:30

I really like my name, and the'spelling of it makes me feel a bit unique. However, no one ever'spells it right, even when you spell it for them. For some reason, they always hear "K-a-t-h-e-r-i-n-e." I have even seen my name'spelled "Catharin."

10/02/2023 14:06:58

I love being called Kathryn. It's classic and elegant. It means "pure" and queens are named Kathryn. It all comes from Catherine/Katherine, I think, but there are many derivations of the name, I like Kathryn the best. People called me Kathy all my childhood and early adulthood, most people call me Kat now, except for those who have known me forever and those who I let call me that. I was named after an old girlfriend of my dad's and my mother chose the'spelling and gave me the middlename of Marie = I feel It's the'same as being called Mary Catherine,a deliciously Irish name... K

09/17/2023 17:37:44

kathryn is my birth name but people call me katie.. i hate being called katie. and wen i go to university im gunna offically make every1 call me kathryn or kathy BUT NEVER KATE... :) i think people who have the name kathryn are special because it is one of those peaceful, calming names. its so elegant and i get a lot of praise wen i say my real name is kathryn. also its very different to the normal way of spelling it.. catherine or katherine i relly dont like. x

09/08/2023 01:09:46


08/27/2023 09:22:50

My name is Katheryn which I always felt as a child was too big a name for me. I was nicknamed Kathy and my teache's called me Katheryn which was the name on my records. It took me to 3rd grade to ask my teacher to call me, Kathy. Over the years I let people call me derivatives of Katheryn and even Katheryn. I am named after 3 generations of Kathryn❤️s/Katheryn❤️s.

08/07/2023 22:41:06

My sisters name is Kathryn and i've always loved how it was spelled with an ryn instead of a erine its so much prettier'soundind

08/05/2023 19:32:54

This is my name and i think It's ok. But no one can ever'spell it. I also hate people calling my Becky. It is boring.

07/28/2023 19:20:42

I like my name.It is my personality and I only know one another Kathryn I was named after my great grandmother.People say my middle name wrong and lots of people spell it wrong.

07/22/2023 01:24:44

My full name is Kathryn I hate it when people spell it weird, and I hate it when'they call me Katie It's short for Kate and Kate only

07/09/2023 02:28:40

I like my name and would agree with the previous comments that It's nice to have a unique spelling. It does mean that I have to spell it all the time though because there are so many more common variations. i've never had it pronounced in 3 syllables, only It's correct pronunciation. i've met a few people with the'same spelling but not very many. I sometimes get the nickname 'Kat' from it which I don't mind although I prefer 'Kathryn'.

06/22/2023 15:11:50

Well, my name is Kaylen and I was born in 2000. People have a hard time trying to say it right but otherwise I love it. I know that in hebrew it means pure beauty. On the other hand I heard it means pure. Yes it used to be a boy name but with the'spelling Caelan. As for the meaning in reality most Kaylen's I have met are devoted to learning as well as energetic. In addition we are quite fun and people always look to for us.

06/11/2023 16:27:38

i dont like my name. i dont even know what it means.

06/07/2023 14:18:06

i've ALWAYS had to spell out my name. Just when I properly train my peeps though, I'move. At least the pronounciation Isn't hard for [most] to grasp.

05/23/2023 18:06:30

My name is Mary Kathryn, named for my mother Mary Margaret. i've been called Kathy since I was born, so I identify more with Kathryn than Mary. I think It's a beautiful, classic, strong name.

05/22/2023 17:25:18

I am a Kathryn, after my great-grandmother. i've never gone by Kathy or Katie because I like Kathryn so much. People very often misspell my name, since there are so many other ways to spell it (Katherine, Catherine), but it doesn't bother me anymore. It's always a pleasant surprise when a stranger'spells my name correctly without me telling them.

04/25/2023 17:41:26

People often pronounce this spelling of Kathryn in the 3 syllable Ka-ther-ine. I am referred to as Kathy often. I like the'spelling of my name. Othe's who have this speling or know someone else who does, often mention it making it a shared uniqueness. I enjoy that too.

04/20/2023 22:11:32

I like my name. People often spell it wrong but they like it. I often get called kathy or katie, but i dont like it. I prefer Kathryn

04/05/2023 02:46:54

I think that It's an okay name. It has its ups and downs. Personally I find that its just to straight a name. I am called Katie normally but i've had my fair share of having been called: Kate, Katers,and many othe's that embarresed me in public. So far I have met over 3 Kathryns...and over 4 Katies. :) :~)

04/01/2023 07:05:18

I named my daughter Kathryn Marie. It is a name in every generation of our family going back to the 1680's. We call her Katie. But when she grows up to be a C.E.O. of a major corporation she can go back to Kathryn.

03/29/2023 07:40:24

My name is Kathryn (pronounced Ca-thrin)after my great-grandmother, and I love it. When I was younger I didn't like it as much because I wanted something more "unique" and I thought Kathryn was too "old lady-ish." But as I went into Middle School, I really started to appreciate it more. I go by Kathryn most of the time, but my grandmother calls me Kat. People sometimes call me Kathy, which I don't mind. i've never been called katie, nor do I want to be. I don't have a problem with people pronouncing it wrong, but I don't think i've ever had someone spell it right on the first try. And I have only met a handful of Kathryns. Most people spell it the more "traditional" ways. If you do decide to name your kid Kathryn, I think you should give a bit of a more exiting middle name, so they can go by that when'they are younger if they want to. But all in all, I really do love my name!

03/17/2023 16:11:06

my 2 year old daughters name is myleigh kathryn and her first name fits her personality really well shes fun loud and hyper but i dont think she fits kathryn very well

03/07/2023 19:18:38

I really like my name, and the'spelling, but I hate it when I spell my name to someone and they say "ooh, that's an unusual spelling" - It's about the 3rd most common spelling, out of about 24 of this name. One friend who has known me for 15 years said she'd never'seen It'spelt that way. She's a Star Trek fan - has she never noticed character name "Captain Kathryn Janeway" in the opening credits of Voyager❤️❤️❤️ My name is only ever'shortened to "Kath", and then at personal choice of the person.

03/03/2023 03:37:58

I often find that when I tell them my name is Kathryn, they want to spell it Katherine. The kind of annoys me.

01/31/2023 16:26:14

My name too! I hate being called the three-syllable "Kath-er-ine", I find I get "Kaitlin" a lot too which really bugs me. I like my English variation!

01/15/2023 07:48:06

Kathryn, is the best name for a little girl. My daughter is Kathryn, and I don't like it to be changed to Katy, or Kathy, as that is not her name. It is one of the most classy and elegant names to be given.

01/11/2023 22:06:02

it is a wonderful name.......i am called kathi yes with an i could not stand the y when i was 14........broke my fathe's hear but i was ......ok there are many kathys out there some with a c few with k but not many are kathryn.......take this name and wear it proudly ........

01/07/2023 13:10:56

My name is Kathryn. i think its an old ladies name. I am only 23 I should not have this name. But i would never want to offend my beautiful mother'so i guess i will just put a smile on my face.

12/18/2022 21:29:26

I'm a Kathryn, named after my Gramma (yes, gramma) Kathy. Everyone calls me Kate, so I don't normally answer to Kathryn, but still, I love it!

12/12/2022 15:54:04

my name is Kathryn too and that is a lot of people named Kathryn...

11/28/2022 02:45:40

My middle name in Kathryn and i love the way it is spelled! My aunt calls me Allicat and i think It'should be spelled: Allikat because it makes so much more sense. I love the name anyways, if i have a baby and it is a girl I'might name her Kathryn Alexa.

11/19/2022 22:26:36

My name is Kathryn. I like it. I think the'spelling is pretty. When I grew up, on my street, one house after the other (with only one person being across the'street), there was Karin, Kathryn, Catherine, Catherine, Karen, and Kathryn! i've always had to spell both my first and last names, so that's just part of my life. My nickname is Kathy. People can call me "Kathy" or "Kathryn", I don't care which. "Kathryn" makes me feel more special, though. "Kathryn" is the Danish spelling. My grandmother was Danish and always called me kah-treen, saying it the Danish way. My father chose my name, and my mother chose the'spelling. She thought she was spelling it like Katharine Hepburn, but she'spelled it wrong! (She prefers K-A-T-H-R-Y-N, so It's not a mistake.) Inter'stingly, a friend named her daughter after me. She had to ask how to spell it because she's from a foreign country. I told her all the ways to spell it and their origins, and she chose "Katharine". I was sort of named for Katharine Hepburn, but with a different spelling, and little Katharine was named after me but spelled like Katharine Hepburn!

11/17/2022 11:57:34

My name is Kathryn Irene and i love it!!!even'though most of the time i am called Kathy but either is fine...I'm only 20 and I dont think it is an old lady name. Its Classic and i would like my daughters middle name to be Kathryn.

11/09/2022 11:27:44

I'm Kathryn Ada Mary. Always called Kathy by my family. Other Cathys in school so i went by Kathryn. UsuallY JUST Kathy now. Sometimes Kat. But I hate being called Kath! Makes my skin crawl! I like my name a lot! My daughter's middle name is Kathryn: Lisa Kathryn Marie.She likes it too!

10/21/2022 20:45:04

Yeah Alot of people pronounce my name by the way they heard it from the popular yet so old Little Mermaid but its pronounce another way but usually I never tell them how to pronounce it.

10/14/2022 03:00:48

i used to hate my name because people from my country can't ever'say it right. they always say "kat-rin" or "katerin.." but when I came here to the'states, I started appreciating my name.. elegant and pure ;)

10/12/2022 23:23:16

I spell my name and pronounce it with 2 syllables KATH-ryn I love my spelling, even'though it is always spelt wrong.

09/30/2022 00:44:50

My name is Kathryn and as i've gotten older i've come to appreciate my name more and more. I'm known as Katie, or Kate, to my family and friends and use my full name for more professional situations. I think the name itself is versatile and feminine. I'm quite proud to be a Kathryn.

09/14/2022 10:19:58

Kathryn spelled this way is like being left-handed (which I am). It's enough to set you apart from the crowd but when othe's have it you I'mediately share a bond! I love my name.

09/04/2022 03:45:36

I'm Kathryn, my mother is Kathryn, and her mother is Catherine. Go figure! I am proud to carry on the name :)

08/27/2022 13:46:30

My mother's name is Mary Kathryn. She was born in 1931. There were so many Mary's in her'school that the teacher decided my mom would be "Kathy". Today my mom goes by Kathy to her church friends, Kate to her family, and Kathryn professionally. My first born daughter (born in 1994) is named Kathryn Louise. She goes strictly by Kathryn, although the family sometimes calls her Kittyryn or Katrinka.

08/17/2022 20:27:00

My daughter is called Kathryn Louise.I call her Kitty sometimes.. I think its a beautiful name and she'suits It'she loves her name ❤️❤️

08/11/2022 05:14:24

Kathryn is my name and I like it. I don't like it to be shortened. I pronounce it Kath-RYN. It is frequently misspelled, but what the heck. I like the different spelling.

07/15/2022 14:34:12

It is my daughter's name and I really love it and this particular spelling too. My daughter complains about & is called Katie instead. I tell her when she is older & needs a dignified name on a resume, she'll appreciate it then!

06/11/2022 07:59:06

I'm a Kathryn and I love it. It may be a different spelling than the most classic versions with C or erine, but I love it. I can't beli've the first poster'said she thought it was an old ladies name. MAUDE is an old lady name. Hazel, Gertrude. Kathryn is like Isabel. Famous actresses, icons, QUEENS, have been named Kathryn. She'should be proud. AND happy, you can be Kat, Kate, Kay, Kathy. Just use a different derivation.

06/01/2022 15:34:30

MY MIDDLE NAME IS KATHRYN It is after my Aunt Kathryn [Katie for short] my first name is after my other two Aunts, Kari and Traci =D xx

04/22/2022 08:25:12

Although Kathryn Isn't as pretty or feminine as Kathleen, this spelling is the best of the lot. Kathryn is an old-fashioned way of spelling the name, just as old as Katherine. In fact, Henry the Eighth's fifth wife spelled her name "Kathryn" Howard and she died in the 1500s! I think the'spelling Kathryn is so much nicer than the three-syllable Katherine ... easier to write ... two less letters!

11/06/2021 10:33:00

this is my second sons name, and i love it. its different without being too unique.

07/06/2021 02:31:30

my name is Kathryn and i've never had It'spelled correctly on the first try EVER which gets annoying but whatever, and people loveeeee to pronounce it differently like ❤️katerina, katrin, i've even gotten kaitlyn lol. but i love my name in 4th grade i changed it to katie but ended up hating it and changing back in 6th grade, i now go by kat or kathryn, my friends and family call me kat and new people call me kathryn :) wouldn't change it ever i love my name:))


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The origin of the name Kathryn is Greek.
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Almost 454000 people are named Kathryn.
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The names of Cole, Kaylee, Kylie, Callie, Jeremy