Kendall meaning

: The Kent River Valley

Kendall Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(e)-nda-ll, ken-dall\
Number of People 👶 95,000
Rate in 2021 540
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 English
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Kendall Name Meaning

The name Kendall is of English origin and means "valley of the River Kent". It is a unisex name that exudes strength, resilience, and a deep connection to nature. People named Kendall are often known for their kindness, intelligence, and adventurous spirit.

Embrace the rich history and significance behind the name Kendall, as it carries a sense of tranquility and harmony with nature. Let the name Kendall inspire you to explore new horizons, embrace challenges with grace, and embody the essence of a true leader.

Cool Info About Name Kendall

Additional name description Kendall
Additional name description Kendall

Personality traits of the name Kendall:

Getting deeper into the personalities of people who are named Kendall, one can understand that they are mainly life lovers and enjoy the excitement in their lives. They are always looking forward to having new experiences and using them in their lives. they are risk-takers. They like to be at the center of attention by taking risks. They thrive on the new and unexpected. These actions make them feel alive and push them forward. Moreover, they can be more energetic and powerful in solving problems. These sorts of risky actions are full of joy for them. They like being around and if there is no excitement there for them, they will skip the action.

They like changing and making things around them change. They are fearless people who accept changes and let them enter their lives. these changes are ranged from a small piece of object to their whole house or even occupation. They like the experiences that come from the changes and welcome the experiences as much as possible. They are also very flexible in accepting their bad traits and try to change them as soon as possible.

They like to travel. They are good travelers by making the environments calmer and funnier and more relaxing for others. They are very sociable in that they can attract people very easily. They are full of energy and fun. Therefore, people like to be around them on most of their trips. They are lucky people, too. They attract anything that is fortunate for them and their friends. So, they can find better places to go whenever they are on a trip.

They are very optimistic and good-natured. They always see the full part of the glass in any situation they are in. They have a cerebral mind and they are very persuasive. They can decide very well; especially in difficult situations.

Moreover, they are multi-taskers. They can do some actions at the same time; like eating, watching Tv, and also reading news on a website.

They are very kind, family-lover, and followers of traditions. They care about those they love and this is very admirable. The other admirable characteristic of them is that they are powerful and confident. They are wise and have good memories,

All in all, there are some adjectives that are very bold in their personalities which are: sensual, adaptable, flexible, progressive, easygoing, confident, freedom-loving, and intellectual

Most likely careers: architect, engineer, designer, writer, song composer, planner, keeper of department store

Lucky day: Sunday

Lucky colors: gold, yellow, bronze, orange


The popularity of the name Kendall:

As we pointed out, this is a unisex name in the United States, but now, it is used more for girls rather than boys. It was a trend male name in 1913 and has not been a popular name for girls until 1980. By this name, the name Kendall as a female name functioned better than a masculine name. so, it made parents who had boys reluctant to use it for their baby boys. Kendall’s popularity is recent because of the prominence of the names like Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian’s little sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

For the past four decades, Kendall was recorded nearly 80,000 times in SSA Database.

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Comments on the name Kendall
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My 6 month old daughter's name is Kendall Reese. I absolutely love the name Kendall! It's different but not to out there. She gets plenty of compliments on her name.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

It is becoming very popular and personally it doesn't have enough frill for me but it is still a great name

01/14/2024 00:00:00

my parents named me Kendall Lynn and I love it! i've got compliments on it all my life! It's a good strong, unique name...and bonus It's not over used!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Kendall! such a cute name! I have a little sister Kendall Gabrielle(: to cuteeee! i also know 2 other kendall's

12/13/2023 01:15:06

My name is Kendall and I love it. And yes, alot of people pronounce it "Candle". Im fine with it. Its actually how I got my nick! Well...even'though my enemys name is Kendall...i love the name.

11/28/2023 13:17:14

My daughter's name is Kendall Amelia (she just turned 1 year) and I love it! I love that It's not super popular. I don't hear it often and I like that.

11/21/2023 16:24:56

I am a male with the name Kendall. It is originally English and male. It is known presently to mean "from the river Kent". Our family has it meaning "man from the Kent river valley". The first born males in my family have always been named Kendall. It goes back to the 1400's. (in our family, name is actually older) My family originated in the Kent river valley. It is in western England near Wales. Yes my last name is Welsh taken from the Welsh people that lived near there. I have many family mementos including the Kendall coat of arms. I do think it is fine for girls to have the name. It would still carry the name on to future generations.

11/13/2023 22:58:18

My daughter is named Kendall and I think it is great because it is not to popular yet and no one in her'school has the'same name.

11/10/2023 20:54:42

I have known two boys, men now that were named Kendall. It is supposed to be a boy's name, NOT a girl's name.

10/30/2023 16:00:12

My name is Kendall:) i haven't always liked it, but now I'm thankful that my parents named me Kendall:) I love it now:)

10/29/2023 05:01:50

I named my daughter Kendyll in 1984. At that time I had only ever heard the name once and the'spelling was different, Kendall, which I liked, but i thought Kendyll was more feminine. Since my Kendyll was born I have seen'the name become more popular, I think Kendall on All My Children started some kind of boom. My daugher loves her name and it really suits her, classy and elegant.

10/24/2023 23:38:20

I love this name, I named my daughter Kendahl (spelt a little different) but I LOVE it!

10/23/2023 14:43:24

I love this name and named my daughter it after reading a book with the main character with the'same name. I think it is a very strong sounding name for a girl. It is becoming more popular as a girl's name now and I'm happy about that.

10/03/2023 03:02:50

My name is Kendall and I absolutely use to HATE my name! As I got older, I realized how cool my name was, even'though it was a bit rare, but not too rare. I started getting compliments about my name as I got older as well. It's pretty cool though that I have the'same name as celebs like Kendall Jenner and Kendall Vertes. What got really annoying though was when I was about in 4th grade, the Kindle Fire was becoming a big deal and everyone would call me 'Kindle' or would say 'THEY MADE A PRODUCT AFTER YOU OMG!!' lol :D

09/17/2023 19:58:48

My name is Kendall. I like my name because it is spelled with 2 L's not just 1 L. My friend once called me "candle" and I didn't like It'so I just told her my real name and she pronounced it right so I was happy.

08/01/2023 18:33:54

My daughters name is Kendall Grace. My husband had three names for our daughter, Kelly, Kelsey, and Kendall. Once we saw her, we knew she would be able to carry a unisex name. She is drop dead gorgeous, with a beautiful head of hair.

06/25/2023 08:08:48

I am a girl and think Kendall is a girls name. I used to really dislike it growing up, but love that I have a different name..

05/21/2023 08:48:00

I know a girl and she'spells it Kyndell...which i think looks alot more trendy and alot more 20th century

05/06/2023 20:50:08

I named my daughter Kendall in 2001. I love the name.

04/06/2023 06:24:26

My 5 year old daughter's name is Kendall. She loves her name & obviously we do too! We get lots of compliments on her name as well Kendall Madison.

03/09/2023 03:38:18

Not only does It'sound and look ugly (way too close to "ken doll"), but It's just too trendy and meaningless. There's no history, culture, or story with this name.

03/07/2023 06:22:46

I love that my name is Kendall. I do get irritated when people spell it wrong, but I enjoy having a unique name that not many othe's have.

02/14/2023 16:38:46

love it! My little sisters name is Kendall! she is 7 and the cutest ever

02/11/2023 10:45:56

My name is Kendall and I love it no one has my name around here and I think its awsome

12/23/2022 04:56:22

Kendall is a beautiful name! my 7 year old daughter name is Kendall Evangeline, and we love it!!

12/18/2022 06:12:30

I was born in the mid 60's and have the name, "Kendall". I haven't always liked it b/c I could never find my name on mugs and stuff. However, now that I am *cough* older, I really appreciate the uniqueness and funny feeling I get when I hear it pronounced b/c you don't hear it all the time. I do think the Kardashians, All My Children, and there was even an evil dude in a children's flick named Kendall have helped people like it more. I think you grow into whatever name you are given. It's a wonderful name to have and to share. :)

11/21/2022 00:53:36

this is the best name ever because is mine and my father gave it to me

10/11/2022 23:17:20

Hey, I'm the female Kendall. Our name is unisex. & unique. I know a male with the exact same name as me, he is like you, not fond of having the name Kendall. Because I hate to break it to you, it sounds like a girl name:) Or maybe I am simply stating that because I couldn't picture a boy with a name tied to me, (a female). I say, call yourself Ken, and smile. :)

09/27/2022 20:26:06

My name is Kendall Rose and I like my name because it means "river valley". I like the fact that it is associated with nature. I think of it more as a girl name than a boy name.

09/13/2022 12:17:28

HI'my name is Kendall and I like the it very much. The word is balanced out with two L's at the end. I'm glad my parents didn't name me Kendal.

09/05/2022 04:44:26

my best friends name is kendall and i think it is totally unique! its not pretty or ugly or anything like that! its just plain awesome! i think that name is unique just like her and i love it!

08/27/2022 15:36:18

This is what i want name my baby but i want to know the meaning

08/10/2022 02:42:18

My name is Kendall and I love it. Sometimes it gets irritating when people say "candle" but you get over it. Its a unique name and I have never met anyone else who has it! I have also had people name their kids after hearing my name!! I have come across different meanings such as "chief of the royal valley" and "from the bright valley"...very cool meanings! 2 L's always.

01/03/2022 03:51:36

My sis's name is Kendall Grace. luv it!

11/23/2021 23:27:00

I am a male and my name is Kendall, I have known 5 males named kendall and one female. I detest my name and further more detest the degenderization of it moreso. By the way a mother whose idiocy was to name her daughter Conner did so becuase she felt it was gender neutral. Problem is society is there are no barriers anylonger, nothing is sacred unto men anylonger not names not clubs not universities nothing but its fascinating how women keep names keep all womens athletic clubs keep womens colleges stc. No Kendall is not a female name and it doesnt sound female, a vowell at the end of the name would feminize it, but al;together this name bloody sucks.

10/20/2021 12:17:24

I love the name Kendall and plan to use it one day if my husband agrees but I once met a little girl who spelled it Kendyll which I love.

10/15/2021 06:01:12

its my 10 yr old sisters name and i DEFINATELY wish it were mine! my names kaley... yawn!

10/10/2021 22:37:30

i really like the name Kendall for a future daughter, but im afraid that its not frilly enough for a little girl.

09/19/2021 21:32:42

I like the name Kendall even'though some people might think your name is Candle, but whatever, I like the way the letters are arranged and It'sounds so nice if you say the 1st syllable on a high note and the 2nd syllable on a lower note.

08/22/2021 22:51:00

This name came in as a close second for my daughter but I gave my husband a choice of two names and he chose the other. I first remember seeing this name on the soap opera All My Children as a female character in the early 90's. That is probably when it gained popularity as a girls name.


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Kendall FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kendall?
The origin of the name Kendall is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Kendall?
The Kent River Valley
*️⃣ How many people are named Kendall?
Almost 95000 people are named Kendall.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kendall?
The names of Cash, Keziah, Katia, Kezia, Keisha