Lindsay meaning

: From the island of the lime tree.

Lindsay Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \l(i)-nd-say, lin-dsay\
Number of People 👶 135,000
Rate in 2021 2992
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 English
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Lindsay Name Meaning

The name Lindsay originates from an Old English place name, meaning "From the island of the lime tree." The name refers to a serene and peaceful place, suggesting someone who is calm, grounded, and in touch with nature.

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Lindsay Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Lindsay
Additional description of the name Lindsay

Lindsay originated as a Scottish surname, derived from the district of Lindsey in Lincolnshire, England. The name was initially used for males, but began to be used as a female name during the 20th century, particularly in the United States. The shift towards unisex use has made Lindsay a popular choice for both boys and girls, although in recent years, it is more commonly given to girls.

Cool Info About Name Lindsay

Additional name description Lindsay
Additional name description Lindsay

Famous People Named Lindsay:
 Lindsay Lohan, an American actress and singer; Lindsay Davenport, a renowned tennis player; and Lindsay Wagner, an Emmy-winning actress, are a few notable namesakes.

 Lindsay peaked in popularity in the 1980s and remains a recognizable and well-loved name today.

Personality Traits: 
Those named Lindsay are often perceived as creative, strong, and independent individuals. They are seen as natural leaders with a knack for communication and a strong sense of responsibility.

Attractiveness of the Name:
 Lindsay, with its rich history and timeless appeal, offers a beautiful choice for parents seeking a classic, yet modern name. It balances tradition and innovation, a name rooted in the past yet perfectly suited for a contemporary world.

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Comments on the name Lindsay
01/14/2024 00:00:00

People are always spelling it with an E. My mom used to drink the juice from a can of Lindsay Olives. I like my unusual name, except when people say Lind-Say, It's lin-z.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My husband and I named our baby girl Lindsay. i've always thought it was such a beautiful name, without ever worrying it will become too common. It's also nice that it can't really be abbreviated. i've always thought it was a shame when parents give their kids a lovely name, only to have it abbreviated by a nickname and the full name never gets used.

01/01/2024 12:49:44

This is my name. I live in the Caribbean and the name is very uncommon. I'm 26 yrs old and have only met two other Krista's.

12/27/2023 08:30:50

My name is "LinZIE Michelle" i love it and the expressions on peoples faces when i tell them how it is spelled! I love it!

12/09/2023 15:50:40

My last name is LINDSAY and I love it. I think it really has class. My Mom and Dad considered my first name to be LINDSAY when I was born. My name would have been LINDSAY LINDSAY Hmmmm. I don't like it THAT much! lol

11/25/2023 00:21:12

Its become a pretty popular name. I used to not know anyone else with this name but I went to college my freshman year in 2015 and there were 4 other girls on my floor with all different spellings. I like my name though, good choice!

10/22/2023 16:23:16

Lindsay Marie is my daughters name. I didn't name her after the bionic woman but after a little girl I used to babysit. i've never heard her complain about it or say that people cannot pronounce it right. I liked the way the -ay looked so that is what I used. Seems that It's lost It's popularity but that's ok, all 3 of my girls have uncommon names!

10/18/2023 21:52:12

My name is Lindsay. My mom was irritated when it became increasingly more popular after my birth (1992), but we both still like it. I get compliments on it occassionally, and it is virtually impossible to make fun of (as a kid that was good.) The drawback for me was that I lived overseas for several years(in Asia and South America) and people had a hard time pronouncing it. If I didn't want to hear a complete butchery of my name, I had to go by somthing else..."Liz" in my case. I also found that Lindsay was more popular as a boys' name in other English speaking countries.

09/12/2023 15:04:38

my name is lyndzee yes i know its spelled weird and people NEVer'spell it right they always spell it "lindsay" my middle name is nicole and i think the 2 names are really pretty together there are a few other lyndzees in my school but none of them spelled the'same way and none of them are in my grade so its not that bad

08/18/2023 12:01:02

yes this is my baby brothe's name anfd i think it is a fantasic nname but people do offten spell it wrong but it doesnt really matter.

08/09/2023 13:11:04

My name was always miss spelled with an "e" I love my name! Its not too popular but its not unheard of either.

07/26/2023 08:34:02

my middle name is lynzie yeahi know its spelled werid haha but ilove it. alot of linzies are fun and outgoing like me

07/20/2023 12:58:12

It is a great name. My daughters' name is Lindsay. It too is popular but that is ok.

07/19/2023 01:06:56

My name is Lindsay, and I really love it. The only thing that bothe's me is how people always spell it with an "e". It's really frustrating! Also, I had people constantly calling me "Lind-SAY" in school - over pronouncing the AY. Very annoying!

07/18/2023 22:10:36

I'm Lindsay Ann. My mom also got the idea of my name from Lindsay Wagner. I was born in the mid 80's when it was really popular. I love my name and the way It's spelled. My nick names were always fun and never hurtful so don't worry about teasing. I love that It's spelled LindsAy.

06/02/2023 00:17:18

My mom and dad named me Lindsay after the actress Lindsay Wagner. I am not too familiar with many things that'she did, although I do know that'she is the'spokeswoman for the'sleepnumber bed right now! Anyway, most Lindsays I have known are pretty, however, some tend to be slightly on the ditzy side (and I can say this, because this is my name!!) Most Lindsays at my highschool were blonde and tan and ditzy, so I didn't like having that name in highschool, but It'suits me now and I like it.

05/25/2023 17:43:06

woooooh go the name paige i am called paige middle name mellisa i dont mind what other people think but i find that you get some wierd nicknames though mine are pag pog pagie paigeiton pogilator pogatron paggy yeh .. lol GO PAIGEEEE !!!

05/17/2023 04:52:40

It'seems that it is not too common of a name in certain states. My name is Lindsay, and when I'moved from Ohio to Kentucky, many people had never really heard of the name and had trouble pronouncing it.

05/03/2023 02:54:20

I love the name Lindsay. It's sooo pretty! My friend's sister's name is Lindsay and she's sooo pretty.

04/30/2023 04:57:36

my name is Lindsay, and it has a "d" in It'so that there is a "z" sound from the letters "d" and "s". if there was no "d" it would sound like Lin-say and not lin-zee.

04/22/2023 21:12:52

It's a gorgeous name and not too common these days! Lindsay with an 'ay' is the most common way to spell it too, according to most baby books.

04/06/2023 04:56:16

This is my name but I have an accent mark in It'so its Andre'a (On-Dre-yah). But still all thru grammer'school college and even at work I get called An-dree-ya. Does my accent mark mean nothing❤️ My dads name is Andre you wouldn't pronounce that An-dree so say my name right.

04/01/2023 14:43:46

My middle name is spelled "Lindsey" and I like it a lot better! I think that'spelling it "Lindsay" leads people to pronounce it wrong, and I like that my name Isn't spelled like that!

03/23/2023 12:39:50

My name is Lindsay and growing up there were so many Lindsays in my generation. Even'though my name is so common I still like it because It's mine. What was also not that bad was that everyone that I new spelled it lindsey or lyndsey and mine wasn't as common among the people I'met.

03/20/2023 16:46:32

My name is Lindsay and it doesn't suit me at all. I think It'sounds a little too feminine for me at least, and where I live it is very popular (When I was in 8th grade there were at least 4 other Lindsays in my grade) and overly trendy. Has kind of a "Lindsay Lohan" feel to it. I don't like it.

03/19/2023 13:44:16

No abbreviations, easy pronunciation, and only the E/A issue comes up. It was never a problem name when I was growing up and I quite liked it. Older people would occasionally mishear "Leslie" or "Lindy".

02/22/2023 20:40:12

My name is Lindsey and I'm from the U.K originally but now live in Australia. I have been'told many times that I have a very pretty name and many men called Lindsay have said to me It's about time it got spelt correct for a girl....good on ya mum for doing your research. It's annoying how everyone thinks it is spelt with an A but they pronounce it the correct way with the E.....go figure!!!

02/18/2023 13:48:32

Largely overtaken as a girl's name in the late 20th century (American actress Lindsay Lohan is now well-known). Lindsey was probably the more common spelling for boys in the early 20th century, but this too has gone to the girls. Besides, the only Lindsays or Lindseys i've known over the years are female ones - and some have instead spelt their name as Linsey, Lynsey, Linzee, or Linzi.

02/01/2023 14:28:44

My husband and I named our baby girl Lindsay. I had always loved that name for a few reasons: 1.It's not that common these days. She'll most likely be the only girl in her class with that name among the hundreds of Emmma's and Hannah's that will be there as well. (While they're both very pretty names as well, they're just too common for my liking). 2. It can't be abbreviated. i've never been a fan of naming a child one thing and calling it another. 3. It's a classic name that will never go out of style - especially with all the 'older' names and trendy names parents come up with these days. It will always be a cute and pretty name no matter what year it is! 4. Every Lindsay I have ever personally known in my life has been an absolute sweetheart (although that wasn't a factor in naming her, but it helped!) 5.It's just beautiful! The only downfall about her name is the'spelling! I would have never guessed that'so many people would get it wrong, but then again, I never realized there were so many ways to spell it either!

01/28/2023 11:43:56

My name is Lindsay and yes people always want to spell it with an "e"!! It bothe's me! My mom told me that "a" is the right way :)

01/13/2023 19:03:56

My name is spelled "Lyndsi", and its really annoying that no name'site has my spelling. I have yet to meet anyone else with this spelling either. Spelled like It'sounds ^_^

11/28/2022 10:41:46

My friends name is Lindsay, and I think it is beautiful.

11/22/2022 08:20:22

My sister is named Lindsay. It is a unique name and I think looks pretty written out.

10/29/2022 07:08:30

There are so many ways to spell this It's more trouble than It's worth

10/12/2022 14:34:16

My little sister's name is Lindsay. I have often had people ask me if she was a boy or a girl. It's not a name you hear often for a girl, but my Lindsay is very unique, just like her name!!

10/04/2022 14:57:20

My name is Lindsay Marie, and I too was named after Lindsay Wagner the Bionic Woman! But as I know it, the'sleep number lady. I really hate when its spelled with an e or when people overpronounce the A. But overall I love it, its unique : )

10/04/2022 05:15:26

This is my name and it is pronounced juvon (short vowels). I have found that people often mispronounce it and misspell it when'they have heard it. I know of only 2 other people who share my name. One is my father, whom I'm names after. I am a girl, by the way, so I slightly resent it when people say that it is a boy's name. The other person is a football player named Jevon Kerse, I beli've.

08/13/2022 15:48:00

this is some very wierd because my sisters name is kailee and my name is deanna and people miss say my name more than he's

03/24/2022 20:00:00

My name is actually spelled Lindsy, and I was really disappointed that it was not on this site! Even'though I never find stuff with my name on it, I like that the'superfluous 'a' or 'e' between'the's and the y was taken out.

03/15/2022 12:44:24

I have a friend named Lindsay SHE WERID her nick name is Linzae

02/24/2022 16:43:48

My name is Linzi. I love the unique spelling! When I spell my name out to people they always say 'wow that's a beautiful way to spell it'! I also once had an elderly man say 'no that's a boys name' when I introduced myself. ❤️ I have only ever met one other Linzi he's name is spelt Lindsay.

01/07/2022 13:05:06

My Daughters names is Lindsay and we love it. Even'though she has a geat uncle with the'same name and spelling. It'suits her

11/07/2021 20:24:18

My name is Lindsay and I used to hate it because so many people at my high school were named Lindsay but now it doesn't seem as common so i've grown to love it! i've had a few people pronounce is "Linz-aye" or "Lind-say" but they're usually older and not used to the name, I guess. Almost every Lindsay (or Lindsey, Lyndsey, Lindsi, Lynzie) i've met has the middle name Marie, like me. And I wasn't technically named after Lindsay Wagner but my mom got the idea for the'spelling from her. And of course people butcher the'spelling all the time. Oh well! Love my name. :)

08/26/2021 23:50:24

My name is Lindsay. Originally Lyndsey, but changed early in life. I was told the "ay" version of the name is traditionally the boy spelling, while the "ey" is the girl way. My middle name is Lee (also the boy spelling), and I like both my names over their female counterparts. Also, to those parents thinking the name cannot be shortened, better pick something else. i've been called Linz my whole life.

08/05/2021 02:37:48

I like this name, but Lindsay Lohan kinda kills it for me.

07/07/2021 07:48:18

I am one of the few guys named Lindsay. It is traditionally a males name and wasn't until the 1962's that women started using it.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Lindsay?
The origin of the name Lindsay is English.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Lindsay?
From the island of the lime tree.
*️⃣ How many people are named Lindsay?
Almost 135000 people are named Lindsay.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Lindsay?
The names of Mary, Bryce, Paul, Lauren, Lauryn