Sebastian meaning

: Revered

Sebastian Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \s(e)-bas-tian, seb(a)-stian\
Number of People 👶 165,000
Rate in 2021 28
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Sebastian Name Meaning

Sebastian is related to honor, respect, and reverence. However, it does not have a single meaning. Since its exact origin is unknown, Sebastian has attributed the meaning of "the one who honors", "the venerable one", "the revered one" or "the honored one".


Sebastian Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Sebastian
Additional description of the name Sebastian

Sebastian is a masculine name of Greek origin. Although its exact origin is unknown, several origins are suspected, two of them being the most recognized. The first of these is indica, which derives from the Greek word "σεβαστεύω" (sevastevo), which translates as "I respect" and which results from the verb "σεβάζω" (sevazo), which is "to respect", "to honor". Sebastian's second origin indicates that it comes from "σεβαστωσ" (sevastos), which means "respect".

Cool Info About Name Sebastian

Additional name description Sebastian
Additional name description Sebastian

The popularity of the name Sebastian

This name is one of the most common names in the world. The name is the 24th most popular baby’s name in Washington based on the data from reliable American resources in the United States of America in the year 2018.

Sebastian is a well-known, name thanks to Saint Sebastian, The name Sebastian has become popular over the past several years, and reached the top 50 in the U.S. name ranking in 2013, according to the Social Security Administration. It’s been mostly on the rise since, reaching as high as No. 18 in both 2018 and 2019, and currently sitting at No. 19, cementing its position as a modern but not-too-trendy choice for parents

For instance, imagine that only 200 newborn babies were named “ Sebastian “ in the year 2018. Also, a total of 10 newborn babies bear the same first name as your baby during the year 2018 in America. From the year 1880 to the year 2000, the highest recorded use of the name “ Sebastian “ was related to the year 2016 with a total of 10 newborn babies.

From the year 1880 to the year 2018, the given name was recorded 154 thousand times in the SSA public database. The name “ Sebastian “ appeared in the year 1881 for the first time on the popularity charts. Also in at that time, about 6 babies were named “ Sebastian “. The name became a popular choice in the year 2000 with a rank of 81 nationwide and was registered 5 thousand times as a baby boy’s name in the state of California in the year 2017.

This name ranked 2 with about 2000 newborn baby boys. The all-time high record for the name “ Sebastian “ is related to the year 2016 in the state of California with 2000 babies. This name is a consistent top-ranking name in the state of Connecticut for about 14 consecutive years. Also for the past 30 years, the name “ Sebastian “ was recorded 145 thousand times as a baby’s name in the SSA public database.

The personality of the name Sebastian

Here we have the letter analysis of the name “ Sebastian “

S is for secret, that you can keep in the best way

E is for endear, all those you touch

B is for beloved, as you are too many

A is for accord, the harmony you spread

S is for self-respect, a solid score here

T is for the treasure, of your friendship

I is for ignite, the fire is you

A is for absolute, for you know your mind

N is for neatness, your orderly way

If you are considering the name “ Sebastian “ as your baby’s name, you can select the reversed form of that name as a possible nickname.


Famous people named Sebastian

Infante Sebastian of Portugal and Spain

Saint Sebastian was a Christian saint martyred in the third century

Mr Sebastian who was a professional name of body pierce artist Alan Oversby

Sebastian who is a Danish musician

Diminutives and variations of the name Sebastian
Some nicknames and diminutives of Sebastian are: Sebas, Basti, Bastiano, Bastien, Sebi, Bas

The name Sebastian in other languages
French: Sebastien
Italian : Sebastiano
Croatian: Sebastijan
Danish: Sebastian
Dutch: Sebastiaan
Russian: Себастьян
English: Sebastian
Greek: Σεμπάστιαν
Portuguese: Sebastião
Catalan: Sebastià
Hungarian: Sebestyen
Korean: 세바스티안
Chinese: 塞巴斯蒂安
Japanese: セバスチアン
Slovenian: Bostjan

Saint Sebastian's Day
The Santo de Sebastian is celebrated on January 20.

Numerology of the name Sebastian
According to numerology, the number of the name Sebastian is 8.

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Comments on the name Sebastian
01/14/2024 00:00:00

It'surprises me that this name has become so popular in recent years. I already disliked it as a child and I still don't like it.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am in love with a guy with this name. I love saying his name:) He is a very charming person and this name'should only be givin to charming baby boys:D

12/20/2023 08:06:56

My name is Sebastian, and I am 19 years old. Honestly the only problem I have with it is its len'th, but i've taken up just signing my name'seb. i've only met one or two people with the'same name as me, and they were all quite a bit younger.

12/18/2023 14:05:22

I have one son, which is not named Sabastian. The reason I am reading this is because I am always thinking about baby names and I just picked Sabastian for my next son. :O) (I am not pregnant)

12/05/2023 00:10:00

Sebastian is my son's name and I love it of course. But what Ive found is that people either love it or hate it. A man of French descnt advisd that the name'should be pronounced Sa bas ti an. Oh well Im just an American and I love it.

11/25/2023 14:09:58

I named my son Sebastian. (but I spell It'sabastian) I think it is a very unique and strong name! Although when I picked this name, every one I knew hated the name for some reason. My son is now 3 months and they are starting to grow to like the name!

11/11/2023 12:46:54

lovely name, one of my best friends is called "Sebastian" sexy sexy name

10/22/2023 23:26:28

My third son has the name'sebastian and it is my favorite name out of all the kids ( i have 4) to me its a very sexy name, a name that belongs to a good looking kid, a name that is strong, a name that is romantic. I absolutely love it . My husband at first did not want it, but now admits it is the best name out of all of our kids, we both love saying it, such a gorgeous name. Very poetic e

10/20/2023 15:00:52

it is a very awesome name,,i fell in love with it on the movie cruel intentions...haha also fell in love with ryan,,but i have that name in mind for my future son.

10/12/2023 03:03:20


10/02/2023 14:42:14

nice name, but someone named their cat that'so It's like a cat's name now.

09/29/2023 01:46:12

I love how this name is pronounced in Spanish where the "t" sounds like a "t" and the emphasis is on the last syllable but in English I can't stand how the "t" is pronounced as "ch" so It'sounds like SeBAschian. Don't like!

09/19/2023 04:36:06

I dated a man named Sebastian. It was strange at first saying his name. However, I really grew to like the name. My family thought the name and the man was strange. I found the man to be difficult to deal with, but I still love the name.

09/12/2023 06:50:54

I'm French and my older son, now 16,is called SébastiEn (the French way of spelling it) which is a classical name here but not too common but everyone calls him Seb, sometimes Sebass. At the beginning, I was always calling him by his entire name as SEB is a brand, so it was strange to me, but finally I called him Seb like everyone and now I feel it's natural and don't think this nickname is awfull. I think that Sebastian is less common in Anglosaxon countries that Sébastien as I never see any actors in films called like that. Is it true❤️ Bastien is another name for me. I would never think of it as Sébastien in short, but it is lovely too and I think that they are more common nowadays than my son's name.

09/11/2023 19:05:34

Personally, I just love the name'sebastian. It is the name of my first grandson who came to live in our family when he was about six months old. Though he is not my biological grandson. I love him soooooo much. I do not get to see him anymore due to an unfortunate circumstance, but I will always love him. I do wish him the best life. He is only 7 or 8 years old this year. Happy birthday, Sebastian James Granados- wherever you are. I love you very much. Signed, Grandmama 2017

08/19/2023 10:38:48

I named my son Sabastian..I love the name but I wanted some uniqueness to make the name even more different. I have gotten many compliments on his name and he is only 2 months old. One of his nurses in the hospital also said he has a very regal name.

08/15/2023 08:11:38

I like it very much, especially when abbreviated: BAS

07/23/2023 08:51:30

If I had been a boy, my mom would have named me Sebastian. It ended uo being one of my favorite male names, and ever'since deciding to change my name, i've been looking for a female equivalent that I like.

06/24/2023 22:44:32

My Sebastian is almost 7 years old. I love his name and am surprised by his nicknames at school - Seb, Sebe, Sebass...

06/23/2023 01:11:22

I am thinking about naming my boy twin sebastian well im having twins a boy and a girl!!!

05/29/2023 10:46:00

my names sebastian everyone says its sexy and beautiful

05/16/2023 18:35:30

my name is sebastian i have yet to actually met someone witht he'same name as i but it is usually pronounced right spelled wrong people often spell It'sebastion but its ok it happens a lot so yea my names sebastian and dats about it i guess

04/11/2023 10:25:42

I have this name. I like it because It's very unique, and i haven't met anyone else with this name yet. When i was younger my friends used to write it "Sebastien", when i am spelt with "an" at the end. I do get a bit fed up with it because It's too long to say, and i have the nickname'seb now and It's much better this way i think. My second name is Goldsmith, so i think my name is great overall!

04/07/2023 17:05:10

My name is also Sebastian. I grew up in Romania, where the popular nickname is 'Sebi' (pronounced in En as 'Sebby' or Sebbie'). I was always the only person with this name in all the'social circles i've been part of (family, school, work, church). That made me feel special and unique and sometimes I feel like I own it ❤️ When I randomly met another'sebastian (3-4 times), it felt a little strange... ❤️‍♂️

04/05/2023 15:25:08

My name is Sebastian. Many people write it as Sabastion and I cannot understand why! I am hispanic, and I love the way it is pronounced in Spanish and in French the most. I love my name and people I'meet do as well. I always get compliments about it. Woman often find It'sexy. :)

03/05/2023 19:06:46

My son is named Sebastian and we call him Bastian. I love it.

02/28/2023 03:55:26

Will is an adventurous young man. He created a new drink tonight. Some people pronounce his name "Will-yum", some people pronounce it "Will-yummy". And, he's heard the gamut from Will to Willmy. He feels like Prince WillI'm has done us a good service.

02/25/2023 06:33:58

I named my son sebastian, i love the name. but when I was pregnant I got such bad feedback from people when I told them what I planned on naming my son, that I just started saying that he will be named after he's born. and you know after he was born and i told people his name they loved it...even'the ones that disliked the idea before. It fits him.

02/12/2023 02:55:46

sebastian is very hotttttt name he hasss very beatifuel name

01/31/2023 04:40:54

It's a great guy's name - strong, masculine, and not so common!

01/29/2023 17:07:16

that's my stage name, and what I refer to as my new name, but my original name was Travis, and It's technically my legal name

01/05/2023 12:59:04

Ever'since I was 17 I wanted to use the name'sebastian if I ever had a boy. At 37 I had my first baby (boy) and I could finally use my favorite name in the whole world. It is such a regal and distinguished name that'suggests its owner is intelligent and successful. And...I have yet to see an ugly Sebastian - what's with that❤️❤️❤️ I am now 40 and expecting a girl who we are naming Anastasia, which will go well with Sebastian. Yes, I like long romantic sounding names...

12/14/2022 04:02:58

My son's name is Sebastian. We get so many compliments on his name. I am so glad my husband chose this name for my son!!!

11/20/2022 04:19:16

I love this name. I really want to name my chinese water dragon sebastian, but i dont know yet if its a boy or girl

11/08/2022 13:07:36

I love the name'sebastian. I named my first son Sebastian in 2019 he is now 10 back then you barely heard the name.

11/07/2022 12:08:46

My name is also Sebastian. it is more common in Colombia than in the U.S. Overall I think its a unique name, strong and I get a lot of compliments. AS a matter of fact, I think my name is a big part of my success in life beli've it or not.. I hope the name remain the'same and does not become so common like a Michael or John.

10/26/2022 01:33:18

DH & I are naming our first born Sebastian (to be born in 3 months). I love the name because it reminds me of a strong, smart, sexy, sophisticated male that is unique without being weird.

10/06/2022 18:23:10

I have loved the name'sebastian forever and named my first son that. The in-laws didn't seem to like it at first but now he's 6 and his name just suits him so much! At school his friends and teache's call him Seb which is pretty cool too.

10/06/2022 18:05:32

My 13 yo son (born Jan/2018) is named Sebastian. I really liked the name, and so did my (now ex) wife. It's probabaly the ONLY thing her and I ever agreed on during our marriage. Girls seem to like his name and he's always getting attention because of it. he's handsome, just like his daddy. I love you son!! -Dad, SPC

10/02/2022 03:53:02

We are having a boy in April and will be naming him Tate. It is my mother-in-law's maiden name. I think it is unique and not too trendy either.

09/16/2022 02:18:06

sebastian reminds me of a strong sexy latin man. very hot

09/12/2022 08:57:34

I named my child Sebastian. Everyone loves his name and he likes it as well. I liked the name because it is different and sexy for a guy.

09/11/2022 10:37:26

Sebastian is my first born's name and I STILL love it. We named him after the famous BrIt'sh runner, Sebastian Coe and also partly after the character in Cruel Intentions because my wife think Ryan Philippe is hot. Fine by me...It's a great name for a great kid!

07/16/2022 09:47:06

I have loved this name'since Cruel intentions came out but my name, my husband's name, and our two children name's start with J. I just found out I am pregnant. I kinda feel like I have to go with the J thing for this one and would like to use it as a middle name but don't know what it would sound good with......

06/16/2022 15:10:12

I have twin boys and named one Sebastian. All up I have four sons, so choosing unique names that aren't too strange sounding was important to me. He is the cheekiest, happiest little boy and everyone just loves his name. It is the name of someone I imagine will have great adventures in life and with his fearless personality I am sure he will!

05/26/2022 07:41:06

My boy is Sebastian. He is a handsome kid and we call him Seb around the house. His sisters have uncommon names so we chose a name that would be distinctive without being weird. He has blond hair and striking blue eyes so I hope he doesn't break too many hearts.

05/03/2022 20:45:00

My name and my first born boys name we love it and would not want to be known by any other name..

04/04/2022 14:56:42

My son is now 6years old and an African American male. Not only is the name unique ,but so is it our culture. My son said he loves his name'so much he wanted to name his fish Sebastian. Lmbo❤️❤️❤️❤️

01/26/2022 10:00:36

my youngest son is called Sebastian, he's a lively, good-looking, affectionate boy- just as i have always imagined a Sebastian looks like. I have loved this name for as long as I can remember. My eldest son is called Christian, which I think is another lovely name.

01/06/2022 09:38:06

i love the name sebastian but my husband thinks its sound like "the little mermaid" i wanted to pair it with Gabriel but we chose Jeremiah or Isaac instead

11/14/2021 19:51:00

My baby is due tomorrow!!! I want to name my baby'sebastian becuase I love this name. To me It's a very special and unique name for a boy / man. Unfortunately, my future in-laws just hate the name... But I think,that I will still call him Sebastian. I am the mother, after all!!

11/11/2021 03:05:42

We are naming our son Bastion, and I think it is a great alternative to Sebastian (also a wonderful name!) It comes from the concept of "the last bastion" or "bastion of strength" We just love it!

11/08/2021 17:27:00

My son is named Sebastian and I think it was the best decision. Everywhere we go, people are constantly impressed with the name. Sebastian is 4, yet I have older kids and teenagers coming up to him and telling him how cool his name is. Although it is supposedly getting to be a more popular name, you still don't hear it very often, so we find it unique. We love it!

10/15/2021 08:45:54

damn cuuuu my names sebastian and i luv it....and i luv it...

10/07/2021 12:16:30

My son's name is Sebastian and we absolutely love it! I love that its not a common name and we have never came across another child his age with the'same name.

07/15/2021 20:45:54

I named my son Sebastian. I love that name because it is a name that'sounds good in French, Spanish and English. Yes, I am tri-lingual so it was important for me. he's five now and complains a little because It's a "LONG" name but we always get complimented on his name. It is a strong name but he'll grow into it. We don't use any short "Seb" or "Sebas" (as in Spanish) because I like the full name'so much!!

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Sebastian FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Sebastian?
The origin of the name Sebastian is Greek.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Sebastian?
*️⃣ How many people are named Sebastian?
Almost 165000 people are named Sebastian.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Sebastian?
The names of Sean, Shawn, Shane, Tiana, Shaun