Zackary meaning

: God has remembered.

Zackary Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \z(a)-cka-ry\
Number of People 👶 31,000
Rate in 2021 2377
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Zackary Name Meaning

Zackary, meaning “God has remembered,” signifies divine acknowledgment and grace. It implies that the person is in God's thoughts and His divine plan, a comforting and empowering reassurance.

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Zackary Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Zackary
Additional description of the name Zackary

Zackary has its origin in Hebrew from the name Zachariah or Zechariah. It has a rich historical background with use dating back to ancient times in different forms in the Bible. Its meaning, “God has remembered,” evokes the loving nature of God towards His people.

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Additional name description Zackary
Additional name description Zackary

Famous figures with the name Zackary include Zackary Arthur, an American child actor, Zackary Drucker, a transgender artist, and Zackary Momoh, a British actor. Despite the timeless quality of Zackary, it still retains an air of modern creativity, making it a popular choice for parents. Traditionally, those named Zackary are thought to possess traits of leadership, independence, and charisma.

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Comments on the name Zackary
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My son is named Zackary and everyone speels it zachary too

12/29/2023 06:21:38

My son's name is also spelled Zackary. I love it, it looks so much better then with an h. His teache's always get it wrong, but I don't mind. On the other hand my husband gets really upset when'they spell it wrong, especially if they are still spelling it wrong in June.

11/12/2023 05:32:00

my wife is due in October and It's a boy. I have wanted a child for more than year before we found out we were having a baby. Zackary is the name i've called since inception.

10/20/2023 13:50:20

my son's name is Zackary.... and people think WE spelled it wrong... go figure.... one of his teache's tried to correct him when he'spelled his name on homework..

10/15/2023 17:27:32

You all have excellent taste! I names my son Caiden Oliver too. He was born in June 2021 & I love his name more & more. We, also, in'tantly chose that name when we found it. Liked Aiden but it was way too popular so this spin on it it great.

10/10/2023 16:22:36

I am having my baby in Feb 2019 and I plan to name him Zackary. Glad I found It'spelled with a -K- instead of a -H-, just didn't sound and look right to me.

10/04/2023 01:58:14

My son is named ZacKary as well. Even family members spell it wrong! ZacHary just didn't make sense to me either! I love his name and wouldn't change the'spelling; even if everyone spells it wrong.

09/27/2023 05:05:56

on the day of my son's birth i called him Zachary then couldn't get my head around Zach with a "h" I checked the internet whilst in hospital to see if it could be with a "k". There were a few on google so I changed it to Zackary and I am so glad I did!! People do spell it Zak or Zac but I don't mind at all. They will soon get used to it and spell it right eventually!

09/16/2023 14:53:06

People spell my name zacHary - but wouldn't that be zatchery❤️ So much better with a K.

09/15/2023 23:00:54

If we have another boy we are naming him Zackary! I just love this name and way of spelling it. My husband and I talked about it and, we just don't understand why Zachary became more common when Zackary to us looks more correct.

07/16/2023 16:41:20

I love the name zackary and dont know any other zackarys.

07/14/2023 17:04:44

I don't know why, but when I have a boy, I'll name him Zak(ary)!

07/02/2023 15:35:54

My son is Zackary Owen. I shorten it to Zak. I wish I would have just left the "c" out all together.... But I still think it is one of the best spellings of the name...

06/14/2023 21:45:12

My name used to be Zachary, but I am changing it too Zackary because it just doesn't look right, and I spell my nickname Zack.

05/20/2023 22:48:28

yeah people do pronounce it wrong but i also think that its a beautiful name and no i havent met anyone else with the'same name even'though i know there is people with this mane but I'make that name look better than anybody else

04/08/2023 11:36:04

I recently named my baby this aswell. Everyone always thinks it is with an "H". Oh well. One person at a time. :)

04/01/2023 04:44:14

It's my son's name!! We love his name! Some people spell his name wrong but only because we are french and in the french language there are so many different ways of writting this name. Our son is definately a Zack with a K!

02/27/2023 05:00:02

Yeah It's my name. It's not too popular and at the time my mother didn't want to name me Jessica or something common like that. And I am glad, so many of my friends have the name Jessica!!! I always get teased and people ask me what number I am❤️ But other than that It's okay.

02/09/2023 07:55:22

After having a list of uncommon names we've decided to call him Zacharie.(This way is the french way). But as my name is ending by a "y" we decided to put it Zachary... but my husband decided that a K instead of H would be cuter and it actually is! And baby Zack seems to love his name too! Although... we KNOW for sure that he will have to tell people how to spell it every time... we don't really get used to it, it really is annoying. I have to do it all the time for my name and people keep on saying and spelling it wrong... after 21 years!!!

01/31/2023 09:23:02

My son's name is Zackary. I spelled it that way so we could call him Zack. I don't like the "H" way. Not sure how that ever came about. How can CH make a K sound❤️ lame.

12/29/2022 04:56:42

My sons Name is Xachary, as you all can'tell we spell it with a X.

12/13/2022 07:46:16

My Son name is "Zackary". I refused to spell it any other way. Because I we call him ZACK, It's the right way. If someone spell there name as ZACHARy, how are they gonna shorten'there name ZACK. Where will the "H" go❤️ So you see what am saying, If you are going to call yourself ZACK, the correct spelling is ZACKARY. I love this name and would not spell it any other way.

11/21/2022 18:49:14

my name is zackary and it makes me so mad when people always spell it wrong even at banks schools and whatnot zachary just looks so ugly to me

11/18/2022 10:52:58

My son's names is also spelled Zackary. It is a perfect name for my little cutie ❤️❤️.

11/10/2022 12:08:56

This is my brother's name...we pronounce it like Darren. Everytime people hear his name they automatically spell it "Darren". i've never met an'ther person with the'same spelling as Daron.

10/28/2022 02:55:42

I named my son with a K as well. Although it does confuse people.

09/20/2022 05:20:32

I'much prefer Zackary with a 'k' than an 'h', in fact thinking of naming our next child Zackary (Zack), due in January. It's not as popular in the UK as it is the US, which Isn't a bad thing. Our 2 year old daughter is named Chiara (Italian origin) and everyone spells that wrong... Keira, Ciara, Kiera, Kiara etc. Incorrect spelling is just part of life so I wouldn't get too upset by it. Cheers!

08/30/2022 07:39:18

well it took awhile 4 me to like the name but it grew on me

07/29/2022 00:39:00

Same comment as everyone else. I love the name Zackary and it is how I spelled it when naming my son. Everyone spells it with a h but the will learn the new trend.

02/19/2022 10:27:36

my son's name is also spelled Zackary!! It just looked better to the way It'sounds !!

01/14/2022 14:21:36

my name is Zackary alot of people spell it with a H as well. i think its weird to spell it with a H ive never met any one in my life with the ZacHary

12/18/2021 23:41:24

its my sons name.. he is 8 and in 2 grade and the teache's still spell it wrong

11/27/2021 01:33:54

zaida is actually the best name ever and its my name'so shutup. wut is your name ugly❤️

11/25/2021 01:59:06

my name is zackary i love the name as it is VERY unik i live in the UK but my parents have told me that the name Zackary is norweiegn wenever'some one calls my name they know ill be the person to come out.

11/08/2021 02:48:36

My name is Zackary but alot of people spell it zachary but i have had people spell it the following ways: zacharie, zackarie,zachari,zacary, zackaree, zacharee

09/02/2021 13:13:12

my boyfriends name is zackary allan. i love zac"k" i dont like zac"H" It'sounds like zash to me .


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Zackary?
The origin of the name Zackary is Hebrew.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Zackary?
God has remembered.
*️⃣ How many people are named Zackary?
Almost 31000 people are named Zackary.