Allison meaning

: Noble

Allison Name Information

Gender πŸ‘© Girl
Pronunciation πŸ“£ \a-lli-son\
Number of People πŸ‘Ά 306,000
Rate in 2021 203
Numerology πŸ”’ 10
Name origin 🌍 German
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Allison Name Meaning

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is predominantly a name for girls in all countries, but that throughout history there have been men who have borne this name, such as a Brazilian soccer player, which we mentioned in the section on celebrities named Allison.

The given name is common in English-speaking countries. At first, people used β€œ Allison β€œ as a nickname for β€œ Alis β€œ.

This name has three different origins with variant meanings. For example, the name is original β€œ German β€œ, β€œ Greek β€œ, β€œ Irish β€œ. The name with German origin means β€œ Noble β€œ, with Greek origin means β€œ Truth β€œ and Irish origin means β€œ Of noble birth β€œ. This name derived from another name β€œ Alice β€œ.

Cool Info About Name Allison

Additional name description Allison
Additional name description Allison

The personality of the name Allison
As we have indicated before, due to the meaning of the name Allison, it is considered that people who are called in this way usually go with the truth ahead and are authentic, true, and very natural.

The popularity of the name Allison

In the past, the name has been used as a surname for a long time, actually before gaining popularity!

This name is not rare, but it is still a popular one. If you as parents are searching for a rare name, you can consider names like β€œ Alice β€œ, β€œ Adelice β€œ, β€œ Ailis β€œ, β€œ Alexis β€œ and β€œ Alika β€œ, you should notice that the names above, are for girls and your baby boy might be uncomfortable with his name!

β€œ Allison β€œ has been increasingly popular during the last decades. But the negative point is that this name fell from the top 50. After that decrease in popularity, the name β€œ Allison β€œremained in the top 100.

Also, the given name is the most 26th most popular name. Also, it is notable that the name β€œ Allison β€œ was at its peak popularity in the last 5 years.

This name has been on the rise since many years ago. This name is a quite popular unisex name, in other words, it has been used either as a boy’s name or a girl’s name.

Diminutives and variations of the name Allison
Some of the diminutives used for the name of Allison are:
Ali, Alli, Alis, Ally

Nicknames for the name Allison

β€œ Alli β€œ , β€œ LiLi β€œ and β€œ Lise β€œ.

Famous people named Allison

β€œ Allison Day β€œis a popular chef born in Canada. She is known for her food photography. β€œ Allison Holker β€œis a dancer born in 1988. Known for appearing in a popular show. β€œ Allison Munn β€œis a TV actress born in 1974 based in Columbia

Numerology of the name Allison
According to numerology, the number related to Allison's girl's name is the number 1.

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Comments on the name Allison
01/14/2024 00:00:00

i love my name its so adorable

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Allison and i've never really liked it too much. It gets misspelled a lot, which is annoying. And I HATE it when people think I am saying "Alice"!!! I go by Ali, which I like much better.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is spelt Allyson. With 2 L's and a Y. I love it

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Allison. i dont mind the name but i dont like it when people automaticly assume they can call me alley. i hate being called alley It'sounds to cutesey. even more then'that i hate being called alice. it also gets annoying when people dont pronounce the hole name its like they dont see the 'i' and they pronounce it like Al-Son

01/08/2024 07:03:20

I think this name is uniqe and sweet . Thats why it is a great name for my little girl .

12/31/2023 08:19:18

Sure I love my name and all but sometimes I think It'sounds snobby. You know all stuck up, so I go by Allie for short. And it works out pretty well. Although there are about 3 other people I know who have the'same name, so It's not as unique as I'd like it to be. And Allison is even more common.

12/19/2023 09:11:32

My cousins name is Allison. Every time I think of this name, I think of a girl whos probably really sweet, and follows the rules, does good to othe's, and is very cute. I think shes definietly an Allison. Shes one of the'sweetest girls Ive ever known.

12/15/2023 14:40:28

It's so Inter'sting that there is another "AllisonKay" as that is my name. I like the name'strong, different variations, pairs well with other names.

12/11/2023 23:05:44

my dad loved the name and it sure fits me "allison" nickname is "allie" or "alliecat" or "al" go from baby to teen to adult ...this name fits them all!!

12/06/2023 17:36:18

My name is allison and I hate it! Its so boring and common and I hate the way the "A" sounds! I don't know though i guess I'm just picky... My nickname is allie, but its so boring ugh i wanna change my name :p

11/28/2023 15:38:18

I love this name Allison, My husband name is Al,and he really wanted a son. so why not name her Allison.

11/28/2023 10:20:54

For the people who get teased about the name Alice in wonderland or All I time tell them. All IS ON.

11/27/2023 19:39:14

My name is Allison and when I was a kid a wished my parents had spelled it Allyson so I could be different. Now I like it the way it is.

11/26/2023 08:23:14

I used to hate my name when I was in school.. There were soo many Allisons! It has grown on me, but I never get called anything for short. Always Allison. I think it make it more unique because you can shorten a lot of names to Ally or Al.

10/24/2023 06:00:20

My name is Allison I like my name except when I was younger I used to be called Alice in Wonderland I hated that

09/11/2023 03:31:00

I love the name Allison Dawn. The girl who said she didn't like Dawn as a middle name'should do a poll of her friends asking what they think about the name. I think she would be surprised at the results. The name Allison Dawn means noble, kind, or truthful sunrise. It alludes to the rise or revelation of truth, kindness and nobility. It is a very cool name.

08/23/2023 09:52:00

ALYSON!! =) Best name ever! Aly is really cute too. I simply adore this name. It's fairly short, easy nickname, and looks gorgeous in cursive. =)

08/11/2023 03:05:46

My name is Allison, and for the past 18 years i've been'teased by it. All I Son is pretty much what I was called throughout Elementary school. I'm reading all of these reviews and I'm shocked that'so many people like it... Honestly, I hate- No, loathe this name.

08/08/2023 17:12:00

My name is Allison Kay, I'm 18 and I love my name. My friends call me Alli which I also like,the'spelling Isn't that common and I feel it fits my personality. :)

07/27/2023 05:08:22

My name is Allison. I love my name! I know quite a few people with my name, most of them spell it with two Ls, but a couple don't.

07/03/2023 02:10:42

I named my daughter Allison Rose. I think it is such a beautiful name. We don't call her Ally or Alice. I think Allison is to pretty to shorten.

06/23/2023 01:46:38

I Picked this name for my daughter and i love it and as i am about ready to have another child i am having trouble finding a name that i love as much to name my next child

06/17/2023 04:42:38

I was named after my great grandfather I get named after Alice and he wonderland or get called horrible names Bc of it

05/25/2023 00:22:44

Good name, but I wouldn't worry about It'sounding snobby at all since it is pretty common, unlike Chase or Ashley///

05/10/2023 04:11:08

My name is Allison Rene' very strange for an African American woman. I used to not like my name, now I love to see the expression on a persons face when'they call my name and I appear.

05/04/2023 19:45:22

I named my Daughter Allison.. I found it to be a beautiful name. Its a very nice respectful name that'suits a baby and will grow with her as she becomes a woman! Right now she is my little alley cat, but like I said, Im sure her name will grow with her!

04/03/2023 05:31:22

I love the name Allison. Elegant and girly. Very beautiful sounding and goes will with almost any middle name!

03/30/2023 19:31:40

If I have a daughter.her name would be spell ilke this Alicyne. If you asks why is because I would call her Alice.

03/29/2023 15:54:08

I named my daughter Alysun Lavaille she was born October 1, 2019 :-) I luv it! Its diffrent but yet an ordinary name :-)

03/29/2023 13:33:04

My name is Allison and I like it. It is classy and the nicknames are cute -- I go by Allison officially but I like when people say "Allie" too. My sister is going to use "Allison" for her baby girl's middle name (after me, of course!). I think Allison is a timeless, pretty name that any girl would be blessed to have all of her life.

03/25/2023 18:09:06

My name is Allison (spelled like that)..(im 13)..And I am seriously considering spelling it Allyson, I don't quite no why, but for some reason I just decided that I like spelling it allyson better...if there are any other ways to spell it...let me know

03/22/2023 08:09:24

I love my name and It'suits me so well. One thing I hate about my name is many people often spell my name with one "L" instead of two Ls. I can't understand why most people spell Alison instead of Allison. Allison definitely looks better than Alison.

03/19/2023 19:19:18

I love my name, Allison. I am 29 and it is still a fairly popular name for little girls today. I used to be called "Alley Cat" when I was little and I hated it, but now I don't mind being called Allie. Allison is a timeless name and is feminine, yet strong.

03/14/2023 22:56:30

My names allison-spelt just like that. im 14 and im still loving it! my friends call me alice, because i dont really like allie, or al. Overall good name for kid, and woman

03/02/2023 20:34:46

I chose this name for my daughter 9 years ago. She likes her name and so do I. It has the perfect balance between being modern yet classic, and feminine without being frilly. I only wish it didn't have so many other'spellings.

02/20/2023 17:14:22

My name is Allison Paige Gabb. I love the name, my mother picked this name because she thought the name Allison sounded classy.

02/09/2023 11:09:20

My best frriends name is Allison, we call her Allie or Al -- ALLison is the only spelling i've ever knows, and I love it! Now that hubby and I are pregnant with daughter #2 we would like to name her Allion, but he is not sure of the'spelling, he'seems to think that Allison and Allie are not the traditional spellings and I think they are. I hope I can convince him, I can't imagine our daughter's name'spelled any other way :)

02/05/2023 07:14:00

its my name and i spell it with one l, because that is the name and spelling my parents gave me

02/04/2023 21:49:44

this is my name. It's cool. there's actually three of us at my high school of 2012 people with this name. i highly recommend

02/02/2023 01:38:48

i love my name and i couldnt have a more beautiful name even though my name is only spelled with one 'L' i still love it spelled with two..

01/06/2023 16:01:20

i have seen it spelled allison, alison, alyson, allyson, alycen. mine is alison but the stroy goes if i was a boy my mother was gonna name me allison after her male cousin but i suprised all and was a girl. so she dropped one of the ls

01/05/2023 17:23:34

47 years old, I never met another Allison till I was in high school. It'seems very popular with the kids now, I'meet a lot of grade-schoolers with the name and lots of them go by Allie. My sister'sometimes called me Alasalamander and Big Al, but I really don't have any nicknames. The name was so unusual growing up, I always got called Alice, which I hated, and Alice in Wonderland, which I didn't mind because I liked the'story. As i've gotten older, i've grown to love the name because it perfectly expresses my own individuality. "Pulling an Allison" is a funny expression in our family. Hope everybody else with it grows to love it as much as I do now.

12/29/2022 19:56:00

HI'my name is alison spelt this way, i love my name'so much i wldnt wana change it to anything else :D

12/25/2022 10:08:00

I love the ne Allison! When I was little I thought it was too common but now I like it. Most people try to spell it Alison, which annoys me, but what can ya do❀️

12/19/2022 21:17:44

We have decided on this name for our little girl. It's a beautiful name that transitions very well from a little girl to teenager to adulthood.

11/25/2022 19:48:14

Allison is my name and to be completely honest, I love it! I use to think it wasn't common and it was very modern, but one of my teache's name's Allison - we both love our name. It's a gorgeous name and It's suitable for any middle name! My nieces name is Leah Allison (after me) and It's just gorgeous!

11/18/2022 15:35:06

I am named Allison. It is a sweet sounding name with an elegant yet modern flair.

10/23/2022 20:56:56

i've definitely gotten'the Alice confusion many times. Also, several people have tried to spell it Alysoun, which i've never understood.

10/18/2022 23:05:58

Allison is really a great name, but I have to add that it really is spelled right with two L's and an I.

10/06/2022 12:30:30

My name is Allison and I love it. I'm 9 and I absouluty LOVE my name. My middle name is Marie, and I think Allison Marie sounds good. If you name your daughter that i'll be so happy! I defen'tly give a double thumbs up!

09/30/2022 08:58:34

My name is Allison Marie and I was the only Allison from K to Sr. year of high school. Now I walk through a store and hear it all the time for younger kids. I receive so many compliments on my name. But don't like the nickname Allie. I think It's a pretty enough name on It's own.

09/29/2022 15:20:34

My daughter is Allison Inez (middle name is after my great aunt) I love this name. I do not; however, like the nickname Allie. I think Allison is a pretty name, but not so long that it needs to be shortened, so my daughter only goes by Allison and I love it - and she loves it.

09/17/2022 15:02:16

I love the name Allison! There are so many different ways to spell it! The way I spell it is with two L's and one I. If anyone asks me how i spell it, i just say "All - is - on. It is easy enough to remember. Though even after that'some people question the'spelling... oh well, everyone is different.

09/13/2022 07:52:58

my name is allison. and i love my name but hate that people spell it wrong all the time! at my church camp this year on my name tag they spelled it: aleyson! i'd never seen that spelling! I've seen those to spellings and these: alison allyson, alyson, alleson, aleson, and allason. My dad wanted to spell my name Allyson, but as usual, my mom won.

08/16/2022 05:06:18

My name is Allison Dawn I am just starting to like my first name but I dont really like Dawn . I know quite a few ally/allie's but i think ive only met one allison portland oregon....

07/31/2022 03:53:24

my name is allison marisa and i love it (: it really is a very good name and nick names such as alli, (what i go by), alice, al, or alisa (:

07/26/2022 03:06:36

My name is Allison, and it is very common. I know about 4 other people with the'same name, but they all spell it with one L. There are so many ways to spell Allison. I even knew a girl who spelled it Allycyn.

07/05/2022 01:06:54

i spell alison with only one L. and i absolutly love it<333 . no one pronounces the'second L if you spell it allison . duh : ]

07/03/2022 22:34:48

people spell my name different too. sometimes its desiree or desiray. love your own name and be glad u don't have someone else's who spells it the way you hate it.

05/23/2022 17:27:54

My name is Allysun, spellt different but pronounced the'same. I love it because it gives me a different vibe then every other Allison out there. I personally have yet to meet anyone with my spelling. My middle name is Cassidy so Allysun Cassidy has a very nice ring to it. I do not like the nickname Ally or Allie, however. It reminds me of an alley way where people put garbage so people just call me by my full name.

05/13/2022 20:28:48

I thnk its a beautiful name. I prefer the spelling of Alison.

05/07/2022 07:06:00

My name is Allison. Although It's very common, I have always loved it. I love the way It'sounds and looks, and I also like its nickname- Allie/Ally. The only down side is that people often misspell it, with only one L or with a Y instead of an i. But I think that's a small price to pay. If You're thinking of naming your baby girl Allison, go for it!

04/05/2022 03:45:18

i love how i spell my name! its special and different! and i hate it when people come up to me and are like do you spell your name alison or allyson or alysun or allysun❀️ and i will be like nope i spell it allison! :) and i love it. i also dont get why some of my friends spell allie...ali. i understand alli but not ali. i have TWO Ls for goodness sakes.

04/03/2022 16:04:12

Her name is Allison Louise, Louise being my grandma's middle name. She's 8, I love it! I hate when people spell it Alison, it just doesn't look right! And I hate it spelled Alyson!

02/08/2022 23:45:00

My name is Allison and I have four close friends also with the name Allison but i am the only one who gets to be called "ALLISON"!!! The rest of the girls either go by Allie or last name or nickname. I have never wanted a different name it was just popular when i was born!!!

02/01/2022 23:23:24

I'meet to many people with the name Allison. They all spell it different and I spell it Allison cause that is my name. I hate how people ask how do you spell it, with 2Ls,1L,or 1L and a y. I wish it was all spelled the'same! But I don't care anymore like I use to. If you like GO FOR IT!

01/25/2022 15:42:36

Love love this beautiful name. Timeless and elegant with cute nicknames to match, but it is too beautiful to shorten anyways.

12/21/2021 14:49:30

My daughter's name is Allison Maya. I liked the alternate spellings, like Alyson, but traditionally, It's ALLISON, so I went with that version. I love it...strong but pretty!

12/18/2021 08:08:06

I like my name becaUse my parents Named me alison and I love my parents. I am 27 years old and I still love my name. People can spell it any way they like because I am not particular unless it comes to ice cream. I only eat vanilla with sprinkles. Rainbow. If you name your kid alison ahe will be just like me and that is awesome. Do it

10/13/2021 20:09:54

We just had a daughter in july and named her Kaia Mae.. LOVE IT!!!

09/15/2021 00:25:30

My name is Allison...spelled with 2 "L"s and an "I". I absolutely HATE it when people spell it wrong. Because most people spell my name... Alyson. Who spells it like that❀️

08/08/2021 09:19:12

My name is Allison Passage. I totally love Allison, but I'm not so sure about Passage. It was my mom's maiden name; I wish my middle name were actually a name, not a word. But who knows❀️ Maybe I'll like it more at age 23 than I do at 13.

07/24/2021 06:03:54

This was my ex's name and he was an idiot. Good luck calling your children Des or Desmond!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Allison?
The origin of the name Allison is German.
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Almost 306000 people are named Allison.
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The names of Alice, Alyssa, Aliza, Alisa, Ally