Cameron meaning

: Crooked Nose

Cameron Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \c(a)-me-ron\
Number of People 👶 312,000
Rate in 2021 86
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Scottish
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Cameron Name Meaning

One of the given names in English language is Cameron, The given name is Scottish origin. The majority of people think that this name has come from the Gaelic word ‘’ Cam Sron ‘’ which has the meaning of ‘’ Crooked Nose ‘’or ‘’ Cam Abhainn ‘’ which means’’  Crooked River ‘’ ( Abhainn is originally Irish )! It is a popular and unisex name in  North America & Australia & New Zealand and the UK. The name has been ranked as the top names for boys in Scotland. Although Cameron is a unisex name, but it has been used mostly for boys. The pronunciation of the given name is ‘’ Kam-ren ‘’, But the pronunciation might be affected by different accents in different areas that the name is been using!

The given name originated from the Scottish surname Cameron. There are different spellings for the name mentioned: Camron & Kameron or Kamron, It might be interesting to know that this name has a shortened form and that is Cam!

Cool Info About Name Cameron

Additional name description Cameron
Additional name description Cameron

The popularity of the boy name Cameron

As it is mentioned in the text above, Cameron is mostly used for baby boys, in other words, it is more common for males. There is research by Social Security Administration in 2020, Cameron is more popular for boys, the most popular name for males, and 489th most popular name for females in the United States.

The given name has experienced a surge in popularity in the 1980s. Cameron maintained a steady ascent until 2000, in the year 2000 it peaked, the year 2000 was the brilliant period of the name Cameron. According to the different researches in 2000, the majority of babies were given the name  ‘’ Cameron ‘’ in that year, actually about ‘’ 12761 ‘’ number of new-born babies! Some years next ‘’ Cameron ‘’ faced a steady decline.

Famous people named Cameron

Cameron Ayers, an American athlete

Cameron Bailey, One of the most famous Canadian film critics

Cameron Bright & Cameron Britton, Canadian and American actors

And Cameron Diaz, American Actress

This name has a couple of spelling variants, the most common ones are :

Camerin & Cammeron & Camren & Kamryn and Kamron.

Similar names to Cameron

Andrew & Ashton & Austen & Camden and Carter.

In addition, here is a great list of sibling names for a baby named Cameron :

Aiden & Caleb & Connor & Liam and Cooper.

Nicknames for the name Cameron

‘’ Cam ‘’ or ‘’ Cammy ‘’ for a fond nickname.

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Comments on the name Cameron
01/14/2024 00:00:00

Cameron has always been my favorite name'since i was 3. I have a good friend named Cameron.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Im thinking of naming our son (if we have a boy) Kamran which is an arabic/persian name. It will be pronounced like Cameron. My husband and I are middle eastern and we wanted a name that would translate well in english.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

Hey my name is Cameron and I love the name, all my classmates call me Cam most of the time and my sisters call me cammy or cams. I always have the problem of people spelling my name cameran!! Oo well go the camerons !!!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

We named our first boy Quincy just because we liked how It'sounded. Hopefully, he likes it. he's "Q" and "Quin" for short.

01/13/2024 21:57:02

I'm a girl with the name cameron, and It's been hard always meeting boys with that name. this year, I'met an'ther girl with my name and we are best friends. as a baby my own GRANDMA called me Carmen, but I rarely get that from anyone else. when asked how to spell my name I am completely surprised that it Isn't simple enough to figure out but I guess the e is silent. I'm sorry, but you will be doing your son a huge favor by n't calling him Ron as a teenager. I get cammi, camio, cam, and sometimes Ronnie. I broke my nose when I was six, so I have no problem with the meaning.

01/10/2024 17:14:44

My son is 2 (born in 2019) and is named Cameron. I love the name and knew I'mediately it was for him. It'suits him perfectly.

12/30/2023 09:23:54

cameron is the best name that u can ever hav .It can awesome for a guy or girl. :)

12/25/2023 14:29:16

i named my son Cameron back in 2017 and have loved the name ever'since. Didnt know anyone with the name Cameron growing up. We call him Cam-man!

12/04/2023 16:31:32

Well we named our son Logan after my husband had known a little boy when he was little and ever'since then loved that name'so I went with I love it now though.

11/28/2023 03:52:58

my name is cameron and i live near the'scotish border,my name is often spelt wrong, but as it is becoming more popular more people are spelling it correctly.I am seven.

11/20/2023 14:50:50

I am a 64 year old man with the last name of Cameron. Today while picking up a prescription'the pharmacist aske dif that was my first m=name or last. I thought it was funny because 20 years ago no one would have thought to say that. I do like my name and am proud of my scottish heritage

11/17/2023 05:44:02

my name is Cameron'tolbert. People often pronounce it as "Cam'Ren" but it is supposed to be pronounced "Cam'Ron."

11/14/2023 14:32:52

We had our son in 2018 and his name is Gage Talin. Hiss middle name is mine and my husbands names put together. We both had children from other marriages and before we decided to have a child together we had discussed names. Both of us had said Gage was what we both liked from our teen years watching pet cemetery. So years before we had him we both decided it was going to be Gage if we ever had a child. The name'suits him perfectly and everyone loves it.

11/12/2023 10:31:46

I just named my 6 week old baby Cameron. It's funny how it means "crooked nose" & everyone says he has the perfect nose. I just now found out what it means!! He is so wonderful & the'sweetest lil baby :)

11/10/2023 12:58:36

We have twin girls,Amber and Kaelyn,the name was so different,we just had to use it.And yes,everybody always thinks its Kaitlyn.

10/31/2023 17:51:56

future son named Cameron!!! Baby Cameron when he's young, Ron when he's a teenager.

10/25/2023 01:06:30

Cameron is becoming a popular girls name these days

10/22/2023 13:44:34

I am due w/ a boy in NOV & Cameron Daniel is at the top of the list right now. I'm just wondering if It's over-used and I don't know if I like it being for a boy or a girl.

10/12/2023 01:17:32

my boyfriend's name is cameron and he's the most gorgeous boy in'the world. i call him cam. and he has a pretty straight nose, actually.

09/29/2023 21:10:00

We named our son Cameron because my family has Scottish roots. When he was born, his nose was smooshed sideways, and it was only after this happened that we learned Cameron means "crooked nose". Must be the right name! We call him Cam or Cama-lama-ding-dong.

09/22/2023 16:56:52

My son's name is Cameron. He was supposed to be a girl... tricky little man. So i had Olivia picked out and had to come up with a name before leaving the hospital. Cameron was it! I love his name and wouldn't change it for the world. I always say.... Cammmmeeerooonnnn. he thinks its funny. =)

08/24/2023 20:15:06

We named one of our twins Hailee and we absolutely love the way It's spelled. It definitely makes her a little different.

08/23/2023 08:41:28

My brother is called Cameron and he thinks its ok but he doesnt like what it means! I think its a nice name and really scottish! my family dont really have scottish names so its quite nice having at least on scottish name in'the family considering we live and are from scotland!

08/01/2023 09:44:54

I was born in 1981. My mom told me that I was either going to be Corey or Cameron. Cameron won because of her girlhood crush on'the actor Cameron Mitchell(apparently he was hot in his younger days). Growing up with the name was tough because kids have a hard time with all the'syllables. can't remember how many times i've been called Carmen! didn't meet an'ther Cameron until I hit high school, after that, they seemed to pop up everywhere. Always liked that the first info I could find about it was mom's baby name book, which read that it meant bent nosed warrior. I figured the name had to have been given'to one tough customer.

07/26/2023 02:41:22

Hello. My boyfriend is called Cameron and I am appalled to find some of the comments that have been left about his name. It is true that it is derived from the'scottish name meaning 'Crooked nose' but if You'read into this, the real reason for this is quite unexpected. Crooked nose was actually the name of a Clan in scotland with a valient and noble leader. He fought many battles and as a result of this broke his nose. History describes him as heroic and a defender of his family......and aparently he had a hot wife. Thank you

07/14/2023 11:47:20

I prefer Cameron for a girl and my husband and I hope to have a daughter one day, whose name will be..........Cameron!

07/11/2023 02:40:32

Cameron is our son's name - he was born in 2007. I am a Duke basketball fan and they play in Cameron Indoor StadI'm - so we decided to name him Cameron. After we decided on'the name we found out it was a family name on my dad's side 3 generations back! We call him Cam.

07/09/2023 15:42:10

Hi there I just had my baby 5 days ago and we have called him Cameron Angus McPhe'son, a true Scottish name if ever Ive heard one lol but we love it and love him to bits..Nice to see so many people of both sexes still using this old and traditional name..

07/08/2023 07:40:08

My boyfriend's name is Camren and It's spelt different. I just realized that I'm really hungry! I think I want some food. Tata for now!

07/08/2023 05:36:42

My name is Cameron and I hate it. It comes off the tongue quilt unpleasantly and it is sexually androgynous.

06/27/2023 06:34:52

Although the meaning of this name is "bent nose" (Old English if I remember correctly), it is defin'tely a top choice in my list of baby names. I knew a boy named Cameron while in highschool who was absolutely gorgeous. He had the prettiest clear blue eyes I have ever'seen!

06/25/2023 05:12:28

I am 20 weeks 4 days pregnant and will find out today if we are carrying a boy or girl, but if its a boy, we are naming him Cameron Robert. I just love the name because you dont hear it as often.

06/24/2023 11:52:06

Named our son Cameron in 1974 thinking it was unusual. It was back then, but now it has really gained in popularity. My son has always liked his name. . . . and so does his wife.

06/23/2023 05:00:36

When we named our son we felt that brayden, kaden, and jayden were over used so we dropped all the letters in front and named him aiden edward. That was 4 years ago. I had never heard that name. Now It's a very popular name. I now have two boys and we named our 2nd son Isaac Michael. We felt that Aiden & Isaac went together well.

06/22/2023 09:19:10

I named my daughter Cameron Jayne, back in '98. She's my little Cammie Jayne. Crooked Hill for all of the nooks and crannies & places I hope she will see and Jayne means gracious. She is a little older now and likes her name to be called as Cameron, n't C.J. or Cam Cam.

06/17/2023 14:42:10

I named my son Cameron 2014 he is the best. I was watching a college football game @ 8months and a players was name Cameron I said that's my son name! we call him Cam or Cam-Bo

06/09/2023 04:12:48

I like this name alot its my big bros name!! we call him cam

06/07/2023 16:39:10

I really like the name Cameron and was thinking of it as a name for my baby (if It's a boy)....I have to admit though the meaning "crooked nose" puts me off a bit!

06/03/2023 14:12:00

I named my son Cameron in 1998 after a dear friend who's last name was Cameron. I also read it in a Grace Livingston Hill book where Cameron was the hero. I knew it was Scottish in origin and since my maiden name was Wallace that became his middle name. Most people pronounce it Cam-run but I always insisted it was Cam-er-un. Doesn't seem to matter to him how people pronounce it!

06/02/2023 19:05:50

My 12 month old son is called Cameron when he was born he was 3months early i was worried about such a big name for such a small baby. I think the big name gave him stren'th and made him fight his hard battle. His name is perfect.

05/22/2023 18:00:34

Cameron means crooked nose :~(. Now my face is messed up. Thanks parents...

05/18/2023 11:44:10

my babby brother going to named cameron and i realy like the name but its just the meaning 'crooked nose' its starting to put me off!!

05/07/2023 06:49:40

My 8 month old sons name is Camrin,spelt differently but same meaning. Love the name 'Camrin Jaiden'

05/07/2023 05:39:08

My sons name is Cameron. We call him Cammy even'though we swore we wouldn't. He doesn't mind even at 14.

05/04/2023 19:27:44

We named our son Captain in 2016. Everyone always asked if that is his real name, but most people like it. All of the kids in his class do n't seem to have a problem with the name and everyone knows who Captain is!

04/25/2023 22:41:12

I'm going to name my future son Cameron. I just love that name. Beautiful boy named Cameron

04/22/2023 09:27:32

We had a baby girl in November 2020 and named her Hadley Veronica. I heard it in the movie a few years ago ("The Upside of Anger" with Kevin Costner and Joan Allen) and have had it on my "list" ever'since. Most everyone when'they ask her name, say how unique and pretty it is! For those who like Hayley and don't want the trendy nature of it, It's great. I hope she likes it as much as we do!

04/20/2023 09:50:56

I absolutely love the name cameron......The first time i heard it i just thought wow i can imagine my beautiful son having that name and it fitting him perfectly. I just think of a gorgeous person when I hear the name Cameron.

04/20/2023 03:05:22

HI'my name is Cameron. Pronounced 'Cam-eh-ron' I'm from Scotland and have a slightly crooked nose due to fighting with people etc. Wei ll maybe thats just me being paranoid but anyway I'm from Scotland and people commonlly mis spell my name as 'Cam-ron'and 'Cam-rin'it agitates me. My nicknames include - Cammy, Cam, Camo, Caz :) There are two more Camerons in my School. Male Scotland

04/16/2023 20:37:16

My name Isn't Cameron, but if I ever have a son'that's what I want his name to be. I love that name, I think It's one of the coolest i've ever heard.

04/15/2023 17:17:22

This is my name, and precisely the way I spell it! I am so surprised by the incredible popularity of the name "Alycia" these days. when I was growing up I was the ONLY Alycia (or Alicia) that I knew/heard of. Now with Alicia Keys, Alicia Jones (a.k.a "Pink"), and Alicia Si'verstone etc. The name is moving into "trend status". Its an awesome name with a very romantic, Italianate ring to it. My boyfriend is English, and whenever he'says "Alycia" with that gorgeous accent, I just swoon ...

04/09/2023 11:59:38

Mans a legend gets bare birds styll is a sort imo personality may be slightly dry but once you get to know him he's a legend but his looks make up for everything

04/07/2023 01:30:36

My son is 10 and his name is Cameron and It'suits him so well. His friends and classmates call him Cam which he doesnt mind at all. I love the name for a boy. n't so much for a girl.

04/06/2023 10:13:40

i cant beli've somebody would name their child cameron, it is so ugly, its like they are trying to torture their child

03/10/2023 22:50:24

My brother's name is Cameron, whenever he gets hurt in his nose area, we'll be all like "Haha Cameron, now your name really sutes you!" Cameron: Crooked nose in Scottish!

02/22/2023 09:30:08

Hello my name is Cameron and I come from Scotland, People always spell my name Camron Camaron or Camaaran, I don't know why its just crazy❤️ My friends call me Cam, Camyo, Camgo.

02/19/2023 17:08:26

I am 8 months pregnant. Our second born son will be Cameron Robert.

02/15/2023 04:41:44

My brothe's name is Cameron, and whenever he gets hurt in his nose area, we'll be all like "Haha, now your name really sutes you!" Cameron:Crooked nose in scottish

02/05/2023 04:17:40

HI'my name is Cameron. Pronounced 'Cam-eh-ron' I'm from Scotland and have a slightly crooked nose due to fighting with people etc. Wei ll maybe thats just me being paranoid but anyway I'm from Scotland and people commonlly mis spell my name as 'Cam-ron'and 'Cam-rin'it agitates me. My nicknames include - Cammy, Cam, Camo, Caz :) Male Scotland

02/02/2023 14:34:40

I really like the name actully. I don't know very many people named cameron either. Im my highschool i think there are 3 Camerons out of 2,000 so It's more popular then i thought it was in grade school but still a rather unique name.

01/26/2023 08:18:06

This name is very positive. It'sounds like a name that would make a boy popular.

01/21/2023 18:23:14

I named my son Cameron'thirty years ago. We had lived in Raleigh and Chapel Hill for four years in'the early 70's and encountered this name frequently there, mostly commercial. We even drove through Cameron, NC. Always planned to use this name if we ever had a son. When my son's friend recently named his daughter Kamryn my son'thought that was ridiculous!

01/17/2023 07:07:04

my name is cameron its a legendary name people are stupid 4 calling girls dat name

01/16/2023 19:39:22

Cameron can be the coolest name.It an be the best name for a boy or girl. :)

01/14/2023 14:10:06

We have 3 older children - all "c" names and when we were looking for the name for our 3rd son, Caden was the only one we liked - It's strong, and it fits him perfectly.

01/11/2023 02:59:52

Our son Cameron was born in 2019. While I wouldn't go as far as saying he was named after the character on 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off,' that is the one and only time I'd ever heard the name. I always loved it. Seems like a cute name for a little boy, and will fit a grown man well, too. Since It's n't a traditional name, it took a bit of convincing for my husband to be on board, but over the course of my pregnancy he grew to love the name as well. I love telling people my son's name because while it is unique, it is simple. People always seem surprised they haven't heard of it before or more often. We call him Cam a lot. he's such a mischievous little stinker with a lot of personality, so I'm glad we choose the name. It'suits him well!

01/09/2023 18:04:56

My son's name is Camryn Allen. My husband and I absolutely loved the name Cameron, but wanted to spell it a little differently so went with Camryn. We always call him Cam.

12/23/2022 14:55:54

I named my son cameron andI thought that no one would really have named their sons cameron and boy wasent I wrong.

12/23/2022 07:35:04

My son Cameron Michael was born in 2000, I got the name from the movie Ferris Buehler's Day off. Although my mother wishes we had chosen'the name because of the Boston Bruins hockey player Cam Nealley. I thought it was a very unique name until he got to 3rd grade and there was an'ther Cameron with the'same last name!! I also saw a birth announcement once for an'ther Cameron with the'same middle name. One of the teache's at school named her daughter Cameron after my son. She liked the name'so much she didn't care, she felt it was unisex. I swore we would NEVER call him "Cam" but we do, sometimes even "Camo". he's a sweet young man with a heart of gold and he cares about his mother...who could ask for more!

12/19/2022 16:35:36

28 weeks pregant and searching for boys names. Currently leading our list of 8 boys names is Cameron. I think It's a winner. I hadn't heard of it as a girls name until Cameron Diaz: I still think its better for a boy. Boys can handle crooked noses better!

12/18/2022 08:15:56

My boyfriends name is Cameron its is unique because n't many people have that name and i think it is quite sexy if i do day so myself!!! I have only met one other person with that name... I love you baby!!!~ Brittany

12/14/2022 01:59:32

My name is Cameron, i've never really had anyone say my name was weird. At a time in my life there was a class I had in High School where we had 3 Camerons, that's where my nickname came in; Camyo. (Caa-Me-Oh)

12/01/2022 03:38:44

the name daija is awesome no matter how u spell it but my way is great it is the perfect name for any girl

11/21/2022 11:28:24

My last name is Cameron. I have gone by Cameron since the third grade. My family in Scottland say that the name also means "fiercer than fierce".

11/18/2022 22:03:02

i named my son cameron'trying to be origanl but 4 other momsnamed their sons cameron in'the'same hospital on'the'same day

11/14/2022 20:28:46

My son is 8 1/2 and his names Cameron Ivo ever'since i was a teenager i always liked the name cameron and tols friends if i ever have a baby boy i will name him Cameron....though it kinda pisses me off that girls took over the name'since Cameron Diaz!!! It's a boy's name and always will be offense to those that are girls and named that just my opinion! I'm excited about his name though...It's prefect!!

11/11/2022 15:28:50

i love my name but i dont spell it like cameron i spell it like this;camshron'though it is spelt difrent it is pronounced the'same

11/09/2022 09:24:18

My son's name is Cameron and I love it have since I was in high school. One day the name just came to me and so I decided if I were to ever have a son'that's what his name would be. he's four years old now and when I look at him I couldn't imagine naming him an'thing else since he looks like a Cameron.

11/06/2022 02:38:34

What are the chances that my name is Zena and I know one other Zena who goes to the'same school, is in the'same year and has her birthday the day after mine! Creepy!

11/04/2022 03:37:14

Im going to have a baby boy and im n't sure weather to call him cameron or n't

11/03/2022 19:58:46

My names cameron and i hate it everyonepicks on me but my friend all call me camie so thats better than cameron.

10/22/2022 19:05:12

We named our son Cameron in'the mid-1982's. I am an American and my wife is Iranian. At the time we were living in Iran, so we wanted to select a name that would reflect our bicultural family, and yet be familiar in both the English and Persian languages. Actually, there were many names to choose from---mostly biblical, but many were of purely Persian origin e.g. Darius, Cyrus, Cameron and othe's. The'scottish meaning of the name Cameron is a man with a crooked nose, but in spite of the literal translation, it is a manly sounding name. The Persian meaining of "Kamran" (a transliteration) is "an enlightened man." In'the 1982's, it was an unusual name for an American boy, but has become more common in English-speaking countries over recent decades. But for us it was a perfect melding of cultures, easy to pronounce for our respective families on opposite sides of the globe, a distin'tive masculine name...and a name our son, now in his mid-thirties, has always liked.

10/13/2022 11:08:36

Im having a boy in April and I like the name Cameron but I was going to spell it with a K" (my name'starts with a K") my boyfriend thinks It's Kamryn a girls name..he doesn't like the E in It'still a girls name..❤️.

10/12/2022 22:12:44

My son just turned 3. His father insisted on'the name Cameron. I thought it was an out of the blue name but what did I know I wanted to name him River. Anyways I love his name now It'seems to fit my sweet guy perfectly...Cameron Anthony Miller...C.A.M

09/26/2022 05:38:30

My name is Cameron. I love having that Isn't popular. i've always been'the only 'Cameron' in my class and at work. Growing up, I often was called 'Carmen,' which still occurs from time to time. i've just learned to answer to either. But, I prefer 'Cameron' over Cam or Cammy. The latter really raises the hair on'the back of my neck.

09/20/2022 02:24:12

My names Cameron, and im a girl. i would absolutely hate to call any Cameron "Ron" as a teenager. Cam is the nickname for guys, even'though close friends call me Cam, along with Cammy. Cameron, is more unisex, i've met very few Camerons only 2, one called Cameron and the other Kamryn'that are also girls. A few more boys, but It's n't a common name. People always spell my name Camron. Totally wrong, probably because the E's silent. Along with Carmen, when'they can't remember my name. But Cameron, Isn't suited for any girl. Cameron as a girl name is very "spunky", and it Isn't like Ashley or Jamie. Its more boyish. But is still an awesome girls name. Oh ya, and sometimes i do get heat from idiots who think Camerons a boys name, but usually people love the name. Also, guys trying to annoy me call me Cameron Diaz, n't to shabby ;)

09/13/2022 00:32:08

We named our son Cameron because we liked that It's a strong name for an adult and still good for a kid. The nickname had to be good too....Cam. The meaning we learned after he was named.

09/02/2022 07:01:30

Cameron has always been my favorite name'since i was 3. I have a good friend named Cameron. I LOVE THE NAME CAMERON.

07/23/2022 18:22:48

My name is Cameron and I really like my name. Common get the'spelling of Camron. didn't meet an'ther Cameron until middle school and still only know a few.

07/07/2022 21:44:24

this name could really suIt'someone but put down another but its a nice name

06/17/2022 21:21:54

My 3 year old son's name is Cameron. I was unsure to name him this because it is a uni-sex name. But I am really glad and proud to have a son named Cameron. I love his name! I think It'sounds manly and strong. It is a unique name, but n't too uncommon'that its weird! We call him Cam-Slam!

06/03/2022 17:54:00

cameron is a cute name

04/18/2022 06:30:54

We named our beautiful 18 month old son, Xander. His name was chosen before he was even conceived. We pronounce the "X", a lot of people will pronounce it as a Z. It is perfect for him. I love it, so strong and bold. Just like my baby boy ;)

04/09/2022 07:29:24

HI'my name is Cameron I was just looking up on google for kids or celebrities that have the'same name as me because I'm making a project all about me.I think its really great hear there's alot more people with the name Cameron. Cameron O'Loan

04/06/2022 11:46:48

Love the name but hope that people will n't judge by it being unisex

03/24/2022 19:05:06

I named my son Cameron'to reflect his Scottish lineage.

01/02/2022 09:33:36

I had a son in 2014 and his name is Caleb. In 2017 I was having an'ther boy and wanted a name that'started with a (C) like my older'son. I couln't come out with an'thing that I loved. Of course my husband said as long as he was healith it was ok with him. One day my younger brother came up with the name Cameron.. I fell in love iwth it. Now my boys are 11 and Cameron will be 8 years old next month. When people ask about yhem they say How is Caleb and Cameron amd I just love the'sound of both their names...We also call Cameron Cam Cam :)

12/17/2021 20:14:24

We're expecting a baby this summer and will name him Henry and call him Hank. Both are family names and we were thrilled when we came up with it! It's strong and simple and yet also unusual. We can't wait to meet our little Hank.

12/03/2021 10:22:12


11/30/2021 07:20:24

Ever'since i was in primary school i was prowd of my name, even'though it meant crooked nose! In year 11 at college i was playing soccer and my nose was broken in a harsh tackle! Ever'since my name has been "crooked" i guess the name does describe me afterall!!

11/12/2021 23:55:48

From a historical perspective, a name meaning of crooked nose likely referred to surviving battle so it was an affI'mation of valor- n't an insult.

11/05/2021 11:40:30

We are naming our son Dakota. Some of my husbands family members (mom, sister) make fun of it. Kids these days make fun for a lot of reasons, those kids need to be taught respect. For the people in his family that don't like it & contiue to say things about it won't seem him.

10/08/2021 18:28:12

My husband and I named our 2 year old son Cameron so I obviously love the name. I think It's a very nice sounding name and I have Scottish roots so that's why we chose it. Plus It's n't overly popular and Isn't too out there either. I think it is more of a boy's name (and it was traditionally as well) but I don't really care if some people use it for a girl.

10/01/2021 07:07:48

My name is Cameron after my great grandfather. Wow, I also have a crooked nose... I'm n't joking. I have had a lot of accidents with dirt-bikes and stuff, and a lot of fights. But I don't know for sure how long my nose has been crooked or why. I have only met a couple other Cameron's. Michigan, USA.

09/18/2021 17:10:48

My wife and I will have a boy to be born in 4 weeks from now. In'the very beginning of the pregnancy we decided the name to be Cameron. We have great memories to Cameron Highlands in Malaysia hence we choose that name. We think it is a beautiful name. I have a big nose and n't a crooked one. My wife's nose is rather'small, being Asian. So the original meaning doesn't really bother us. The'second name is going to be Cornelius. We love the combin'tion and we trust our son will love it too. I only hope the combin'tion will n't be cut down'to CC or CamCo or something else. Anyway, we put a lot of thoughts into it and we pray that we have made the right choice.

08/05/2021 19:06:00

I love the name Cameron- my 3 year old has that name and there does n't seem to be a lot of boys named Cameron around. What bothe's me is when parents choose this name for girls...


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Cameron FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Cameron?
The origin of the name Cameron is Scottish.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Cameron?
Crooked Nose
*️⃣ How many people are named Cameron?
Almost 312000 people are named Cameron.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Cameron?
The names of Cora, Kiara, Corey, Kara, Gary