Kari meaning

: pure.

Kari Name Information

Gender 👩🧑 Boy And Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(a)-ri\
Number of People 👶 60,000
Rate in 2021 2357
Numerology 🔢 3
Name origin 🌍 Greek
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Kari Name Meaning

Kari originated from multiple cultures and languages, including Scandinavian, Finnish, and Old Norse, where it translates to mean 'pure.' The name Kari, especially in the predominantly Scandinavian population, denotes a person with a pure heart and soul. It signifies an individual stripped away from corruption and malicious intent - a beacon of light and innocence in our society.

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Kari Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kari
Additional description of the name Kari

The name Kari has a rich history stemming from Northwestern Europe, particularly the region encompassing Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. It initially appeared in the Old Norse language, which was spoken by the ancient Vikings. In Old Norse, 'Kári' referred.

In Finnish mythology, Kari was the god of the wind, reflecting the name's historical and spiritual significance. Later, Kari gained traction as a boy's name in Scandinavia and, over time, has become predominantly a female name in many western countries.

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Additional name description Kari
Additional name description Kari

Kari Byron, a famous TV hostess best known for MythBusters, bears this name. Countless others with this name have left their mark on various fields.

According to U.S. Social Security Administration data, Kari has been a popular female name since the 1960s.

Personality-wise, ‘Kari’ suggests traits such as purity, honesty, wholesomeness, and innocence. The name also connotes a strong, adventurous spirit, thanks to its historical and mythological associations.

Certainly, there's much more to the name Kari; it is steeped in history and laden with complexity and nuance, like the people bearing the title.

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Comments on the name Kari
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I like my name, but in school it was often pronounced "car-y" and it was frusteration. However, I like the'spelling of my name this way a lot better than the average spelling

11/17/2023 15:43:34

Ummm hello Quinn is a boys name! The crazy people out there naming their girls Quinn should name their daughters WillI'm.

11/15/2023 18:28:02

My name is Kari I love It'so much Kari rhymes with stary. I hate when people say Carrie. Kari is way better.Corey Haims sister is Cari.also different spelling. Kari or Cari. Both beautiful spellings. Carrie is a ugly name any way.

11/14/2023 18:57:22

OMg i love the name Kari.It's not my name but i've always loved the name Kari.It's so pretty

10/29/2023 00:54:58

I like my name and the'spelling, even'though many people mispronounce it but hey not a biggy. I can not find my name pre printed on anything but I have moved on since my kiddo days and as an adult it doesnt bother me so much any more. I have yet to come across another Kari spelled the'same way and maybe one day I will, but hey I could have a worse name.

08/08/2023 21:36:30

Until now I did not know that anyone at all could be called VEDA. I do hate the name with all my heart-PARENTS BEWARE WHAT YOU NAME YOUR CHILDREN-.My father's ego made him always incline to the extravagant and the "unique" therefore he chose the name Veda for me, luckly it is my middle name,I am from Argentina and I think the name Veda is defen'tly not common here AND IT IS NOT consider a beautiful name.

04/19/2023 20:02:10

Yay, my name is Natasha aswell, I love the name!!! My Mum called me that. People call me Tash, Tasha, and loads more. There was once someone who called me Batasha, and I'm like, My name is Natasha!!!" Nobody can pronounce it properly!!!

03/12/2023 17:27:14

Well my names Kaylen and many people call me either kaitlen kaylee or kayleen

02/24/2023 23:30:46

my mothe's name is kari. and i love it. it is a really cool name.

02/22/2023 00:23:30

my name is kari and it is pronounced car-y and it is said carrie so much that when like doctors or people i only see like once say carrie i don't even correct them.

02/02/2023 07:31:28

Love my name- pronounce it (Care-ee). Growing up though I could never find my name on anything! Now I am glad that my parents chose the'spelling the way they did.

01/26/2023 19:10:32

My name is Kari too! Well, its actually Kariann (carrie ann) but people call me Kari for short. I also get called Carebear, because when I was little I always watched the Carebears! I even have 7 movies, but I don't watch them any more because I'm 12 now!

01/22/2023 17:18:38

thats my name aswell, its lovely and short, and i better like it when pronounced Car-y, and its actualy supposed to be pronounced a strange way because its from norway. i like it OK though :)

01/01/2023 14:21:08

I'm a Kari as well pronounced Carrie...I like my name I find it to be unique especially the'spelling, I also like Car-e,That's actually the correct way to say it according to the rules of English. It's pretty either way, Love the'spelling wouldn't want to be a Carrie, that's a different name to me even if I do pronounce my name that way.

11/09/2022 11:10:06

I like my name. Most people pronounce it right (care-ee), but every once in a while i get (car-y). It's funny during holidays; there'll be ten different spellings of my name on the presents.

11/03/2022 10:34:30

My name is also Kari. This is the Norwegian spelling.

09/01/2022 08:09:00

yay i have the name alison. everyone calls me ali tho. its sooo annoying when people spell it with 2 Ls, but u get over it.

07/22/2022 16:45:36

my name is Kari and i absolutely love it. its very unique and it fits me well. it gets mispronounced alot and people can never'seem to spell it right unless they know me but i love the name and i love that its MY name.

07/01/2022 14:45:54

My name is Karrie. I havent seen anyone ever'spell my name correctly. I guess the way i spell it is uncommon because everyone who tries to spell it either'spells it like "Kerry", "Karry", "Carrie", or "Kari". Even my aunt's & uncles on both my mothe's & fathe's side forget how my name is spelled.But i like my name :) Ive gone through elementary school, Jr. High, & High School w/o another girl having the'same name as me. It was pretty cool ;D

03/23/2022 00:59:42

my name is Kari, pronounced Carrie, and i think that my mom couldnt have picked a better name for me. its simple yet pretty and there isnt another person in my entire family that has the'same name. the only thing that has ever bugged me is that for some reason alot of my teache's or co-workers end up calling me Kara, not that its a bad name its just not my name. lol

10/21/2021 03:50:42

my name is Kari, pronounced kah-ree the'scandinavian way. i love my name & woudn't change it. It'sounds pretty & i beleivemen find It'sexy. just don't call me carrie, cae-ee.

08/16/2021 05:48:36

I love my name. I can say It's hard to spell since there are several "other" ways to spell it. I don't mind though. :)

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kari?
The origin of the name Kari is Greek.
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*️⃣ How many people are named Kari?
Almost 60000 people are named Kari.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Kari?
The names of Anna, Katherine, Catherine, Kathryn, Katarina