Cara meaning: beloved or dear.

Cara Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \kar-uh\
Number of People 👶 52,000
Rate in 2021 1696
Numerology 🔢 5
Name origin 🌍 Latin

Cara Name Meaning

The name Cara is a beautiful and classic name with roots in multiple cultures. In Latin, Cara translates to "beloved" or "dear," signifying a deep sense of affection and love. It's a name that carries a sense of warmth, tenderness, and endearment. In Irish, Cara means "friend," symbolizing companionship and camaraderie. This dual meaning makes Cara a name that resonates with love, friendship, and affection, making it a beautiful choice for a baby girl.

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Cara Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Cara
Additional description of the name Cara

The name Cara has a rich and diverse history. It has roots in both Latin and Irish cultures. In Latin, Cara means "beloved" or "dear," and it was often used as a term of endearment. In the Irish language, Cara translates to "friend." The name has been in use since the 19th century and gained popularity in the 20th century, particularly in English-speaking countries. It's a timeless name that has remained a favorite choice for parents over the years due to its beautiful meanings and classic sound.

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Additional name description Cara
Additional name description Cara

Cara is a name that has been used by several famous people and characters. Cara Delevingne is a well-known British model and actress, and Cara Buono is an American actress known for her role in the popular series "Stranger Things." In literature, Cara is a character in the "Sword of Truth" series by Terry Goodkind.

In terms of popularity, Cara has consistently ranked in the top 1000 names for girls in the United States for several decades. It reached its peak popularity in the 1980s but remains a beloved choice today.

The name Cara is often associated with a friendly, loving personality. People with this name are thought to be kind, compassionate, and sociable. They are often seen as good friends and are loved by many.

In conclusion, Cara is a classic, cool name with a rich history and beautiful meanings. It's a name that signifies love, friendship, and affection, making it a wonderful choice for a baby girl.

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Comments on the name Cara
11/29/2023 11:02:06

My name is Cara, I am Canadian and pronounce my name care-uh. People often'think that it is a nickname for Carina, Caroline, Carol etc. but it is not. I'm just Cara. Sometimes people pronounce it Car-uh, but I don't mind it, It's also pretty spelling. But when people say Carol, Carla or Clara, or even Sara to me, then I feel annoyed, as well as when'they suppose Cara is only a diminutive of my full name. I'm very into Celtic culture, even'though as I know I haven't any celtic roots, but I love gaelic languages and Celtic culture and speak Welsh and Irish. My boyfriend is Welsh and he often calls me "cara Mia", so we have an idea to name our future daughter Mia Cara. It's beautiful combo. Cara Mia is maybe better, but when we will call her Cara, it would be a bit confused, because of It's my name too.

11/23/2023 01:37:30

my name is Cara:) and I love it I think spelling it with a "K" is boring oldfasioned. but with a "C" It'sounds young and modern, I don't know any cara's, besides me. No one pronounce's my name wrong,but in America It's a pretty known name, so people no how to pronounce it correctly.

11/12/2023 10:49:24

I love my name! Spelled Cara it is pronounced Car-ah. Spelled Kara it is pronounced Care-uh. I was named Cara after the gaelic word for "friend" or "dear one." It is beautiful, but people mispronounce it ALL THE TIME!

11/07/2023 09:44:28

My 2 year old is named Cara and I love it because it is simple, familiar and cute but hasn't become trendy yet.

11/06/2023 19:20:26

I'm also a Cara but I haven't ever met another Cara her in BelgI'm... although there is this chick on TV on channel VT4 and her name's Cara too.. dunno why I brought that up XD I don't rly like my name though, cos in my class we like to say our friends' names in our own way, like instead of Jody we'd say JoJo. And I'm a Cara so then It's actually Caca which is pronounced the'same as Kaka which means poo in BelgI'm... great >_> XD haha :'D anyways,, I like the meanings of the name Cara though ^^

11/04/2023 20:19:06

My name is Cara as well, the care-a version. I love my name and think it fits me well, i've met many Kara's but only one other Cara (and we were very much alike!) i've had people try to say my name car-a which I find annoying, and a few people who pronounce it Kiera - which I don't understand. But all in all I think it is a great name, but I hope it never gets too popular, so we Cara's of the world can remain more unique than the rest ;-)

10/28/2023 22:16:16

I love my name! Some people pronounce it Car-uh which is very annoying. When I was growing up there was another girl named Cara but she'spelled it with a K and I always told her'she'spelled it wrong, sometimes that made her cry but oh well. I love my name! It's amazing!

10/16/2023 21:05:04

I am Canadian and my name is Car-uh. Very rare in North America. Everyone here pronounces it Care-uh. But my dad was from UK and it IS the proper pronunciation of the name. They even discussed it on American Idol! Simon Cowell refused to call that Cara lady Care-uh. LOL! I love my name, it is beautiful! And I think my Gaelic name fits my red hair and freckles perfectly!

10/12/2023 20:58:58

Cara is an Irish name also meaning 'friend' in Irish.

10/04/2023 03:08:46

I have never heard the name prounounced Care-uh before in my life! I'm having a baby girl, and she will be called Cara (Car-uh). I don't think It's hard to get mixed up, the name clearly reads Car-uh. To the person who posted on 5th Feb, I am from England, and have never heard care-uh before so I think It's unlikely people will call your daughter that.

09/18/2023 10:58:06

hi I'm cara sounds like car-ah i hate it when people call me care-ah or claira i really want a nickname and now i call myself " caz"

09/18/2023 07:08:52

its so anonyin every time som1 asks me my name they either call me ciara caran or cora but i would never change it b cause its so unique

09/11/2023 05:16:48

Cara is my name and i love it because know one has it. I hate it because everyone spells it with a K but i spell it with a C to be cool lol.

08/29/2023 19:34:14

When i was looking for a name for my daughter I liked the name Laken but have decided instead to name my little girl Lakey, some people didnt really like it but i think it is perfect

08/13/2023 22:41:26

hmmm yeah so obviously my name is CARA! ha people try spelling it with a "K" i like umm its a "C" duhh. and they go " is it pronounced car-a...?" but nope its care-uh. i love my name i was the only one in my whole school with that name and then'this girl who spells it kara came and we had 2 classes together and it was hard when'the teacher called on one of us.....

08/09/2023 11:42:54

hi i thought that there wasn't many called cara out there but i was wrong!

07/29/2023 16:30:18

i love my name, its unique and everyone i know sais its pretty. my mum somehow knew i was a girl and gave me the name 4 months before i was born.

07/21/2023 23:03:40

I used to not like my name but i've gotten used to my name. For me It's pronounced Care-uh. I get mad at people who pronouces it wrong. When people say "you spell it with a K, right?" i've only met a few other people who spell it the'same way. One of my friends her name is Cara too but she pronouces it Car-uh. I dont know how you pronounce it but I think It's very pretty the way it is.

07/21/2023 01:54:04

To the person who left the comment before me... my boyfriends name is Kaiden.. and my last name is Davis.. very coinsidental lol

07/18/2023 22:45:52

My name is Cara, pronounced Car-ah. I have yet to come across another Cara, and absolutely adore the name. I'm Irish, and am constantly surrounded with the repetition of the name Mary, or Jennifer, common names. I love the originality and individuality that comes with the name, and am proud to be a Cara! X

07/17/2023 03:51:24

My name is Cara, pronounced Car-uh. Its very pretty meaning beloved and friend. I often get called Carla or Clara though.

07/16/2023 01:24:24

My name is Cara, pronounced Ka-ra (as it is a gaeilge name meaning friend and this is the correct gaelige pronunciation of the word - sorry but I dont understand why people would pronounce it care-uh). Because I'm from Ireland it is quite a common name but I love it all the'same. Really glad my parents picked it for me, can't imagine being called anything else. I think It's a simple yet beautiful name! Cara (20)

05/22/2023 15:04:14

My name is Cara. Pronounced Care-a. I like to be an individual, so I like that it Isn't popular. But I get frustrated when people say Car-a. I just tell them, "You wouldn't say Sara like Sar-a, now would you?"

05/18/2023 02:19:54

My grandaughters name is CARA she is 3 months old. We live in Wales where it is pronounced as Car - rah. It is a beautiful name and quite unusual for this area. I have been'told that it means Dear or Darling - a term of endearment in italian but I don't know if this is correct

05/17/2023 12:13:30

My name is Cara, I'm Irish but live in England. I don't mind how people pronounce it but most say "Car-rah" I know in Gaelic it means "Friend" and Italian I beli've it means "beloved" i've been called Carla so many times and sometimes people spell it with a "K" I have never met someone called Kara or even another person with the name Cara as it is not very common in England which makes me even happier because my name is rare and original, not like say Hannah or Jessica or Shannon. It was my godmother that gave my parents the idea because I wasn't named until I was 2 and she'said that I was very friendly and from then on I was called Cara. :)

05/09/2023 04:58:06


04/20/2023 23:57:20

I'm a Cara Lynn and it is pronounced Care-uh. When I lived in New England I often got called "Car-uh" You don't call Saras' "Sar-uh", so why pronounce it that way? Sometimes people think my name is Carol, Carolyn or Caroline, which I don't like. i've been nicknamed "Care" Everyone tried to spell it w/ a K growing up. Overall, I am happy w/ the Cara part of my two first names. People know the name, yet I don't meet a lot of othe's. The ones I have met have always been unique individuals.

04/08/2023 19:14:32

How funny - my name is Cara Lynn also! I was born in '76, and I have met only a handful of other Caras in my life, and only one other with the'same spelling. Mine was shortened from my italian grandmother, Carmella. It's pronounced Care-uh. Amazing how many have called me Cora, Car-a, Caren, Carla... just look at the name, It's not that difficult to pronounce!

03/27/2023 13:21:12

I pronounce it Car-ah. MANY people will ask my name, I say it to them and then'they later'say "Carla, Ca-ra (short a), Carla, Coral..." It's not that difficult a name; 2 syllables only! Over the years, i've gotten used to being called various versions of Car-ah. So i've told my close friends to just call me "Car" really helps to distinguish who really knows me/my name. :) Met a gal working at Legoland who shares the'same name and pronunciation. Awesome...first one ever!

03/17/2023 10:53:42

I like my name, but I have to endure being called an assortment of othe's such as Clara, Cora, Caroline, Carrie, Carla and Caren. If it is a name and begins with a hard C sound, I will probably answer to it.

03/14/2023 08:14:50

I like my name, i've met a few people with the'same name and spelling as me (Cara) and all pronounce it Ca-ra. i've never heard it pronounced Care-a before...I can't see why it would be, phonics and all that. But It's a good name.

03/11/2023 15:53:08

I think this is a sweet name, it means 'friend' in Irish Gaelic.

03/10/2023 17:50:38

It's my name. Often people will spell it with a K. I don't like the name Cara spelled with a K and it annoys me when people do it. Until recently I had never met another person named Cara with a C. Now i've met three! I pronounce it Care-uh. It's only been mispronounced a few times and those who've gotten it wrong have pronounced it Car-uh, which is closer to the Italian pronunciation.

02/25/2023 21:50:54

My name is Cara, && It's a good name to have. You don't get many people with the'same name, so you get that good feeling of individuality. It means lots of different things in other languages. I'm not keen on the name when It's spelt with a 'K' though...Doesn't look quite right, but then'that's probably because I'm so used to the way I spell it myself.

02/22/2023 09:12:30

We have just chosen'this name for our unborn if a girl, we already have 2 girls Erin and Brennah both unusual so ayla will go nicely with them.

02/05/2023 07:31:38

My wife and I named our daughter Cara. She's now 8. I once met a "Cara" with a "C" long ago, and always thought that it was a beautiful name. She likes her name too and seems to like that fact that is not very popular. I can see the reaction on people's faces when'they learn her name (and learn that it is with a C not a K)...which is usually somewhat a pleasantly surprised reaction. We pronounce it Care-a. But mostly I call her my "Cara-cake",which she is not particularly fond I don't call her that in front of her little friends. We have an Irish last name, and it fits together nicely.

02/04/2023 13:18:22

I love the name but I really hate when othe's pronounce it wrong. I never really knew my name has such a beautiful meaning to it.

01/21/2023 02:48:40

Hey Every1 my name is Caralyse and lots of timez people say it care-uh-lyse or car-a-lyse. It really ticks me off but i gotten use to it! I love my name becuz its unique but sumtimes i dislike it becuz othe's have normal named like Nicole or Jessica but in my mind i think my name is normal not theirs!

01/20/2023 12:42:16

i like my name alot. it is really unique and not alot of people have it. the only thing that is bad, is that when most people here it they want to spell it with a K or when'they see Cara, they want to prononuce it Car-a.

01/18/2023 20:26:30

My name is cara, cant stand it. but its not as bad as bertha or something:) lol

01/16/2023 13:46:42

I'm due in September and if It's a girl her name will be Cara Lorene. I think the name is beautiful and love the fact that it is not too common.

01/12/2023 00:27:06

Cara is pronounced ""care - uh"". Its a great name, I love it

01/07/2023 07:18:16

My name is Cara, and it is pronounced car-uh. I love my name, and my parents actually were going to name me Ashley, but my dad hated that name, so they were stumped and had nothing else. So on the car ride home from the hospital, my 6 year old brother (now 15, blurted out: " i like the name Cara!" so that is how i got my wonderful name :)

01/05/2023 03:34:48

My name is Cara. I love my name, so I guess I'm lucky. i've never heard anyone pronounce it 'Care-uh', I pronounce it 'Car-ah', but then I do live on England. Do most people pronounce it 'Care-uh' in America? I like that It's not very common, there's just one other girl in my school called Cara, and i have only heard of a few othe's.

12/22/2022 19:49:44

Yup! this is my name. I feel its quite unusual, as I am STILL surprised when I'meet anyone with my name, especially spelled with a "C" not a K. (the Correct way! ;-) And I'm 38 )b. 1980). When I was a kid I didn't like it becausee it was so "weird" and kids generally like to fit in. At least I did then. But as an adult I love that it is unusual, but still a beautiful name. It'seems more popular now than it did when I was growing up in Brooklyn, NY. Thoug your chart here says otherwise. I personally pronounce it "Care-a" because I feel pretentious pronouncing it "Car-a" myself but I always like when othe's do. I'm happy either way.

12/16/2022 01:53:46

Hi My name is Cara" I love my name cause its soo unique, I'm the onli one in my whole school with that name and i thinks its just a beautiful name. People do spell and pronounce my name wrong and it is very annoying!! My name is prononced Car-uh/a. But i think thats cause i live in England. I love my name and i will never change it x

12/07/2022 16:17:18

Too many people name their dogs Maggie. And my in-laws ugly cat is named maggie. I don't meet enough other people named Maggie. Stop naming dogs after me, please.

12/07/2022 06:17:46

everybody calls me car-a and it gets really annoying after awhile but I really like my name because not many people have it.

12/03/2022 13:14:52

My name is Cara, and I think its a pretty good name. I let people determine which way they want to say it. It just happens to be a name with a lot of meanings behind it in a lot of languages, so it dos not offend me if they do not pronouce it the'same way my parents did. I just see it as someone saying my name with an accent and I won't tell them otherwise unless they ask. I don't expect everyone to talk in my same dialect, and if it is easier for them to pronounce it another way, then'that's fine. At least they know my name, that's more important to me. Plus, I think both ways sound pretty in their own ways.

11/25/2022 19:12:58

Brits pronounce it with the long 'r' sounds. some people when writeing spell it Karrah. it was funny!

11/20/2022 16:57:30

my name is cara too, and i really like my name because no one i know has It'spelled that way. It's more unique. im glad my parents named me cara, and i've grown to like my name a lot more.

11/18/2022 07:39:00

My name is Cara and it has treated me well for the past 22, almost 23 years of my life. I'meet other people with the'same name, but they spell it with a "K" many of the times. I only know one other person who spells it with a "C". My family has a tradition of naming babies names that'start with the letter "C", so I am always searching for unique names that no one else has. Mine was this way until I went to college. I think it is a very pretty name.

11/18/2022 04:42:40

Speaking as someone who is fluent in Gaelic, Cara should be pronounced Cahr-uh in Gaelic, meaning friend and oddly the brand name for matches in Ireland. K doesn't even exist in gaelic!

11/18/2022 03:14:30

my name is kara jane. i absolutely LOVE my name. i don't know many people with my name but a few. in my school of over a thousand there wasn't another kara, or cara for that fact. i like it better than with a C because if it is spelled with a C people pronounce is Car-ah. i don't like that. i am pronounced kare-uh. very pretty name. i've only had one person pronounce it car-ah before. it does get annoying that when i tell people my name they think i am saying tara, sarah, carol, karen, kiara, etc. other than that, It's wonderful!

11/11/2022 23:07:18

my name is Cara but It's pronounced (care-uh). i've never met someone who pronounces it car-uh. I have a twin sister named Anna. So our named kind of go together. I really like my name because It's different. :)

11/07/2022 05:40:50

We liked the name Kara, but we wanted something even more unique. So we named our daughter Jara, pronounced "Jare-a". We get comments on how beautiful the name is! We've never met anyone else named Jara. Our Jara is only 2, but we hope she'll grow up to love her beautiful and unique name!

11/05/2022 09:53:28

My name has alway's be pronounced "care-uh". Which has made since to me. I have a good friend named Sara. She doesn't say "sar-uh", like sars. It's "sare-uh". Our names are spelled the'same and sound the'same. I never heard of a dispute over the way to say Sara.

11/02/2022 09:35:40

A lot of peoople try to say it like they say "car a" not like It'should be "care a"... that includes the DJ at my wedding

10/29/2022 13:36:26

I love my name. I let people pronounce it either care-uh or cahr-uh but most people say care-uh. My parents wanted an italian name, and it means dear or loved one but they said it wrong when'they called me care-uh, in italian It's cahr-ah! So either way is ok with me, care-uh is just more familiar.

10/23/2022 17:42:58

My name is Cara (pronounced Car-ah) my parents are welsh hence the celtic name. I have never had any problems with people pronoucing it incorrectly (however I did note that when I travelled in America they tended to pronouce it Care-uh!). I think the best bit about the name is that It's easy to spell and to pronouce and doesn't shorten'to any unwanted nicknames! I think you have to get used to saying 'Cara with a c' though, as Kara seems to be more common. Never knew another Cara growing up, but now know a fair few - mostly in the 25-30 age group, so a bit younger than me:-)

10/22/2022 01:09:34

My first grand child is a girl. I prompted my daughter-in-law to spell and pronounce her name the Galic way. cah-rah. Their last name is Elliott which is Scot. The book we were reading said it is a two ryaming syllables name meaning friend or love. Ca/ra

10/17/2022 20:38:58

my name is cara pickles , pronounced 'car-ah , as im from manchester - united kingdom (england ) lolz , i get the nick name " jara pickles , how sweet xxxx :)

10/09/2022 02:31:08

this name is horred,not pretty, poor child who has this name. not even comparing it to the monster in disney. i can't beli've anyone would even'think this is pretty.

09/29/2022 18:16:54

My mom named me Cara (Care-ah). I have met a few people with the'same name. Many people I'meet know someone else with the'same name, but they usually pronounce or spell it differently, so it is either difficult for them to remember how my name is pronounced or sometimes they call me "Cara with a C". I don't find it annoying and sometimes I don't feel the need to correct people because I guess I'm just used to it!

09/21/2022 20:08:08

i love my name!i dont know anyone else with it and most people i know dont either!its unique and i love telling people it!as it is inter'sting, cute and special!

09/12/2022 20:25:16

Hi! We are from Norway and are expecting our third child in March 2021. If It's a girl her name will be Cara Elise. Very unusual name in Norway, only 16 people who got this name. It's lovely!

08/27/2022 07:22:12

my name is cara, pronounced (care-uh), i have never met anyone with the'same name as me. my whole first name is Cara-Lynn, but i say cara. my name is beautiful and it makes me feel proud of it, but people try to put me down because of it. i dont listen'to them because my name is the best ever.

08/19/2022 11:47:42

My sisters name. She is strong but fun and caring. One of my favorite names.

08/16/2022 06:56:06

i love my name.ive never met anybody else named cara,alot of people mispronounce it as kay-ra.its got a cool meaning and is really different.its pronounced car-a.and alot of people spell it with a k.

08/09/2022 04:44:42

Hi - you guessed it - my name is "Cara". I pronounce the name the way it would rhyme with "Sara". Anything else, I too, find annoying. I think there's some sort of "rule" regarding common usage of a word - maybe it applies to names too... It'says that the pronounciation is that which is most commonly used... If all true - then I think the Caras (with a C) take precedent over etymology. IMHO

08/02/2022 10:47:24

beautiful name and the meaning is gorgeous as it means the following darling, beloved one, friend and dI'mond a perfect name for a perfect baby girl! xx caite xx

07/17/2022 15:03:54

I named my daughter Cara "Cah-rah" (Scottish) because it meant "friend" in Gaelic. I am Scottish but live in Canada, where most people call her Care-uh, which doesn't sound the'same but only because of the different accent. She truly is my best "friend".

07/11/2022 04:25:48

I know no one named Cara but I adore this name! I hope to name my daughter this someday! I love this name and with a K(PLEASE ANYONE WITH THE NAME KARA PLEASE DON'T GET MAD AT ME) is way to powerful. With the C It'sounds graceful, kind, and innocent!!!

07/10/2022 04:38:24

hi im cara or cara-jane, its pronounced car-rah, i like it loads when i was 12 i started to learn latin and although It'says it means beleoved it was dear aas in the beginning of a letter, through out my secondary school years i had issues with a boy who had special needs he chose to attach himself to me becasue of my name. i offten get my nick name of Caz. i know no-one with the'same name as me and i like that however i gets confusiong at school cos my best friends are claire, clara, sara, sarah and kim. i remember going to berlin and there is a resteraunt called CARA, near postamerplatz i recomend it i just had to keep the'servet, :)

07/08/2022 05:58:30

YUP!!!..YADIRA is my name too. I was named after my grandma who is from COSTA RICA...people just call me JOTTI or Yadi for short..some people call me love my name and i have only meet one other person with this name..

07/05/2022 11:10:48

my name is cara and i've nerver heard it prounnouced the right way before. it gets so anoying!!! but i totally love my name!!

06/04/2022 12:12:00

We named our baby daughter Kaylie, she was born last summer. We live in sweden as far as we know thereıs only 1 other person in Sweden with the'same name and spelling.

06/02/2022 08:02:42

my name is Cara Hart. people pronounce my name care-uh too. some people specifically call me caro syrup

05/09/2022 22:14:06

My name is Cara, and i was reading a sentence in Welsh and it had the word 'cara' so i thought that was odd that i hadn't heard that... i thought maybe it was a typing mistake, so i looked it up and It's a form of 'Caru' meaning love in Welsh!

05/03/2022 10:41:06

i've never met another kara with a k, It's always spelled with a c.

04/23/2022 14:36:54

I was looking up this name, since I plan to give my daughter an Italian name. I can't understand why people get mad when someone correctly pronounces the name though. If my parents had insisted that my name was Jessica pronounced Ju-see-kay, I couldn't very well get upset over'someone saying it the right way. Why get up in arms if people say Car-uh? It is the way it was pronounced in Italy and Ireland after all. I will have to rethink my baby name if my child would be called Care-uh, so is that how most westerners say the name? Or can I continue on with my decision knowing that most people know how to say it the right way?

04/22/2022 16:39:18

My name is spelt Caragh, its the proper gaelic spelling of the name, its pronounced the'same way, but its just a bit more unusual than "cara"

03/28/2022 10:00:36

My name is Cara. Pronounced "Car-uh" I have grown to love my name as i've gotten older. Growning up I was constantly called care-uh from people that didn't know any better. I was to embarrased by my unique name to correct people. Never meeting anyone else with the'same pronounciation of the name Cara, i've really come to love my name.

03/26/2022 12:15:36

this is my best friend's name i think tis quite awesome

03/12/2022 11:32:24

When my son Scott got married 2 years into his marriage he had a son and named him Scott. Now in my family there is my son Scott a in my family there is my son Scott and his son Scott Jr.

02/16/2022 23:54:00

im called Cara and i pronounce it like a Car than Ra. i get it pronounced wrong sometimes and if people dont listen'to me properly they like to call me carla or tara. that annoys me!! and i always have to say its spelt with a C not a K! anyway i love the name cara i think its nice and i wouldnt wanna wish for a different name. and i cannot beli've there are so many other caras!! ive only heard of 3 othe's in my school/college. its weird for loads of people to have my name i dont like it. haha

02/08/2022 04:32:06

I'm Cara with a "C" and pronounce it care-uh. I never met anyone named Cara with a C growing up and still don't personally know anyone with the'same name as me. I like having a name that is just unique enough to make me feel special...and not a cumbersome name that no one has. I too, remember checking the personalized items at stores and being both frustrated and elated that my name was never featured on anything. My grandmother once had to special order pencils with my name on it. Haha, I love being a Cara!

01/26/2022 02:41:24

LOL i juss wana say that my name is Cara Lynn tOo!! thats freaky. hehehehe. it gets pronounced lots of ways, ive even had Cora ? LOL But Cara Mia would be nice tOo. xx mwah mwah xx CAWA <--nickname 2770

01/15/2022 01:20:24

I was named Carol but I changed my name to Cara for short and I love it, and some people say what a beautiful name.

11/23/2021 21:37:12

My little girl is called Cara. I named her after an island on the West coast of Scotland near Gigha and Islay. The Island is off Kintyre where a lot of girls are called Cara . Most people think its spelt with a K. Most have never ,ever heard of the island-so I quite like that. I love her name and I love the fact it means beloved and has gaelic origins

11/07/2021 07:35:42

I love the name Cara It's one of my favorite names. I pronounce it Care-a. I don't like It'spelled with a K. I feel like K ruins the name Cara. And it annoys me that most people spell it Kara. I love It'spelled Cara and think It'should be spelled with a C. It's a beautiful name.

10/15/2021 13:20:24

My name's Cara, pronounced Care-a... I love my name, really. I'm the only one in my school named that, and I have yet to meet one with the'same name (except my lovely dentist ;D).It's just different, and I think It's quite beautiful in It's own I'm-a-short-name way...

10/07/2021 13:11:24

My name is Cara and it is pronounce the Italian/Gaelic way, as my heritage traces back to Ireland and Italy it is not surprising that my parents pronounced it that way. For the longest time that was the only way I had ever heard it pronounced. Now I hear the other pronunciation more, and It's fascinating to me, because when people ask why I pronounce it "wrong" I tell them that Cara (car-a) means dear in Italian and friend in Gaelic they seem surprised that their name is actually a word. I like it, but then again I wanted to name one of my children Winter, so word names work for me.

10/03/2021 11:17:06

my name is cara but it is spelt strangly it is spelt carragh and lots of people see my name and pronounce it carag or crag or crar i could go on for ever but her's no point

09/29/2021 05:43:12

My name is Cara pronounced Care-uh. Many people call me CAR-UH and it makes me really mad because people with the name tara dont pronounce it TAR-uh.

09/15/2021 10:29:24

I am named Cara (Car-uh) and it is OK. I ALWAYS get people calling me care-uh. I'm not a huge fan, but atleast it is not something ridiculously popular, which totally wouldn't fit me at all. Luckily i've been able to name my kids off-beat names. :o)

09/03/2021 23:04:30

My name is Cara, pronounced Care-a. I live my name, I liked not knowing anyone when I was little named Cara, except for one girl who I didn't really know but she'spelled it with a K.

08/31/2021 02:39:36

People seem to be divided about how Cara should be pronouce: Kar-ra, or Care-ra...any pronounciation or name expert care to comment?

08/20/2021 22:21:18

My name is also Cara and i pronounce it Care-a! MY teache's all called me car-a which is annoying. I'met two people with the name Cara, but they spelt it with a K. I like my name because it is unique and nobody else has it, its different. ;] And people are constantly spelling my name wrong but now thell remmeber me!!! lol

07/28/2021 16:12:18

I have met many people that'spell Cara the'same way as I, but pronounce it care-a. However my name is pronounced "CAR"a. It is quite annoying that most of the population thinks my name is care-a. It's even more frustrating when people try to tell me my name'should be spelled with a K... boo.

07/21/2021 15:50:42

I love my name and think it is very feminine and sweet. My mom is Scottish, my dad American, and I live in Texas, and according to both of them the proper Gaelic pronunciation of my name is Care-uh, but most people pronounce it Car-uh. This drives me bonkers as I think Car-uh becomes affected and loses the'softness of Care-uh. I also often get asked if It's short for Caroline - It's not. And EVERYBODY spells it with a K, which is annoying but at the'same time nice because every time I correct someone I smile a little and think how my C is unique. I actually found a stamp with "Cara" on it in the craft store once when I was little, and remember being elated. Overall, though, It's the unique name that everybody wants for their child while still being refined and classic, no weird spellings or guy-girl peeve. Glad I have a pretty, girl name that connects me to my Celtic heritage.

07/19/2021 11:41:24

I like my name. People usually pronounce it CAR-AH because I'm English, i've never actually met anyone with the'same name'so that's quite cool :D

07/10/2021 03:30:54

Might as well use the word face as a name because cara is Spanish for face. This name makes me laugh. It's like "hey Face what's up?"


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Cara?
The origin of the name Cara is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Cara?
beloved or dear.
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Almost 52000 people are named Cara.
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The names of Amir, Jalen, Carmelo, Carmella, Carmela