Carina meaning

: Beloved

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Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \c(a)-ri-na\
Number of People 👶 16,000
Rate in 2021 2508
Numerology 🔢 10
Name origin 🌍 Latin
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Carina Name Meaning

The name Carina is derived from the Latin word 'carus' meaning 'beloved.' But it also holds a celestial connection, as Carina is a constellation in the southern sky; its name is Latin for "the keel of a ship," as it forms part of a larger constellation - Argo Navis, the great ship of the Argonauts. In a delightful blend of these meanings, Carina can also be considered to represent a cherished journey or beloved adventure.

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Carina Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Carina
Additional description of the name Carina

Carina is of Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Scandinavian origin. Derived from the word 'carus,' it was originally used as a term of endearment in Roman times. It gradually evolved into a first name in southern European countries. Its celestial connection was established when Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, a French astronomer, named a constellation in the southern sky after Carina - part of the now obsolete Argo Navis constellation - in the 18th century.

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Additional name description Carina
Additional name description Carina

Commonly found in popular culture, the name Carina has appeared in films, novels, and songs. Famous individuals with the name include Carina Lau, a notable Hong Kong actress, Carina Round, a British singer-songwriter, and Carina Dahl, a Norwegian pop artist and songwriter. In terms of popularity, the name Carina, while less prevalent today, was widely popular around the 1980s and 1990s. Often associated with a personality that is creative, reliable and strong-willed, Carina can be a distinctive and timelessly elegant choice for a baby name.

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Comments on the name Carina
11/24/2023 08:29:00

It's a cute name. I have meet many Carina's through my life and I approve it!

10/16/2023 07:33:56

carina is my name and I'm form argentina,my parents chose it because It's shorter than carolina and my nick name is cari.I don't love the name but it has a really beautiful meaning,it comes from latin and it means "la muy amada" (the one who is very loved)

09/15/2023 18:54:02

If it was my name I would nickname myself Rina. Rina is a cool nickname, but the full name Carina isnt. I'm glad with my name. Peace! Reyna Rose

09/05/2023 11:26:46

Actually I don't know how to pronounce this name....../`karina/❤️

09/03/2023 23:35:30

Many people pronounce my name wrong. i've heard tons of different ways to say it in my life time. i've only met one person with the'same name but she'spells her name with a K. I love having this name because people always tell me It's very pretty and It's unique.

08/19/2023 06:14:18

i am definitely loving the name. but i think i will name my daughter karianna.

06/29/2023 02:04:36

i love the name Carina! i think more people should have this name!

06/21/2023 04:13:28

It's not Kor-ina; It's Kar-ina. It's prefferable to roll the r so you don't say Kar-dina.

03/12/2023 05:59:32

I love Carina. But my name is cariana, i like it way bettr.

12/14/2022 23:09:08

My name is carina and I love it! People pronounce it wrong all the time but I don't mind. I was the only Carina in my school which I loved!

10/05/2022 21:31:12

Carina is a popular Scandinavian name. A nickname is sometimes Cari or Rina. The Carinas i've known have been'tall, beautiful, and smart.

09/04/2022 05:31:24

I'm from Portugal and here in Europe is quite a normal name, not too popular nor too absent. I like it, and even most it meaning: beloved. Actually, there's something that happened to me while I was attending to italian classes. The teacher was learning us some new words, and it included "carino" and "carina" to mean "beloved", and gave some examples as italians use it. Then, we should say some examples. I was the first one, he came by me and asked: "-So, what's your name❤️ - Carina!" He really didn'y knew it and it was quite funny! :)

12/12/2021 13:58:12

Carina is a beautfiful name'so what r u saying for real❤️

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Carina?
The origin of the name Carina is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Carina?
*️⃣ How many people are named Carina?
Almost 16000 people are named Carina.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Carina?
The names of Charles, Caroline, Carolina, Coraline, Carolyn