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Gideon Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \gi-deon\
Number in U.S 👶 16,000
Rate in 2021 646
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Gideon : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Historical origin and etymology

A masculine name that is fabulous for giving to your little baby. It is of Hebrew origin. A Biblical name that means “he who cuts down”. The Hebrew word “Gid’on” also means “destroyer”.

Like all the other Biblical names, Gideon has a Biblical story that is worth mentioning briefly. Like Deborah and Samson, Gideon is one of the greatest judges who loved during the period of Israeli history when people were at the initial point of decentralizing and neglecting their God. They were punished through a bad coincidence which made them beg for survival. At that time, the judges were more representative than the presidents rather than the king. Gideon was responsible for saving the Israelis from that horrible punishment. Gideon was a little afraid at first and tried to give up on saving them, but with God’s help, assurances and instructions, Gideon became successful in his mission.

Gideon was very common among Jewish people and was also adopted by Puritans in the 16th-century Protestant Reformation.

More about his personality:

He is a perfectionist. He does not start a task unless he is sure about its end. If he is not sure about the consequence of an action, he will never start it. He likes to get to the end of a cycle and reaches the goal. He never ignores completion and he resents putting aside the started things! This is a very good characteristic feature he poses.

He tends to see everything well-detailed. He cares more about others than himself. He believes that knowing “self” is not as important as knowing others and the world. He gains enough knowledge about his surroundings and he is always an expert in the field he works. He thinks that all human beings should try for a better world.

He is fearless through life’s problems. He likes to help others to solve their problems. He is very helpful and assistant. He cares much about others and society’s troubles and does his best to help in overcoming them. He helps people to see justice in society. he hates injustice.

He sees everything from an emotional point of view. He likes to be around his loved ones. Relationships and friendships are the most vital things he needs for survival. He is too addicted to love that he cannot leave it for a while in his lifelong. He places high value on love and affection. Moreover, he has got an enterprising mind and is very artistic.

His heart’s desire is harmony and peace. He is very sociable and he pays attention to his friends and society as well as his family. He is a great sample of society providers from every aspect. He dislikes using force; so, he always steps aside and avoids aggressive and angry people so as not to fight with them. He prefers determinism rather than uncertainty. Most of the time, he leaves uncertain projects away and does not start them even. He believes that “once you are completely certain about a topic, you can start it and be sure about the consequence. Otherwise, you won’t be successful in reaching your goal”.

He is a respectable person to others. They like him as he is a gentleman and a hero. He is mysterious and independent. He has a keen observation and this is very admirable for people. The loveliest factor in his personality is that he has a good sense of humor and people love this characteristic feature a lot. He is well-dressed and attractive. He likes to use his intellectual ability as well as he can. He tends to have a proper reaction to the events that take place suddenly. He does not obey the rules and is more eager to react to the events without prior knowledge and planning.

The most likely vocation: public speaker, printer, teacher, publisher, supervisor, social scientist, administrator, builder, engineer, leader, philosopher

Lucky colors: dark colors like purple, blue, green, black, and gray

Lucky day: Thursday

The popularity of the boy’s name Gideon:

As we know that Gideon is kind of popular among Puritans, we guess that it has become known among Americans since the time of colonization. The United States government started tracking new names in the 19th century. In the late 1800s, we can see that Gideon was one of the most popular names in the United States; however, unfortunately, it experienced obscurity and faded away from the popular boys’ names chart. By the year 2000, Gideon returned to the American popular naming charts and became prominent among American parents once again. That is because of the trend which invites parents to more Biblical names. Ethan, Caleb, and Elijah are other examples of such Biblical names. Gideon was not as popular as the other names, but it planned for a 500-position jump toward the chart and hence, getting more popular than before.

All in all, Gideon is a handsome name with a Biblical origin. It is original and less-used Biblical name which needs to be more paid attention. However, it is a well-known name among Jewish people right now.

For the past six decades, Gideon was recorded nearly 15,000 times in the SSA Database and that is considerable for a Biblical name which is used moderately throughout decades.

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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Gideon?
The origin of the name Gideon is Hebrew.
*️⃣ How many people are named Gideon?
Almost 16000 people are named Gideon.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Gideon?
The names of Giovanni, Gavin, Ivan, Kevin, Valeria