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Isabelle Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \i-sa-belle, isab(el)-le\
Number in U.S 👶 96,000
Rate in 2021 304
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 French

Isabelle Name Meaning

Meaning of Isabelle:

If we talk about tenderness, love and sincerity, the name Isabelle comes to mind, it is a name. With a strong personality, kind character and sweet heart, it is a name that will undoubtedly leave a mark in your heart. Join me to read more about the meaning of Isabelle.

What can Isabelle's name tell us?

Not only sweetness and kindness, Isabelle also means "Health and beauty" , two wonderful qualities that always accompany the lucky owner of this precious name.

Its existence knowledge may depend on its etymology. Because "Isis Bella" Isabel knows how to reconcile friendships effortlessly, her strong character and common sense are other traits that have always accompanied her, so she can preserve and maintain them throughout her life.

It's easy to catch your free spirit and it's happiness when we're with him, people who know him will join him for life, he's a great housewife, she loves her home and family so it's not surprising that we feel at home when we trust her presence. She is a very good mother and a great friend in the family environment, her partner never feels alone or unprotected, she likes to take care of relationships and create a close-knit love circle.

Isabelle is very persistent at work and does not stop fighting until she achieves her goals, she knows very well what she wants and fights with all her might to achieve it, works very well as a team and her colleagues always feel comfortable and relaxed. his side.

The etymology or origin of Isabelle

Aa largo de los años there are many debates As it is not possible to agree on the origin of Isabel, one of the parties believes that Isabel's name comes from "Isis", hence "Isis bella" but others, the name is in Elisa or  Elizabeth

However, historians who place more emphasis on its history underline this. The most successful option is the Egyptian Goddess, emphasizing that her name comes from Latin.

Loving or diminutive names of Isabelle

This name has taken on many loving names over the years, these are Isa, Chicha, Sabela

How do we find Isabel in other languages?

If we speak English or German, we find it this way:  Elizabeth,

if we call lisa and  Elisabetta in German.

If we're looking for it in French,  Isabelle .

What famous acquaintances can we find with the name Isabelle?

Famous for her reign and we have the great  Isabel Catholic of Spain .

Likewise, Isabel  was a reigning princess in France.

The great Isabel pantoja with a well-known and magnificent voice.

History and origin of the name

The origin of the name Isabelle comes from the Provencal form "Isabeu", the original form is Elizabeth. Source, Bible included. It means "dedicated to God". Currently, this form is popular in Russia, France and even Spain. Note that this noun form is packed with many advantages. A representative of the weak half of humanity, so named from birth, will grow up to be truly beautiful with an inner world. However, let's move on to a detailed explanation.

The meaning of the name Isabelle

Coming to the question of the meaning of the name Isabella, it is impossible not to notice right away the simple fact that a girl so named often grows up to be an impulsive and sensual, temperamental person and which one to look for. Energy, pride, ability to work, passion, love for everything around - this is not a complete list of available virtues. All of them will manifest themselves in everyday life, and all of them will fall into the hands of the so-called owner of the woman. As a child, such a girl will be the source of big problems - a test of strength, but already in adolescence she will begin to stagger excessively. positive qualities ... As a child, he hated creativity and work. Adulthood will thank its parents for raising these traits in it.

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Comments on the name Isabelle
04/14/2023 01:01:36

this is going to be my baby girls middle name. since in french "belle" means beautiful, i'm going to name her jo isabelle klassen. (if u separate the isabelle, it makes "is a belle") so, really it's jo is a beautiful klassen. :)

01/03/2023 02:47:40

This name is alright, it's good to put with middle names. Despite the name, I know a beautiful baby with the name so I like her besides that.

10/29/2022 22:43:04

My husband actually chose my daughter Isabelle's name and ever since it has grown on me a lot! I am always told how beautiful her name is. The best nickname for it is means beautiful. It was suppose to be Isabella, but it has grown too popular so it worked out for the best.

08/13/2022 07:33:54

Hopefully my new baby's middle name will be Isabelle or Annabelle

04/05/2022 22:03:18

whats a good middle name that will go with ISABELLE


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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Isabelle?
The origin of the name Isabelle is French.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Isabelle?
God's Promise
*️⃣ How many people are named Isabelle?
Almost 96000 people are named Isabelle.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Isabelle?
The names of James, Abigail, Isaac, Peter, Sara