He Who Supplants

Jaclyn Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \j(a)-cl-yn, jac-lyn\
Number in U.S 👶 49,000
Rate in 2021 3141
Numerology 🔢 2
Name origin 🌍 American

Jaclyn Name Origin and History

"Jaclyn" is a popular name for girls that has American origin. Meaning of the name Jaclyn is: "He Who Supplants".

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Comments on the name Jaclyn
3/5/2023 4:25:06 AM

My names also Jaclyn. I agree, it has a lot of cute nicknames! Sometimes teache's do mess my name up, which I don't understand because its pretty simple to pronounce. i've been called Jocelyn but my gym teacher!! And, yes, I was also named after Jaclyn Smith!! Haha :)

2/27/2023 12:35:32 AM

I named my daughter Jaclyn, because-yes-there is Jaclyn Smith, but more so because it is a beautiful name and combines her dad's and my nicknames. Wouldn't have picked any other of the countless spellings, but JACLYN is easy to state, even'though most say/spell it wrong anyhow. I'm "Linda"-named after a 40's/50's actress that no-one has heard of-I STILL am asked if it is Y or I, but am also told it is(& means) beautiful--the LY combo is a winner with any language and goes well with most surnames single ladies :)

2/24/2023 9:59:38 AM

My name is Jaclyn too :) It's so funny reading everyone's comments and knowing there are lots of girls who deal with the'same things in life associated with having this name! I don't like being called Jackie, but people always try (especially old people). I really don't feel that is anything like my name. Substitute teache's always called me Jocelyn/Jaslyn/Jacelyn. My mom named me after Jaclyn Smith which I always found a little strange, but I guess a lot of us have this in common lol. Over the years i've started meeting more and more people with the'same spelling so I think it became popular in the 90s.

2/22/2023 8:57:50 PM

my name is jaclyn and i dont really like my name'so i have people call me Jackie but a lot of people forget to call me Jackie and i get sick of it

2/20/2023 4:36:08 AM

I'm Jaclyn and when people call me Jackie i'very fI'mly tell them to never ever make that mistake with me again.

2/13/2023 9:14:58 PM

i thought my name was really original.. but i guess not (considering yes my mom named me also after Jaclyn Smith 'original charlies angel' LMFAO! i've never even watched the angels... :S) but I LOVE MY NAME!!!

2/12/2023 1:45:14 AM

My name is Jaclyn, also after Jaclyn Smith. My parents used to love her. It rarely gets misspelled or mispronounced, but when it does people write/say "Jacqueline." I'm glad my parents didn't give me that long complicated spelling. Usually people are surprised by how short and easy it is. I have only met one other person with the'same name, but I have met many Jackies. I am called Jackie by my friends, but by teache's and older people, or on paper, its Jaclyn. My middle name is Mary.

2/11/2023 8:07:14 AM


2/9/2023 3:13:14 AM

My full names are Jaclyn Michelle and according to my aunt, my mom named me after Jaclyn Smith of Charlie's Angels, a popular 70s TV series. In my experience, i've been called Jocelyn many times. One thing I hate is my name gets misspelled a lot which is weird considering that my second name Michelle has 2 more letters. I'm a masculine tomboy and so I cringe at my names because they are very girly and don't suit me. I prefer to be called Jack, Jackie. My true nickname is Jamie which is exclusively reserved for my family.

2/8/2023 7:17:08 PM

I spell my name "Jaclyn" It use to bug me so much when people spelt my name wrong, and it was always spelt wrong at places like Starbucks & when i was little, it was spelt wrong on birthday invitations. I like to experiment with my name, like on myspace I change the'spelling of my name a lot. I love the way my name is really spelt It's just fun to mix it up, but it bugs me a lot when people call me Jackie. I'm sure everyone with the name feels the'same way pretty much. (:

1/30/2023 6:41:22 PM

my name is jaclyn, and i find it really different. i like it, because no one else is spelt like it. i have only found 2 other girls whose name are spelt the'same as me. Jaclyn. My friends call me either Jackie, Jac Jac, Jacs...or Jaclyn!! i like the nickname Jacs, cause it casual, and modern. im a tomboy, so being called Jacs is really cool!

1/27/2023 8:06:24 AM

well, my name is Jahaira in Jr high there were two other girls with the'same name but spelled it Jahyra and Yahaira, and someone told me it means Magnified and its african!!??

1/25/2023 4:05:18 AM

my names jaclyn, i love it because its a unique spelling, but everyone mispelles it and its so easy! and i have being called jaslyn or joscelin. I was also named after jaclyn smuth

1/24/2023 10:30:16 PM

its an awesome name. even'though everyone mispells it, its unique.

1/10/2023 4:07:26 PM

My name is Jacklyn, named after my dad jack... I hate when people call me Jackie, it bothe's me for some reason... I like the'spelling but some people (creepers) call me jack-off, i hate that'so much lol.. i have only ment one person that had the'same spelling of my name in 6th grade. but yet i like my name(: haha

1/9/2023 11:19:22 AM

A lot of people think Jaclyn is spelled "Jacqueline" or "JacKlyn" it very annotying because its a very simple name to spell AND pronounce.

1/9/2023 7:12:30 AM

My name is Jaclyn and everyone always spell my name wrong or they will look at my name and call me Jocelyn. I really don't know how people get Jocelyn out of Jaclyn. It is pretty annoying. But I rather people call me Jackie or Jax.

12/25/2022 9:53:20 PM

For some reason people who don't know me frequently mispronounce my name (Jaclyn) as Jocelyn. Haven't they ever'seen Charlie's Angels?

12/24/2022 10:40:18 PM

My name is Jaclyn also. x3 I was named after my granddad, Jack, but the'spelling of my name comes from Jaclyn Smith too. i hate being called Jackie! half the people I'meet say "Oh, what's your name?" "Jaclyn." "Hi, jackie!" -.- Some people call me jaxx, my best friends call me just jaclyn, and some people call me jac-a-lyn. I like that too. i've only met 1 person named Jaclyn before. Her nickname was Jaxx too. But the first time someone has to spell my name, It's /ALWAYS/ spelled wrong. Most of the time Jacklyn. i dont like being called jack, but i like my name. =)

12/14/2022 4:38:14 AM

My name is Jaclyn. I get many nicknames, Jackie, Jac, jack-o-lantern, Jacka** once or twice, Jackie Chan because my last name is extremely similar, Jackdog, Jack rabbit in elementary, and wacky Jacky. Subs call me Jacelyn. One of them told me," Why didn't your parents give you the original spelling?" I don't Know, Why didn't your parents give you the original spelling JUDETH. That's what her name tag read. Lol

12/11/2022 7:02:06 PM

my name is jaclyn too, i love my name its not a very common name in the uk and i have never met another jaclyn in my 29 years of life, i was named after jaclyn smith because my dad had a crush on her (im sure my mum loved that) i dont like to be called jackie because it turns my unique name into a very common one, what i dont like is how many people spell it as jacqueline or jacklin. a lot of my friends call me jac or jaxx which i dont mind but my mum and dad and partner always call me jaclyn which i think is the best name in the world

12/9/2022 5:01:28 AM

I used to hate having the name Jaclyn/Jackie, but now I think It's decent, just because It's not one of those boring common names, like Jenny and Sara. So at least It's semi-original.

12/6/2022 3:18:28 PM

My names Jaclyn I go by Jackie but officially It's Jaclyn. I'm 16 and teache's always get it wrong, whether It's Jocelyn, jazlyn, jacelyn, jeslyn, etc. and I'm very shy and have social anxiety so speaking up is hard for me. I never know how to correct teache's so most of the time I just deal with it until they realize I go by Jackie based off of my papers with my name on it. Today a substitute called me Jeslyn instead of Jaclyn and I just let It'slide. It's awkward having my friends look at me whenever'someone says it wrong too. Plus no one knows how to spell it which dosent bother me but It's funny.

12/5/2022 12:51:28 PM

I love my name except people some times call me Jocelyn or if I write It'sloppily, Jadyn. This site is pretty dumb

11/17/2022 7:15:26 AM

Cannot beli've how many people were also named after Jaclyn Smith and who also hate to be called "Jackie"!! INSANITY! I love our name :) I also enjoy being called Jac but I have been called (as most of you said) Jacyln (?) dont even know how that is an option, Jacelyn, Jocelyn, Jacklyn, Jackie, Jack-o-lantern, Jelly Don't (because of my last name lol) this whole post just put a smile on my face

10/31/2022 6:30:26 PM

my name is Jaclyn too, and I am 7 years old. people also mispronounce my name as jocelyn, and I don't like to be called Jackie! I like that my name's not very popular because I feel like I'm the only one that has that name!

10/25/2022 1:45:00 AM

MY NAME IS JACLYN<3 im named after my grandpa whose name was jack and my mama just really liked the name :)

10/24/2022 11:56:14 AM

My name is Jaclyn and I love it. From the time I was little my mom made sure to correct people who called me 'jackie" "It's Jaclyn", she would say, "J-A-C-L-Y-N" Thanks, mom!

10/19/2022 3:48:06 AM

I named my daughter Jaxx and I love it, alot of people dont like it and say its a boys name but I know alot of people who shorten'their name to Jaxx so what is the difference?

10/15/2022 8:59:24 AM

I like my name, Strangely enough,kids ALWAYS call me Jackie, but my teache's always start off with Jaclyn. Until I tell them I prefer Jackie. Its funny but I hardely get called Jaclyn. My best friend calls me Jax. The name is ALWAYS mispelled,like "Jacqueline" of "Jacklyn" thats wierd considering "Jaclyn' is only 6 letters and much simpler. My mother liked "Jackie' but disliked the'spelling until she'saw Jaclyn Smith's way.

10/14/2022 3:56:40 PM

My name is Jaclyn, too. In school, some people call me Jackie and at home, my parents call me Jax. Either works fine and its fun to have a name with so many varieties. I like my name a lot because its different and new. I dont know anyone else with the name Jaclyn. The only thing im aggrivated about is the face that people mispronounce or misspell my name like Jacqueline. But me and my mom both know, my dad would definately not remember how to spell with all those letters!!! And im actualy named after Jacqueline Kennedy, President Kennedy's wife, but i swithched it to just J-A-C-L-Y-N.

9/26/2022 10:20:38 AM

Yeah, sometimes people spell it wrong, on my bad days, I spell it Zda.

9/24/2022 4:51:22 AM

I'm a Jaclyn, and I love it! It's just so annoying how people mispronounce it or spell it wrong. It's like.. "Dude, can You'reAD?!" There's definitely a difference between an O and a A. It's not that hard to say it either. JACK- LIN.

9/22/2022 8:46:22 AM

My names jaclyn i love the way its spelt and i dont care if you dont like it i love it! It's unique and i never met anyone else spelt like mine

9/5/2022 1:48:06 AM

My name is jaclyn, im 17 ever'since i was little,everyone always says it wrong or spells it very strange!!othe's say they like my name!!

8/2/2022 8:51:18 PM

I love the name jaclyn. i would prefer not to be called Jacki. I like Jac better

6/12/2022 3:12:00 AM

i've been Jaclyn since 1969.. my mom felt she made it up as my dad's name was Jack and her bff was Lynn. I like my name even'though I have to spell it for everyone. I have met quite a few Jaclyns. My nickname is spelled Jacci but sounds like Jackie.

5/17/2022 6:43:30 PM

Jaclyn is a very neat name. I am named Jaclyn and it I like it better than Jaquelin which is like Jacque. I think it is spelled pretty and that I am not jacKlyn or jaQUElyn.

3/14/2022 3:48:00 AM

I'm 12 and my name is Jaclyn and I was named after my great-grandfather Jacob. The'spelling comes from Jaclyn Smith. I like my name a lot, but there are some bad things about it. My science teacher always wrIt's my name as Jacyln, which doesn't even make sense in my opinion. Substitutes always read my name and think its Jocelyn because they don't bother to realize It's an a, not an o! A lot of people misspell my name as Jacklyn. My teache's always call me Jackie, which I'm not terribly bothered by, but I prefer being called Jaclyn and that's what my friends and family call me. But overall I really like the'sound and spelling of my name and the reason my parents named me Jaclyn :) Cheers to all Jaclyns!

2/27/2022 12:32:42 AM

MY NAME IS JACLYN !!! AND YOU SAY IT JAC-LYN !!! Many people say Jac-a-lyn, but thats not a big deal. What i do hate is people calling me Jackie, because I hate it, no offense anyone else, but its just a personal preference. i've gotten Jalcyn, Jacklyn, Jacklin, Jacqueline, Jacquelyn, Jaclynn, even Jocelyn ... pretty much every variation-- It's kind of annoying, but I totally understand, because you don't say to people, "Hi, I'm Jaclyn. J-A-C-L-Y-N, Jaclyn."

2/2/2022 11:17:06 AM

My name is Jacalyn, however, I prefer to be called Jacki. I used to have an "E" on the end of my name, but I gave it to my daughter, Kelley. I hate being called Jacalyn, I only was called that when I was in trouble. Hear it alot when I was young!

1/19/2022 7:42:54 PM

My name is Jaclyn and until about a year ago I have never met anyone with my name....I find that now I am finding more people with the name. The worst thing about my name is that you can't find it on a key chain! It is a great name!!

1/14/2022 5:12:36 AM

My name is Jaclyn too! I am a Malaysian girl. My mom was the one who came up with this name. I don't know the full details on how but I'm glad she did. I know most people pronounce it as Jack-lyn but for me, my name'should be pronounced as Jay-slin not Jack-lyn. But then again, they always called me Jack-lyn or Jac. Whenever I introduced myself as Jay-slin, they go, "What?". So I give up and introduce myself as "Jack-lyn" and ask them to call me Jac instead. Yes, some of my friends spelled it as Jacyln though I don't understand how they can misspelled it. But I LOVE MY NAME NO LESS XDD

11/12/2021 4:36:36 PM

haha! I'm a Jac Lyn too! Well, not like a jaclyn. But my mum named me after jaclyn smith as well. Because I have a classmate, whose name's Jacqueline, people call her Jackie for short. And as for me? They call me Jac. Which is pretty unique in a way? But most people mistake my name as Jack. Any who. I still love my name. THANKS MUM! :)

9/13/2021 3:35:24 AM

My name is an alliteration, Jaclyn J. Having the name Jaclyn makes be confident because It'sound casual and mature at the'same time. It doesn't bother me when people get my name wrong. I guess I'm just used to it. I correct them, but i don't freak out on them because I wouldn't want someone to do that to me. Anyway, I totally suggest people calling their kids Jaclyn because it is a name that'sounds important and i have gotten special advances in jobs because of my name.

8/20/2021 5:46:48 PM

Jaclyn & Brian - We love these! You've captured our lltite Lyla and her many, many expressions perfectly. And the rest of our family is falling in love with her all over again, we think. Thanks for your patience and great ideas; it couldn't have gone any better! Jaclyn & Brian

8/5/2021 10:45:36 PM

My Dad was obsessed with Charlies Angels' Jaclyn Smith and love the name. I go by Jackie mostly which i love i don't know many Jackie and no Jaclyns. When i wanna be grown up and mature i use Jaclyn when I'm having fun with friends and family It's Jackie or Jack. i've always loved my name It's not real common like Heather, Sara, Jenny, Shannon, Stephanie etc.. Usually with those names you might know several people with the name but Jaclyn I'm the only one in my circle of friends and family so It's nice not having a one of those typical names.

7/21/2021 11:09:54 PM

Jaclyn is my name and yes i am named after jaclyn smith. i dont know anyone with the'same spelling and people who dont know me always spell it wrong. but i think my name is uniqc and sounds verry prety. if this is your name you are verry lucky!

7/19/2021 11:35:06 PM

I think that Jaclyn is the prettiest spelling for the name. I am also a Jaclyn. I hate the nickname Jackie, but I'm thinking of having people call me Jack. My chorus teacher always calls me Jac-E-lyn, and calls me JC for short. I tell her thousands of times that It's J-A-C-L-Y-N.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Jaclyn?
The origin of the name Jaclyn is American.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Jaclyn?
He Who Supplants
*️⃣ How many people are named Jaclyn?
Almost 49000 people are named Jaclyn.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Jaclyn?
The names of John, Juan, June, Jane, Johnny