Mabel Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \m(a)-bel\
Number in U.S 👶 136,000
Rate in 2021 852
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Latin

Mabel Name Origin and History

"Mabel" is a popular name for girls that has Latin origin. Meaning of the name Mabel is: "Lovable".

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Comments on the name Mabel
3/9/2023 2:45:24 AM

My name is Mabel, I am named after my Mother. There is not many of us in the world. I guess that make us unique.....

3/8/2023 5:56:24 PM

Our granddaughter is named Mabel, after her maternal great-grandmother. Our family, of course, loves it; so does she (so far, she's 4!). Everyone who hears it loves it; she is called everythign from "mabes", to "the mabester", to "Marbles" by her pre-school friends! :)

3/1/2023 8:11:12 PM

It is a sweet, lovely name which brings to mind a more genteel era.

2/3/2023 7:22:44 PM

My name is Mabel and I just a Jesus loving Rock star :) !

1/21/2023 6:20:16 AM

April25, 2019 Mabel Washburn had a bull in her garage that rammed her car. She was then 81 yrs old. It was in Hebron NY, maybe a Bible sign?

1/19/2023 1:46:52 PM

My Name is Mabel and im 14. I hate it when people spell my name wrong its so agrivating like they spell it "Mable"... but i always thought my name was so ugly but now that im older i think of it as a special name because i have never met a Mabel before, and since its old fashion that makes it even better :)

1/14/2023 7:27:30 PM

i've always liked my name. It is unique and old fashion. It has always set me apart in positive ways most of the time. I love it. There are only a few of us named Mabel and that is extraordinary!

1/12/2023 1:58:14 PM

My wife is called Mabel and she is the most adorable person I have ever met. I really love her more than my life. I Luv you Mabel. Mr Galileo From Michigan

12/26/2022 10:52:10 PM

My name is Mabel, I was named by my father, the only one he named out of six girls. He named me after his sister, who had died in a car accident, she was born in 1901 and I in 1948. I was told I look like her and like same things. My name became more dear to me when I could appreciaate it. When I was a child I never met another Mabel.

12/26/2022 6:45:18 PM

Has both positive associations (Tracey Ullman the BrIt'sh actress/comedienne named her daughter Mabel in 1998) and negative ones (think Wilfred Pickles' wife who was also his co-hostess in the 1962s radio show 'Have A Go', from where the phrase "On the table, Mabel" came).

12/24/2022 2:08:56 PM

When I was young and in public school I was self-conscious of such an unusual name (I was named after my uncle who drowned at an early age) but now I like it when'the girls smile and say "Wow, cool name".

12/20/2022 10:34:12 PM

Just think that if this name does become popular again it may result in a grandchild called Carol or Janet or Susan and then a great-grandchild called Lisa or Michelle or Tracy. I still think this name is in the'same category as Maude and Mildred, associated with frumpy old grandmothe's with walking sticks.

12/20/2022 11:24:08 AM

I just named my daughter Mabel and i love it, people love it. i did get one card congratulating us on our daughter Maple,

12/6/2022 7:42:58 PM

I love the name Mabel. I plan on naming my daughter (due in April Mabel. It's darling! I don't know why people are so mixed about it.

12/3/2022 3:18:18 PM

My Name Is Mabel Too, and I used to hate my name very much. Everyone would make fun of my name, and my heart would fall apart. Just like some of you people, I would want to change my name to something else, but im kind of growing in to it , especially reading these comments. After all, I'm actually enjoying this name, and yes it is a lovely name.

11/13/2022 6:37:02 PM

where i work, i have to gve my name constantly. once i say it, "yes-ehn-e-ah" (i say It'slow enough for them to understand) they give me a clueless, blank look. then i spell it: y.e.s.e.n.i.a. It'strikes me as odd because growing up, there were atleast three other girls in my classes with the'same name.

10/27/2022 7:49:32 AM

i like my name mabel! nobody has my name its different

10/19/2022 12:54:44 PM

My name is Mabel and I am 11 I am quite short for my age and I used to get called marble because of my name and size but I got vice captain of school so whatever

10/16/2022 10:54:06 PM

Our son and daughter-in-law named their daughter, born last week, Mabel Parker. So far the reactions have been polite and mixed, but predominantly positive. "What a classic name!" We're pleased.

10/5/2022 5:03:44 AM

trends are funny. so is this yoga-class inspired name.

9/30/2022 7:12:46 AM

i dont thk its old fashioned name. 1 of the guy checked my name in cyber where i used to check my mail he liked my name'so much that he used to call me and talk to me. i thk many of them dont no wht mabel means it meaning is "The Beatutiful One". I'married to a non catholic but still i didnt change my name. i like my name.

9/18/2022 11:54:14 AM

My daughter (9 mths) is Mabel it comes from Amabel and means lovely. Note the rising popularity of similar "old lady chic" names such as Elsie, Iris, Ellen, Martha, Constance etc

9/5/2022 8:19:00 PM

my best friends called mabel i love her loads. i like to call her mubsy or mubs though, i think she likes it

9/2/2022 3:15:36 PM

My mother is called Mabel Joan but always refers to he'self as Joan as she hates the name Mabel. She is 88 now and was named after an aunt who died aged 18. People often misspell it Mable as in Table.

8/29/2022 5:07:12 AM

Mabel is my name but I am spanish. The name I always thought it came from French roots...from Mabelle (meanig Most Beautiful). The pronuciation in Spanish is similar to the french.

7/26/2022 6:39:54 PM

I just had a daughter in April and named her Mabel. I just love the name :o)

7/6/2022 11:53:06 AM

My name is Mabel Suzanne Radmore and i am age 12. I love my name because people always say things like 'oh i havnt heard that in a while it gorgeous!' or 'What a beautifull name!' at school some people tease me saying things like marbles but now i just laugh at them and overall i am quite popular with loads of friends. Im very proud too to have the name mabel and i was named after my dads mum and my middle name comes from my mums mum. Just if you were to name your child mabel be reli'ved because in italy it is supposed to mean 'Most beautiful' and if your child gets teased then'they can always say this to the bullies!

6/8/2022 11:21:36 AM

I am 15 and my middle name is Mabel, named after my great grandma, I love the name!

3/23/2022 5:34:12 AM

I love the name! I wanted to name my little girl Mabel but everyone thought I was kidding. It's silly to think It's for old ladies. It's a simple and sweet name.

2/14/2022 6:56:06 AM

I really like the name Mabel because It'sounds sweet and wholesome, and is definitely unique and set apart from the million Hannahs and Avas out there. My husband doesn't care for it, but I'm trying to convince him to like it.

2/6/2022 3:07:30 AM

I have a baby named Maybel. My husband insistef oninculding the Y. The day she was born wefounoutit was her Great Great grandmothe's name and it was the'same day that GGG Mabel gave birth her baby. Everyone we meet loves her names and many strangers start recalling all the Mabels in their lifetime. It is a beautuful name and she is a very loveable 1 year old! We call her Maybe Baby and May May

2/4/2022 1:42:54 AM

my name is mabel and i am 5. I think my name is exciting.often my invIt's to partys spell my name wrong -mable. my great aunty is called mabel too and i have a cup from her with m on it but my dad broke it by accident. granny is fixing it.

1/31/2022 11:36:00 PM

I like other 'old-fashioned' names better, but this Isn't so bad. Definitely in the old-fashioned category, though, and unlikely to move anytime soon.

1/23/2022 10:38:24 AM

its really old fashioned- dont name your children it unless u want them to be teased-i would know

1/8/2022 8:11:42 PM

I think It's a lovely name! It's very sweet and old-fashioned!

12/14/2021 10:48:18 AM

I had a great Aunt Mabel. It is nice, but yes, old fashioned. I like it better than some of these new names out there!

11/6/2021 11:27:54 AM

I just had a baby in May... and named my girl Mabel. I love the name... it also has special meaning for me... as both my grandmothe's were named Mabel!

10/31/2021 2:39:36 AM

When I was younger, I wanted a less unique name. "Matt," or "Tom," or something like that. As i've grown older, i've come to appreciate not being one of the "Tom, Dick, or Harry's" of the world. Unfortunately I still get confused with "Shawn," and "Shannon." Oddest spelling of the name i've seen was "Shaynie." Unfortunately (for elementary school age) it rhymes with "pain."

9/24/2021 3:55:12 PM

They say and spell it wrong all the time. But I love my name

8/5/2021 4:21:18 PM

I love It'since it was my grandmother's name. In England we shorten it to Mae or Mab. I prefer Mae.

7/19/2021 4:15:54 PM

My friend named her dog Mabel. But I nick named the dog Anabel! I love it!


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Mabel?
The origin of the name Mabel is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Mabel?
*️⃣ How many people are named Mabel?
Almost 136000 people are named Mabel.
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The names of Layla, Andrew, Rose, Jasmine, McKenna