Taliyah Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Number in U.S 👶 8,000
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Arabic

Taliyah Name Origin and History

"Taliyah" is a beautiful name for girls that has Arabic origin. Meaning of the name Taliyah is: "Star".

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Comments on the name Taliyah
2/22/2023 7:26:42 AM

My Best friend named her daughter Taleah, (pronounced) Ta-lee-a. I think is the beautifulest name i've heard.

2/2/2023 3:06:58 AM

I'm going to name my baby taliyah armonie lynn willis all 3 names sound so sweet

1/28/2023 4:26:04 PM

thats my name.! i loveee my name.! i think its different and CUTE.!

1/23/2023 8:56:10 PM

My daughters name is Taliyah pronounced Tah-lee-yah, its a beautiful name but I have no idea what the meaning is

1/16/2023 7:18:46 AM

To the comment about calling the daughter'sunny! Ha ha nice try in trying to deflect people from stealing your favorite boys name. Sorry but its gone to the girls get over it!

1/12/2023 4:36:56 PM

I would love the name Taliyah If I have a daughter but I pronounce it Ta-lee-ya yet I find many people say Tah-Lee-Yah. To me The Ta or Tah really make a difference in the way the name'sounds. Also I have had many opinions on the'spelling!!

1/9/2023 8:23:02 AM

ilove the name taliyah althoug myne is taliyah-marie ilove it coz it jus soo hottt x

1/1/2023 5:52:44 PM

I named my daughter Taliyah in Febraury 2, 2017 and I never heard of the name I thought I'made it up until she was born.

12/30/2022 8:51:52 AM


12/28/2022 5:11:22 PM

My name is TaLiyah but my mama spells it Taliyah im so used to every body spelling it with a big l that i spell it like that. some people spell it talghah, taleya and so many different ways that i cant stand it,but i love my name. Ther's not that many people that have my name where i live. i am the only one that has it in pontotoc!!!

12/27/2022 9:12:18 PM

My son's favorite rap singer was TUPAC and his wife's favorite R&B; artist was AALIYAH. They combined them and got Taliyah. I think it is a beautiful and so do the people that I encounter when I'm with her.

12/3/2022 3:00:40 PM

my name is taliyah! and everyone says its a wonderful name! i never knew how many taliyahs nad the'same name ! love it

11/3/2022 5:37:42 PM

I would like to name my baby Taliyah only I cant find a meaning for it anywhere? Does this name even exist?

10/26/2022 3:04:26 PM

Yh my names called taliyah aswell I was premature when I was a baby people said that I was an miricle anyway my mum named me my friends at school used to say tally-ah but I didn't coo reed them cuz I was I was scared and shy too and i really love the name Taliyah.?

10/11/2022 5:24:40 PM

I heard this name'said when we where watching TV one night and as soon as we heard it we turned to each other and said thats the name if we have a girl. I went righ to worl looking up its meaning online... Dew of God or Dew of Heaven and Blooming. Perfect name for my 4th baby if she comes out a girl.

9/27/2022 8:23:08 AM

my daughters name is taliyah..i think her name fits her perfectly she's my beautiful little princess.

9/18/2022 2:50:34 PM

I just had my daughter 3/10/06 and named her Taliyah, I thought I was being unique but everybody likes it and thinks it fits her.

8/14/2022 11:49:30 PM

My daughter name is Taliyah we call her Lee Lee or Liyah

8/14/2022 12:50:42 PM

My 2 year old daughter's name is Taliyah. Every one I'met loves her name

7/22/2022 1:06:00 PM

I dont like nicknames, I like my name in full. However when I was little I was called Lee Lee but I dont remember that'so I'must've been really small :o) I just left the previous comment by the way. Oh I'm from Australia by the way and hardly anyone has this name there...its just starting to catch on now :o)

7/5/2022 2:01:48 AM

Taliyah is my daughter's name and i chose it because I wanted aaliyah but my husband said no its to common so i put a t infront to make taliyah and everyone that hear's it loves it.

6/20/2022 9:39:00 PM

My daughters name is Taliyah Alicea Ledesma who will be born in august. My family likes "T" names as my name is Tawnee, i think taliyah is a beautiful name.

5/31/2022 2:58:30 AM

Taliyah or Tahliah comes from the arabic "Taali" meaning rising star. It is a not very common.

5/23/2022 12:53:24 PM

I AM OBVIOSLI THE KEWLEST TALEAH :D jelous much........... (Y)

5/7/2022 6:59:42 PM

My name is taliyah too everyone say's my nmae is cute!

3/20/2022 11:41:24 AM

I named my baby girl TALIYAH..Well my mom picked out the name and I absolutely loved baby is 7months and everybody comments on her I'makes me mad also when people mess it up..ITS NOT TA-li-ya..

2/4/2022 4:21:18 PM

I just named my baby girl Taliyah , everyone seems to think It'said the'same as Talia and its not. The best way I can describe how we pronounce it is( Towel- Lee- Yah ). I know this is strange but It'seems to work better then'the real pronounciation of it. I think it is very unique and a perfect beautiful name for her, Taliyah Faith 11-5-08......

1/26/2022 4:24:54 PM

my daughter is named taliyah-jae and we call her T-J

12/31/2021 7:07:48 PM

My daughter is 4 yrs old and I named her Taliyah! I loved the name and she loves it too, It'suits her very well. I picked it because it was pretty and it meant "dew from heaven" and she definitely lives up to that! People mess her name up all the time but that's okay, she corrects people now!

9/10/2021 7:52:48 AM

My name is Taleah (pronounced) Ta-lee-a .. not like Talia (which I really dont seem to like now because everyone tends to think my name is pronounced like that as I guess it is definitely the more common name). I am 21 years old and think I am probably one of the first Taleah's. I only know one other one that is spelt differently that is older. Although the name is definitely becoming more popular..I hear a lot of mums yelling out.. Taleah get back here :) I'm not used to hearing other people called the'same. I have had many comments over the years saying "that is such a pretty name".. I LOVE MY NAME! Just dont like when people get it wrong lol :o) Mum first heard it on the John Laws radio program a few years before I was born and said I have to name my daughter that..and she did :o)

8/8/2021 2:54:54 AM

my daughter name is taliyah and It's pronounced Ta-lee-ah. everyone who i told the name to really likes it and often have me write it down to give it to friend or relative. Surprisingly I'm never asked the meaning.

8/1/2021 7:56:24 PM

my name is taliyah and i think its the best name every

7/27/2021 2:41:24 AM

I want to use this as a middle name. But what first name'should i use with it?


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Taliyah?
The origin of the name Taliyah is Arabic.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Taliyah?
*️⃣ How many people are named Taliyah?
Almost 8000 people are named Taliyah.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Taliyah?
The names of Dylan, Delaney, Dillon, Talon, Dilan