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Malachi Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \m(a)-la-chi\
Number in U.S 👶 51,000
Rate in 2021 286
Numerology 🔢 11
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Meaning of Malachi

Malachi is a Biblical name handed down by one of the twelve Minor Prophets in the Old Testament. The name is Hebrew in origin from “Mal'akhi” meaning 'my messenger', which is appropriate since Malachi foretold the coming of God (ie through Jesus Christ). He lived in the 5th century BC and repeatedly emphasized the coming “day of the Lord” by which peoples' sin and infidelity will be punished. The religiously stern Puritans took the name in the 17th century during the Reformation and eventually brought it to America. Malachy is also related to the Irish name Malachy derived from High King Maoileachlainn meaning 'devoted to Saint Seachnall' (Saint Seachnall was an early companion of Saint Patrick). The 9th century King Maoileachlainn was notable for defeating the Norse invaders in a major Irish battle. In the Middle Ages the Irish Malachy was intertwined with the Biblical name Malachy but they are etymologically separate.


The number 11 is a master number, and it embodies the elevated traits of the two. This personality is life on a journey to find spiritual truth. They are extremely idealistic and intuitive. Eleven has a rare and exceptional spiritual energy that brings a sense of obligation to light up the world around them. It is a very powerful responsibility, but these people have much greater potential than they know. It is important that you give yourself to the highest ideals. They have the ability to see the bigger picture, and they possess the abilities to inspire others spiritually. Eleven have great diplomatic skills and can become great peacemakers.


Malachi's name has had an interesting ride up the US popularity charts. It shows up sporadically in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but then disappears from the charts altogether in 1911. This hiatus in use lasted about 75 years. The name makes a triumphant return in the late 1980s and quickly rises in popularity. Between 1989 and 2003, the name advanced more than 800 positions on the popularity charts in 15 years. What was once clearly puritanical passé has become stylish and fashionable. While Malachi has never managed to hit the Top 100 list of most used boys' names, her return to the charts is pretty impressive. We have a "message" for American parents from "my messenger" Malachi - take note of this name! It's off-beat, classic, vintage, religiously significant, and downright lovable.

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Comments on the name Malachi
9/21/2022 2:12:30 AM

my new grandson was born on 2.2.07 and he has been named Malachi, an i love it. his great granddad was irish and my kids have irish names too. it has not been reci'ved well by most people, but who cares. Its a lovely name for a lovely baby.

9/13/2022 12:14:30 AM

at first i was gonna name my son malakai (malachi - original hebrew name)... but then after thinking about it... the name'sounded TOO strong, too stern... so i went with the irish malachy version, bc its more light-hearted (happy drunk, if you will). which is good, cuz that'strong a name on that'strong-willed boy would be too razor sharp an edge for the world to handle!

9/10/2022 2:53:02 AM

Before I'meet my husband. I did not know that I would ever remarry any one ever again. Before any thing I was sleeping very tired. So I fell asleep and while I was sleeping I heard a man voice so calm and soft whispered to me that I was going to have a baby boy and that his name'shall be Malachi. My son now is 17 month's now.

8/17/2022 9:28:12 AM

I named my son Malachi Airic when he was born. I think that when he gets older, we will call him Airic, or let him choose for himself. My husband calls him Ky

5/27/2022 12:57:54 PM

Why cant they bring the name back G L O RI A I think Emma is worse

5/20/2022 4:22:12 AM

I named my now 12 year old son Malachi Nathaniel. Many people may not be impressed or pleased with this but although I grew up with Christian roots, I also grew up with a deep love of the horror genre ? and when I was around 12-13 years old, I had read Stephen King?s short story ?Children of the Corn? and really liked the name. And then when I had the opportunity to meet the actor who played Malachi in the movie (Courtney Gains), I decided then'that I would name my first son Malachi. At the'same time, I was aware that the name is also from the Bible as being one of the twelve minor prophe's, and the last book of the Old Testament. So for me it was a sort of win-win. Then when I became pregnant with my first (and only) child and found out he was a boy, I ran the name by my husband (who has a son named Damien from a previous marriage....) and he was I'mediately on board with the name for our son. As I'mentioned, being a horror genre fan for most of my life, it was even more fitting to have had our son on October 27, 2018 - only four days before Halloween. And so now, every year we?ve celebrated his birthday with fun Halloween'themes - and really works well as his friends are already pumped up for the holiday that It's kind of like an extra bonus that they wouldn't have otherwise had. My entire family loves his name, although I'may have stuck to only the one side of why I named him Malachi (as being from the Bible) - but now that he's older, i've explained both reasons to him - especially now that he is following in my love of the horror genre too. Of course, though, he definitely has it mispronounced by many folks who aren't familiar with it. But because he's such a patient, great kid he Isn't bothered by it one bit. In fact, he told me he loves his name because he is the only kid in his entire school who doesn't have to write his last name (which is a long, difficult 9-letter word), ha. Hey, whatever works. Before I wrote this, I asked him to rate how much he liked his name on a scale of 1-10, and after thinking for a second, responded with ?10?. Additionally, he does go by any nicknames - as I wanted him to have that choice and allow him and friends to come up with whatever felt natural. So far, nothing has stuck to my knowledge - although when in a hurry texting someone, I sometimes just write ?Mal? for short. But i've never actually called him that in person. For some reason though he absolutely abhors the nickname ?Kai? - which I completely love - and I only know this because we?ve talked about nicknames a few times and I always bring that one up and he always responds with repulsion, ha. But I do love that'shortened form of the name and kind of wish I had started calling him by it when he was younger - but like I said, I?d much rather he have a choice in it anyway. Lastly, he his middle name from his uncle (my youngest brother) who also has that middle name. Although not that important and definitely not intentional, his initials are M-N-M. The day he was born, his pawpaw (my dad) brought him a little bag of Peanut M&Ms; - because Malachi is and always will be his ?peanut?. I still have them too.

2/10/2022 5:56:42 AM

AWESOME NAME. I knew one Malachi and he loved the name. He liked to be called "KYE" but had a hard time finding a spelling that people got. Chi didn't work of course. Maybe Kai or Kye? I think that is very cool!

2/1/2022 6:00:18 AM

My name is malachi! i always wondered why i was named such a thing?

1/24/2022 9:30:54 AM

My 11 month old sons name MalachI'moises (his middle name is his grandpas on his dad's side, he's from Mexico. Pronounced moy ses. Mexican version of Moses) I absolutely love the name Malachi and everyone we meet says its beautiful. Have had it mispronounced twice though

12/30/2021 10:05:06 PM

I am named Malachi and have never met someone with my same name. I go by Kai (pronounced Kye). I love my name because It'sounds very masculine and powerful. The only bad part is that a lot of people will try and pronounce my name Muh-lah-chee, instead of Mal-ih-kye. I love how unique my name is

12/26/2021 3:42:36 AM

We named our son, Quinnlan, but call him Quinn for short. We absolutely love this name and so does our son. Its a very masculine name, therefore I dont get why people name their daughter Quinn! :/

12/11/2021 5:56:42 AM

It's my name. I'm nicknamed Kai (pronounced Kye). I really like the name.

12/9/2021 4:32:06 AM

I love the name, but anyone that hasn't heard it before will most certainly say "chi" instead of "kai".

11/21/2021 8:12:36 PM

well i had been born in 1967,given'the name pamela..that i love..everyone i tell my name to.. just say.. o how nice..then call me pam!! then i get cross and say its p.a.m.e.l.a.that'stops them! ha best wishes pamela

11/16/2021 9:21:54 AM

I recently gave birth to a beautiful boy, whom my husband and I named Maliki (pronounced like MalachI'mal-a-Keye). We liked the way this looked better than Malachi. Everyone calls him Ma-Lee-Key though which is a pain. I'm thinking about changing the'spelling.

11/7/2021 4:44:42 PM

I see this name as being uniqe and special. My little nephew has the'same name. I think it would fit his personality very well.

9/21/2021 12:04:48 AM

Yes, now i don't feel alone anymore. I reallly thought I was the only Rachelle. It is actually very frustratng though because I usually introduce myself as Rachel just so I don't get Michelle or Rochelle which is very annoying. Than I have my friends who go all like so what is your name Rachelle or Rachel. it is very frustrating but I love my name and would'nt change it for the world!!

9/17/2021 8:08:06 PM

I am due to have a baby boy in May of 2020. His name will be 'Malachi' but I will be spelling the name 'Malikye'. I am hebrew and thought it a great name.

7/19/2021 8:01:48 AM

I want to name my baby boy malakhi he will be born in Dec!!! Most of my family hate the name tho:(

7/10/2021 3:24:36 PM

What a beautiful name!!! Can you sing? sounds like a celebs name:)


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Malachi?
The origin of the name Malachi is Hebrew.
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Almost 51000 people are named Malachi.
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The names of John, Maria, Jesus, Alex, Antonio