Camilla meaning

: Helper To The Priest

Camilla Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \c(a)-milla, cam(il)-la\
Number of People 👶 24,000
Rate in 2021 559
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Latin
Name selection specialist
Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Camilla Name Meaning

Did you know that names often have fascinating meanings behind them? Let's take a closer look at the name "Camilla" and uncover its significance.

The name "Camilla" originates from Latin and has a rich history. It is derived from the Roman family name "Camillus," which means "attendant" or "minister." This suggests that individuals with the name Camilla are often seen as helpful and supportive, always ready to lend a hand.

In mythology, Camilla was also the name of a warrior maiden in Virgil's epic poem, the Aeneid. Known for her bravery and agility, she was an exceptional archer and played a significant role in battles.

Today, those named Camilla embody qualities of strength, independence, and determination. They are often admired for their resilience and ability to overcome challenges.

So if you know someone named Camilla or if it happens to be your own name, take pride in its meaning! Embrace the characteristics associated with it and let your inner warrior shine brightly.

Camilla Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Camilla
Additional description of the name Camilla

Camila is a female name of Latin origin, which comes from the word "Camilla" and means "The one who sacrifices herself and is present to God" or simply "The one who is in front of God" . In ancient times, a stretcher or stretcher were young people who served as assistants to the priests in religious sacrifices.

Surely the first woman who had this name had to be very special, with a humble and compassionate character, helping others in the best way she could.

His lucky number is 5.

Cool Info About Name Camilla

Additional name description Camilla
Additional name description Camilla

Camilla's Personality

The women called by this name are generally characterized by being women with great natural talent. They have a very strong intuition that causes them to use little reason, following her instinct most of the time.

They are also independent thinkers who achieve their goal if they set their minds to it, few people can divert them from the path as long as they do not give them a convincing reason.

He is a loyal and demanding person , with the people around him who share the same characteristics, because if they do not, he does not usually fit in.

Among her friends they are usually the popular ones and the role models for others, she is the one who is always in front. Since Camila will always stand out in what she wants to stand out and believe me that she will be the best.

He is an emotional person and very emotionally sensitive , and he has to express it in some way. They are generally artists (music, painting, etc). They need to feel fulfilled to be happy and they fight until they achieve it. They are lovers of colors, which with this shows us their sensitive part.

He is an expressive person who expresses what he feels without problems. He has a strong character that helps him uphold the unprecedented ideals of him. He doesn't care what other people think, he just expresses himself.

With your partner it is not very different , usually the show of love and affection come and go, regardless of the place; She likes to make her partner known to the world, but if it makes her feel proud, she is usually very frank about her feelings and it bothers her a lot when they lie to her.

Important people with this name

Without a doubt the best known woman with this name is Camila Parker. A woman who was known as the mistress of Prince Charles of England. She was the "Hidden" part of the prince's relationship with Lady Di.

We can see that he is a person with character, enterprising and was in the world of royalty meddling in whereabouts that normal people can never experience.

One of his natural talents was people, having an incredible communication capacity . Surely thanks to this he was able to achieve the goal that was Prince Charles .

Other notable people with this name are:

Camila Sodi:

Camila Sodi is an artist in every sense since she is an actress, singer and model. Born in Mexico in 1986, she is the daughter of the renowned journalist Ernestina Sodi,  niece of the famous Thalía and actress Laura Zapata. Which leaves between seeing that the world of arts and entertainment is in his blood.

Her debut on television was as a presenter of the program "Elpulso" on the telehit channel, later she debuted as an actress when she starred in the telenovela "Inocente de ti". It is known that she had two children and she lasted a while away from the cameras, she appeared in 2015 in a new production called "A que no me dejas" produced by Carlos Moreno Laguillo.  Learn more about Camila Sodi.

camilla belle:

As a model, she has been the image of different perfume and fashion brands. She has been nominated several times at the Young Artist Awards, but she has failed to win any awards, despite her great talent and artistic career.  Learn more about Camila Belle.

Camila Alves:

She is a beautiful Brazilian, born in the year 1982 in Brazil; However, at the age of 17 she traveled to the United States to visit an aunt, she later decided to stay; to make her life in that country. The right decision because from there she began to lay the foundations for what would become her career as a model .

Camila Alves has been the image of different brands such as Armani, Levi's, Triumph or Escada, she has even walked for brands such as Paco Rabanne or Hugo Boss. She has had some approaches on television, but they have not been very successful, at least not in comparison to her artistic career.  Learn more about Camila Alves.

Camila Coelho:

She is a beautiful Brazilian, very famous for her videos on YouTube, yes gentlemen, this Camilla is a youtuber, she is dedicated to showing videos on her channel where she teaches makeup.

Camila Coelho, despite being born in Brazil at the age of 14, was taken to the United States, where she made her life in the city of Boston.


Her passion for cosmetics and makeup led her to launch her aforementioned channel and later a personal blog. Due to her success, she decided to leave her job to dedicate herself fully to her readers on her blog and channel. Learn more about Camila Coelho.

Some curiosities about Camilla

In The Aeneid (the well-known epic of Virgil) appears a Camila, queen of a tribe of Italy, the Volscians. She is described as a great warrior (The Virgin Huntress) who defended her people against all invaders, which is why the meaning of "warrior" is also sometimes attributed to the name, if only by the interpretation of the name. Virgil character.

In summary, in this story Camila helps Turnus to fight against Aeneas.

Onomastics or saints

July 14


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Comments on the name Camilla
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I love my name!!! Though I spell it with a K. I go by Kammie, Kam and Milla. Has a nice ring to it and you can't help but think of Royalty.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is kamila, I kinda like it as all of my friends call me Milla but then It's really annoying when'the teache's pronounce my name as "kameela" or "kamilia" but other than that It's an ok name!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is also Camilla and i have so many comments on what "a beautiful" name i have i would never think of changing it! but now I do get some stick re my husband, prince charles :S I also want to mention that im glad my name is no so popular as i have red hair so if my name was stacey or clire i would be "stacey with the ginger hair" or "claire with the ginger hair" so im totally satisfied with my name :)

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Camilla and I really love my name.Think its nice to have a name that is not so typical!!!

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is spelled "Camilla", but It's pronounced like "Pamela" with a C. Everyone always mispronounces it, and It's really quite annoying.

01/12/2024 07:09:26

Hey, my name is Camilla too, as i noticed many on this site. I am Swedish-Finnish and there are actually quite many people named Camilla in Finland so I'm very used to it. It is sometimes mispronounced and misspelled by the completly Finnsih people, though that Isn't very often. I like my name and haven't heard anything bad about It'so far!!

01/09/2024 08:19:48

My name is Camilla and i LOVE it! nicknames are Camilla Gorilla...haha, Camil, Mil, Its really different, I dont know any other Camillas in Cork, Ireland

01/08/2024 00:00:08

Yes, they pronounce it Yo-seph, or spell it Yusef, Usuf, Usef

11/05/2023 00:43:36

A veritable smorgasboar of cute shortenings for this name...if you like that'sort of thing...

10/20/2023 15:53:46

It'suits our friend Camilla but on anyone else it would be a bit wierd...we like to tease her by calling her CAMEL-A! ha ha ha!

09/24/2023 04:48:08

my name is Camila and i hate this name. It'sounds really boring, it doesn't have a meaning to it, and people miss spell it all the time. and on top of that i hate how It'sounds in English, It'sounds better in other dialects but It'still sounds weird. i abs hate it

09/21/2023 08:01:56

My name is Camilla and it is pronounced Ka-mill-a. I don't know anybody in the US with this name and I wish I did. Everyone pronounces it wrong. All my frieds have normal names but I have the wierd one.can't wait till I'm 18!

09/11/2023 17:02:08

My name is pronounced CA-MIL-A. Im from the UK not ever met anyone with my name. My mum always said it was the name of a roman warrior princess but not sure if this is true. Love it :)

08/22/2023 21:31:24

hi! my name is CAMILA. . I live i Bolivia and here half of the girls in this country are called Camila!!!we are 14 in my class andthere are 2 camila's!! in my gimnacI'm class we are 6 girls and there are 3 camila's!!! everybody here says camila is a beautifull name.

08/18/2023 20:14:46

My name is Camilla but sometimes people spell it wrong. They may spell it 'Cammilla' or 'Cammila' or even 'Camiller'. I was born around the time of Camill Parker-Bowles, and my father was a bit unsure about naming me Camilla, so I was called Carolines for a while until he decided to follow his heart. I get called Cam by my family.

08/15/2023 15:14:50

My name is Camilla, and many think its a pretty name, once they learn to pronouce ny name correct. My name i rare, so I like it.

08/10/2023 07:59:36

My name is Camilla and I think my name is awsome!I live in Jamaica and many people mispronouce my name.They call me Camella or Camille and my twin sister, Christal who is 12 like me (duh I'm a twin)calls me a Camillilla....My name is da bomb!

07/19/2023 01:42:12

I named my daughter Camilla.She is almost 1 y.o. and so far I have heard many people mispronouncing it unfortunately. She often becomes Cammilla or Camillia.Sometimes it gets frustrating. Still I love this name and I hope she will like it too.

06/30/2023 08:56:06

My name is Camila and im from Argentina, this name rocks!

06/26/2023 17:03:44

My name is Camilla. Pronounced Ka-mill-a. I'm from West Virginia, U.S. I have always loved my name. I even enjoy and look forward to people mispronouncing it and asking me where my name came from. I even like correcting them. ! I was never teased in school for my name, but people have associated my name with the Camilla Bowles with Prince Charles. For some reason people always want to talk to me about their relationship afterwards, which i always thought was weird, its not like we have a club and we all know each other. Anyway I don't know any Camilla's. I only know one Cammie. My mother is Irish and my father is Italian. I was named after my great grandfather,Camillo, on my fathe's side. i've always loved my name, i never thought it was "weird" instead I loved it for being unique. I don't like generic names like Ashley or John. Everyone should be proud of their beautiful name!!!

06/20/2023 22:20:48

I'm Kamilla I'm from Australia, I have only ever known of 1 other with the'same name but it is spelt Camilla which is how my name is commonly misspelled. I love it as a name as It's different and has a nice ring to it =) Thumbs up Camilla from Brazil, i reckon You're right! =)

06/18/2023 17:44:26

My name is Camilla, they call me Cammy, over 45 years i've met only 3 other Camilla. When I was younger many people thought it was a strange name and now people are warming up to the name and think its beautiful....I agree.

06/10/2023 07:32:42

my name is Camilla, pronouced, "ka-mill-a". I really love it, and dont want any other name. My mom choose it because im half dainish, and she wanted to give me a dainish name, but also so she could give me the nickname,"milly." she, ironically, never calls me milly, per my request, lol

06/07/2023 09:00:42


05/26/2023 19:52:28

People always spell it wrong, usually adding an extra m or l or adding an e or r. Some people pronounce it with an e.

05/23/2023 13:59:38

my name is camilla and I am milly for short. People tend to abuse It'so often'that I forget what a beautiful name it really is.

05/14/2023 14:52:02

This design is incredible! You definitely know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost...HaHa!) Fantastic job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

05/12/2023 15:33:04

I am from Denmark and here it is a very popular name, it is just too common. There are 3 in my class named Camilla, so It's a bit confusing. I would like to have a more special name.

04/14/2023 04:33:12

My name is Camila. i've actually always LOVED my name. It's beautiful. I also like it when its mispronunced because it reminds me that its unique. But its sounds so much prettier in spanish pronunciation! Its suppose to mean free-born or free-minded. Its like the name Rosalie or Marie, it belongs to a beautiful person, inside and out.

04/11/2023 21:18:08

my name is camilla and my nicknames are milly, milla and sometimes camildred (don't know why!) i love my name and wouldnt change it! i do get made fun of because it rhymes with vanilla and gorilla, but I'm not bothered about vanilla! great name!!

04/04/2023 06:47:50

i really like this name'spelt with a c rather than a k

03/29/2023 02:40:38

I'm Kamilla too! I was born in Iceland when my father'served with the USAF and my mother thought it was a fitting name for me. I love my beautiful, unique first name despite the fact that people mispronounce it (It's like Pamela with a 'K'.)I especially like that it lends itself to the cool nickname Kam which I'mostly go by:)

03/23/2023 07:57:42

Camilla is on my top 3 to name my baby girl...It is so beautiful I love it!

03/18/2023 09:13:50

I'm an italian girl, and my name is camilla, and here nobody pronuces my name incorrectly...luckily....

03/14/2023 03:50:20

My name is Kamila, it can be irritating sometimes, but sometimes It's gorgeous and delicate. Like royalty lol.

02/25/2023 09:30:18

I love this name and I'm going to name my baby girl Kamilla, so I'll spell it a little different. Kamilla means "perfect" and girls who have this name tend to be "princesses".

02/02/2023 21:37:52

I'n named camilla but I pronounce it diffrent. Ca-mill-ah. It's ugly that way but so whaat❤️

02/02/2023 12:48:52

My name is camilla and I'm from the uk, I'm half Italian and the reason my parents chose this name is because they read in a book that It's origin is half English and half Italian like me! I know a lot of Italians with the name too. The problem with this name is that when Camilla Parka Bowles came into the royal family I used to get teased by people saying "how's charles" so that was annoying but people got bored with it and I don't get it anymore. Wasn't too keen on the name as a kid and everyone calls me Millie nowadays but ive grown to like camilla.

02/02/2023 09:34:54

I'm Camilla Ruth - i like Camilla because its rare, although i've met 2 other Camilla's. but It's good not to be a really common name with 6 othe's in my class with the'same name!i don't get Cami (gladly!) but i get mill or milla from my friends and family sometimes which I'm okay with.

01/31/2023 04:58:32

Camilla is the best name ever! I'm offen known as cami, cams, and millie too.

01/29/2023 19:28:20

Well, I named my son Aiden almost two years ago and boy I didn't realize how popular it was until after I named him it. It'seemed like everyone was running around with a baby named Aiden.

01/23/2023 05:39:14

I always wanted the name and I was almost named this. My name is Crystal Ther'sa and i always hated the combinaion of a modern name with an old one. I was born with a twin but she died during birth and her name would've been camilla. so if i ever have a girl Iwill name her Camilla Cathalana weird right❤️ Camilla is a very popular name in cuba,and i was born there so the name'sticks to me.

01/18/2023 02:13:14

My name is Camila and I'm from Argentina but I live in Whitehorse Yukon

01/11/2023 09:10:10

Camilla, rhymes with Pamela. That's how my name is pronounced. Almost every mispronounces it. It does set me apart though.

01/06/2023 11:19:12

I think that It's a different name.. my name is sooo popular i know at least like 4 other people that have it.. the name is very pretty and unique

01/02/2023 13:34:10

My daughters name is Camilla. I have always found it pretty, classic but not too common.

01/01/2023 22:52:30

I am called camilla but have been called Millie for short. I never normaly appreciate my name but I do feel it is nice when I think about it.

01/01/2023 16:06:56

A know a lot of people named "Camilla", including myself. It's a really common name here in Norway, but I love it and treasure it! Here in Norway Camilla means: "young girl" or "someone who helps out durning the'sermoni (christian))

12/29/2022 16:42:02

My name is Camille! I have a friend whose sister is named Camille and she is the only other one I know! Wow! So, may people with my name! :P

12/24/2022 19:26:20

I'm KAMILLA. I'm from Scandinavia, and It's a very very common name here, actually spelled both with a K or a C. i've always been'told that the name is French and not Italian. And it means born free and unique.

12/23/2022 18:27:30

My name is Camilla, and i enjoy having a unique name..i also have alot of nick names, which is fun. As a college student, i have only met a few othe's that'share my name.

12/20/2022 19:55:30

My name gets pronounced Camill, Camerillas, Cimberly, Cameela, Camille, Camala, or, my favorite, Cassadee (no idea how they got that one out of my name). Makes me laugh.

12/13/2022 17:28:10

My name is Camilla- rhymes with Pamela- also! I have never heard of it pronounced like mine!

12/10/2022 14:49:18

Most of my teache's when I was young would not say my name right.Still,now that I am older, people still say it wrong.I was named after my grandmother and I am very proud of my name.Yes, some people still can't spell it the right way,too Bad......

12/09/2022 00:19:20

My name is Camilla, and I live in Sweden where not so many girls are named that. It's original and I like the meaning of it. It'suits me and I'm proud of it.

12/04/2022 06:17:36

My name Is Camila,My dad is english and my mother is Argentine, its a reallly unique name and I like it, its italian origin and it means perfect! :) xx

11/26/2022 22:32:52

My name is Camilla, when in Jr. High a teacher embarressed me by saying my name is pronounce cameeyah, because of the double L (in spanish is pronounced as an ee), so I took off one L and since then have always spelled it myself Cammie until now, at 51 have gone back to Camilla because I realize how beautiful my name is, I was named after my Grandmother and I love my name. I grew up during a very racist time when it was looked down upon to speak spanish and we were discipled for it. Now everyone asks me "do you speak spanish❤️" we need a translator.

11/22/2022 08:02:44

hI'my middle name's camila is a nice name its cool. i get realy mad when'they pronance it bad but i dont care i love this name! =)

11/16/2022 19:47:44

We named our daughter Carmen. This website notes that the meaning of the name is "Crimson or Red." In other places, we have seen'the meaning of the name listed as "Song." Carmen is a family name (my husband's grandmother), but we also liked the idea of calling her "our little song".

11/11/2022 09:36:10

My name is Camilla and I pronounce it like Pamela--Cam-il-la...the only problem is that when anyone reads it they automatically want to say cah-milla--then if they never'see It'spelled they think It's spelled Camela or something like that. I do like the name a lot though--It's definitely unique and very me.

11/05/2022 23:06:58

I have a very good friend named Camilla and she is from Finland. Im sure that it drives her crazy because many people think that it is a hard name to say!

11/04/2022 04:12:30

My moms name is camilla and I think its beautiful! It fits her wonderfully, its such a unique name, but not unique to the point of being strange or weird.

10/30/2022 17:31:36

Hi, I'm also Camilla, I live in Brazil. It's a very common find someone with same name, but usually they are only Camila, though. I love my name, I think EVERY Camilla's brilliant, strong, warrior, not mention that we're pretty :). There's one thing gets me nuts, people writing wrong, I always need spell it. Kisses for EVERY pretty lady Camilla! ;)

10/30/2022 08:42:36

My name is Camille, and alternate version of the name Camilla, and i love my name and It's various meanings that ive found :)

10/14/2022 17:42:28

my names camillia & i go by cammy 4 short i like the name camillia but at 1 point i hated my name but It'sounds really pretty now that im older

10/13/2022 10:50:58

my name i CAMILA with one L and it is a suckky name

10/01/2022 16:07:42

I love my name (It's Camilla). I was born in the 70's and back then it wasn't a common name. So, I feel orginal! :)

09/25/2022 12:18:08

My name is Camilla and I'm quite fond of it. I go by Kammie most of the time and also Mel.

09/22/2022 01:43:10

When I was younger I was teased for my name - with variations on "talcum powder," "milkshake," and "Malcolm X." I went by Mal for years but lately have taken'to "Malcolm." I like my name. My uncle Malcolm went by Mac - I sort of wish I had thought to adopt that as a moniker as I think it is about the most masculine name in the lexicon, but people constantly tell me "Malcolm" sounds like a strong and intelligent name, so again, I like it. Funny story - in my office years ago there was another Malcolm, and then we learned that there was a third Malcolm working in the mail room. We went to visit him - had pictures taken - the other two Malcolms thought this was great - probably the first time in history there had ever been'three Malcolms in one room.

09/07/2022 00:31:48

Hey ! My name is Camillia, and i from Alabama ! I Love My Name I Think All People That Are NAME Camillia Have A Special Gift Hiddin Deep Down In Side Them !

09/03/2022 00:24:36

OKaayy my name is CAMILA and its spelled "Cameehla" people tend to mispronouce it. But its ok with me i dont care i love this name, and I'm glad to be named Camila =)

07/13/2022 19:33:54

Beautiful daughter, born in Oct 2015, is named Camilla. It is sometimes pronounced incorrectly, but I always say, "It rhymes with VANILLA." Easy enough.

06/18/2022 15:39:54

I LOVE the name it is fabulous I'mean its elegant, pretty, cool, unusaul, not too common my name is camilla and no one ever makes fun of me they just say how pretty it is! *~Camilla~*

05/16/2022 07:57:18

I named my daughter Camilla because It's beautiful and not typical, like Madison or Maycee. I also like it because we call her Cami now, but the name will grow up with her.

05/12/2022 02:23:24

My wife is about to give birth to a daughter any day and we have settled on Camilla - a name we both love. We will no doubt end up calling her Milly or Milla for short. In the UK there was a time when'the whole Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker-Bowles thing may have made the name unpopular, but we both think Charles and Camilla make a great and obviously very happy couple so do not have any worries with this association. Diana was a bit psychotic anyway!!

03/02/2022 21:52:30

My name is Camilla and everybody misspells it. I love this name because i have 12 different nicknames as Cami, Camel, Caramel, Cam, Milly, Hurricane Camille, Camille, Milla, and Camster. I really think it matches my zodiac sign Cancer because i's an outgoing but sweet name and i love it!!

01/06/2022 12:22:48

just love this name! number one for me...) for sure my baby girl will be named Camilla...)

12/23/2021 03:25:30

I think it is a cool name, and I know a Camilla, and she is great!

11/30/2021 09:10:12

My name is Camilla, and I find the name very atrracting and fitting to myself. People call me 'Cameelah', 'Carmella', 'Camiller' and I find nothing wrong with that. No matter if there doing it on purpose, which is okay because everyone makes mistakes, and when'they call me that on purpose is okay also. I can'take a little purposly mispronunciation once in a while, but sometimes it gets frusturating. My best friend is also named Camilla [which is a little awkward sometimes] and she looks exactly like a boy. She has her hair shaved like a boy, she wears men's clothing but shes really, a very sweet girl. I feel that I was lucky to meet someone with the'same name as me, so different, just like my friend Camilla is. :) Signed, Camilla Alexandra Page

11/26/2021 11:50:24

hello my name is camilla i live in the united states in SC i dont meet many other camillas in my region i was always embarrassed when school started knowing that the teacher would mispronounce my name and there would be giggles from the entire room i have long since forgotten'those days i have always been given wonderful comments and questions about my name'since and have grown into liking my name and that it is somewhat different and not run of the mill i cant think of any other name i would choose for me i can now wear my name comfortably and know that my parents chose the absolute perfect name for me i bless them for choosing something different and special!

10/19/2021 03:21:00

My name is Camilla! My mom is English and my dad is Italian and they named me Camilla because It's both Italian and English, even'though it is pronounced differently. It is more common in Italy than in the UK, I know many Italian girls called Camilla. My nickname is Cami.

10/09/2021 04:32:06

My name is Camilla.I am 8 years old.I used to want my name to be Tia because Camilla is not a very popular name in America and I wanted to fit in.But by going on this website I relised that it is a neat name to learn about and it is popular in other countrys.I haft to go now peace out.

09/30/2021 01:51:00

i dont like it because it reminds me of charles wife camilla

08/28/2021 13:21:18

My name is Camilla. I live in the US so there are more people named Camilla in US! I didn't like it growing up. It was embarrassing whenever the'school year started because I KNEW the teacher was going to mispronounce it. Now that I am older, I have come to appreciate my name and like that It's unique. Heard of many Camille's but not many Camilla's.

08/23/2021 17:09:00

My name is CAMILA with one L because in Uruguay CAMILLA it means 'hospital bed' well i love this name its the best because in Canada there isnt that much Camila except for i friend i know and my name is pronounced (ca-me-la) its spanish


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Camilla?
The origin of the name Camilla is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Camilla?
Helper To The Priest
*️⃣ How many people are named Camilla?
Almost 24000 people are named Camilla.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Camilla?
The names of Kieran, Karina, Karen, Corinne, Carina