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: Pure

Kathleen Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \k(a)-th-leen\
Number of People 👶 714,000
Rate in 2021 1877
Numerology 🔢 4
Name origin 🌍 Irish
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Kathleen Name Meaning

The meaning of the name Kathleen is "pure".

Kathleen Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Kathleen
Additional description of the name Kathleen

Kathleen is an Irish name and is very popular in her area. It comes from the term "katharos", meaning "pure".

Cool Info About Name Kathleen

Additional name description Kathleen
Additional name description Kathleen

Diminutives and variations of the name Kathleen
Women named Kathleen are very sociable, sensitive, and with a lot of empathy. Looking into the eyes of a person, he can tell how he is and if there is any problem. She can help whenever they need her and they are well-loved by everyone, she has many friends.

Celebrities named Kathleen
Kathleen Robertson: she is an actress from Canada and has starred, among others, in the movie "Northern Rescue".
Kathleen Quinlan: is a 64-year-old actress from the United States, nominated for an Oscar once. She has starred in, among other films, "Breakdown".
Kathleen Hanna: is a musician, activist, and writer from the United States.

Numerology of the name Kathleen

< /br>According to numerology, the name Kathleen is 4. The number 4 is synonymous with stability and order. In addition, it represents trustworthy and very loyal people.

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Comments on the name Kathleen
01/14/2024 00:00:00

I am a 1968 Kathleen, nickname Beannie. I was called Kathleen at school and by people who didn't know me. Beannie was for family and friends. When I became an Aunt I decided to go by Kathleen because it was more grownup and respectable but now I am 53 and am going back to Beannie with family and friends for the informality and friendliness of it.I still use Kathleen in the workplace. I like it and always have.

01/14/2024 00:00:00

My name is Kathleen. But my parent never called me Kathleen. I was always called by my middle name, and It'stuck. At age 46, in a new job in a new state I am introducing my self as Kathleen. Kathleen has a whole new vibe and I get a totally different reception. Kathleen is a respectable name, people are more formal with me now. I'm not sure if it like or not...

01/14/2024 00:00:00

I named my daughter, Kathleen. It's beautiful, feminine, and Irish, too! My daughter likes it, too!

12/23/2023 21:02:58

I am a true Irish Kathleen. I go by Kat or Kathy because I was only called Kathleen when I was in trouble.

11/17/2023 12:47:14

My name is Kathleen but I have always been called Kathy or Kath.

11/09/2023 14:38:28

I love my name and its Irish meaning. I am a 1963 Kathleen. First my parents, and then I,have spent a lifetime informing folks that my full name is preferred; not Kathy , Katie or some other'shortened version. I have not had any problems with mispronunciation of my name.

10/23/2023 12:57:36

I prefer Kathleen but Kathy is just as nice....thanks mom and Dad I love the name Kathleen.....awesome

10/21/2023 13:21:00

I'm a Kathleen and have never liked it a whole lot, It's always felt very old fashioned and as I was born in 2002 it felt like an odd name to have growing up. Most people would just assume my name was Katherine and call me that or try shortening to Kath or Kathy which I didn't like. However my parents nicknamed me Kitty and I have been'that my whole life which I absolutely love. So I don't detest Kathleen but I do love Kitty - so It's worked out alright overall!

10/12/2023 23:20:02

I'm Kathleen Machelle ( first and middle) born in 2009. I have always absolutely loved my name.!!!

10/09/2023 20:58:48

Love my name Cathleen Isabella. Thank you mom! People often add a syllable when spelling Cathleen. Often add an "a" between'the h and l. Haven't met one person in 59 years with the'same name.

10/08/2023 22:21:02

My name is Kathleen Elizabeth (first and middle). I was born in 2010. I was named after my grandmother who passed just months before I was born of cancer. She was born in 1963, when'the name Kathleen was most popular. I have always loved my name. Because it has sentimental meaning and because I have only met one other person my age with the'same name, and it was just passing by, not someone I saw regularly. In school teache's constantly got my name wrong, calling me things like Katherine or Kataline. But it always confused me because It's not that hard to read and pronounce. Classmates always spoke up and corrected them because i've always been very shy. Since I was 12 though my friends have called me Kat, but mainly because I love cats. I prefer to be called Kathleen'though. My family (mainly my mother, whose mother I was named after) hates any nicknames and will only call me by my name. I'm glad I have my name though.

10/08/2023 03:32:30

Im a 1962s Kathleen and pretty much go with nothing shorter, When my first grandchild was born she calls me Mama and people call be Mama.

10/07/2023 12:33:12

amazing name, perfect sound, i know only four othe's with the name kathleen, but they are all perfect in every way.I only wish everyone were called kathleen

09/30/2023 15:05:38

two similar derivations I have come across are 'Xaan' or its other version 'Zaan' - pronounced to rhyme with 'yarn' or 'tarn'

09/24/2023 00:58:54

I love my name Kathleen.....most call me Kathy. I was named after my Grandmother Katherine. Today's movie use this name quite a lot. I even got to thank my parents way before they passed that I loved my name!

09/12/2023 04:12:12

I love the name kathleen my bff name is that and we call her tatty or kat or kit kat!

08/14/2023 08:05:42

I'm a 2003 Kathleen and i've pretty much given up correcting people who nearly always call me Kathryn. I love the name because It's so Irish (like me) and has been in the family for a long time (on both sides). Aside from my family I don't know anybody else with the name, so I'm distinctive. I think I would die if someone tried to call me Kat. If I wanted a nickname, wouldn't "Panther" have a little more dash❤️

07/12/2023 17:28:08

I an a 1994 Kathleen. My mother named me after a girl she went to school with. I love my name. I have only known one other Kathleen.

07/12/2023 15:59:58

My name is Kathleen Elizabeth. It's very Irish because my family is. I have always gone by Katie. I like Katie a lot better because It'sounds younger and more fresh. There is a girl in my class at school named Kathleen, which is what she goes by, so it gets confusing because our last names are extremely similar. So yeah, I love Katie.

07/09/2023 06:00:16

I simply love my name Kathleen.....I would prefer that BUT Kathy has seemed to take It's place.

07/02/2023 17:56:58

kathleen is an original i hardley meet anyone with the name kathleen!!!

07/02/2023 05:01:06

My name is Kathleen Elizabeth and i didnt really like it until just reacently. My teache's would always call me Kathleen and I would tell them it was Katie. now i dont even'try to change it, im starting to like it.

06/29/2023 23:49:28

I'm with the othe's in this group, I love having the name Kathleen! I like that It's a classic name without being too common or sounding old-fashioned. The only downside with having this name is that It's easily misspelled and I'm always asked, "is that'spelled with a 'c' or a 'k'❤️❤️"

06/27/2023 22:44:42

I like my name, Kathleen, except... 99% of people incorrectly call me 'Kathryn", even minutes after introducing myself as Kathleen. It is completely mystifying why so many get this wrong and so frustrating, I am considering changing my name to Kathryn. I could go by a nickname, "Kat" or whatever, but I like my name. Still on the fence about changing it to what everyone calls me anyway, or just going by Kat. Frustrating..

06/17/2023 00:35:46

This is my name and I love it! I'm BrIt'sh and here my name Isn't as common as in US. My favorite singer is Sandy Denny and I'm proud that we share the'same name. I go by Alexandra or Sandy. Never Alex, Lexi and anything similar because they are also nicknames for Alexa, Alexandria, Alexis and I want people to know that I'm Alexandra. I hate when I say: My name is Alexandra" and hear: "Nice to meet you, Alex". Then I say: "I'm not Alex, I'm Alexandra, or you can call me Sandy". If this person still call me Alex, Allie, Lexi etc... I don't answer. Even when I say that I am Sandy, some people thinks that I am Sandra, and this is annoying. But I love my name and think It's the best gift i've got from my parents. Now I'm pregnant, and if I have a son I'll give him the name Alexander. I thought of Alasdair (his biological father is Scottish), but Alexandra and Alexander is better idea :) And when it'll be a daughter her middle name will be Sandy. After me and after'sandy Denny.

06/09/2023 00:58:50

I am a 1972 Kathleen who has always gone by Kathy with everyone except my dad who called me Kate. As a child, I did not like my name very much. Strangely enough people either had trouble pronouncing it or worse yet, they called me Catherine with a ❤️C❤️ gasp! As all Kathleens know, one must never use a K or a C incorrectly! I began to like my name better as I got older. It is my more formal name or business name. Whereas Kathy is my everyday name. I like having a versatile name. I still feel a bit annoyed when people insist on spelling my name with a C or insist on calling me Catherine. I am Kathy or Kathleen, spelled with a K of course. My maiden name is McGinty so in that respect my name is not only my name, it is also my heritage.

05/26/2023 22:48:48

I like being called Kathy and have used that name on my business cards for years and years, no matter where I work or what line of business I'm in. Most people seem to automatically decide my name is Cathy and/or Catherine. I don't bother correcting them unless it becomes important (legal matter etc). Kathleen is a priggish name, but I do like Kathy.

05/08/2023 14:34:04

I'm a 1947 Kathleen. I come from Irish American stock but was actually named after a nurse at the Catholic hospital where I was born. I knew a couple other girls named Kathleen growing up but all of us went by Kathy or Kathie. I was a Kathie. I didn't much care for my name when I was younger (probably because my mother called me Kath-a-leen which I hated!) but i've come to like my name very much now.

05/08/2023 03:41:38

Grandma insisted on Kathleen, Mam had plans for Pamela, up till I finished school I was Kathleen, then became Kathy for 10 years then chose to be called Kath, answering telephone callers they thought I said Pat! so I became once more Kathleen and have ben for the past 12 year, I do get Kath from hubby and old friends, I found out many years later that Grandma had known a young woman who she liked very much whose surname was the'same as ours Foulds and she was Kathleen, so mystery solved.

04/30/2023 00:33:06

My name is Kathleen,and my parents named me after the'song "I'll take you home,Kathleen

04/21/2023 22:17:28

I'm a 1947 Kathleen. I was not called Kathy until 4th grade when we moved to a new school and I thought It'sounded more "popular." I was named after grandmothe's, Kathleen and Martha (a grandma name if there ever was one). I was born Christmas Eve and wanted to be called "Noel," but when I complained my mother'said, "Well, we could have named you Martha Kathleen." I would like to be called Kathleen again, but at age 60, It's a little late. My nickname by family is "Kak."

04/18/2023 23:27:50

I'm a 2006 Kathleen and I love my name. Initially, my dad wanted to name me Kathy. Just Kathy, not Kathleen or Katherine. My mom however wanted me to have a formal name. So they compromised: we will give her a formal name but she will always be called Kathy. Once that had been settled, my mom was trying to decide between Katherine and Kathleen. My dad did not like Katherine because of how much more popular it was than Kathleen and thus, Kathleen was born. I love being a Kathleen but I also love my nickname Kathy. I usually don't mind when people call me Kathleen, I'm just not used to it. I love the fact that all of the Katherines/Kathryns I know insist on going by Kate, Katie, or Kat but never Kathy, it just makes my nickname all the more unique! Don't be fooled by those who say that the names Kathleen and Kathy are dated because they're not, they're timeless. Katherine, Kathleen and Kathy go through all the generations. Going back to Kathleen: of the few other Kathleens I know that are my age, most tend to get called Kath. I don't like Kath so I just stick with Kathy. I suppose the -thl- might throw people off, but I have yet to experience that problem. All in all, Kathleen is a wonderful name!

04/01/2023 20:54:04

I'm named Betty Kathleen, but have alway gone by Kathie. My parents wanted Kathleen but couldn't find a middle name they liked with It'so one night Dad was reading a murder mystery and said," how about Betty Kathleen❤️" I haven't always been happy with Kathy, but do think Kathleen is a beautiful name. I wanted to give my daughter my middle name but was afraid my mother-in-law would call her 'little Kathie' so decided on Jolene.

03/22/2023 09:55:12

I'm a 1949 Kathleen and have never allowed people to address me as Kathy. These days I'll put up with the Katherines and the (shudder) Kath-a-leens, but only because I have mellowed with the years and no longer get quite as militant about it as I did. Except for Kathy. No Kathy, ever.

03/20/2023 14:43:06

I looove this name'sooo much!!! If i ever have a daughter i am soooo nameing her Kathleen!

02/23/2023 09:53:42

I was born in 1999 and always disliked my name. It wasn't until a few years ago that I began to appreciate it although, I always go by Kat. My dentist once recognized "Kathleen is an Irish name" and when I think of it that way, I have a lot more pleasant feelings towards it.

02/17/2023 17:31:50

I named my daughter Kathleen Elizabeth born 2015 because I'd always liked the name thought it was a very pretty name for a girl and luckily my husband's grandma was a Kathleen'too so we were able to agree on this name though I had to fight for the middle name because he didn't like it. My daughter has a good friend born the'same year who is also named Kathleen & they met at church. My husband is half Irish so the name worked great for us & I also love that it means pure/chaste. I would have loved to have been given'this name myself!

01/08/2023 21:12:58

I have always been called Kathleen, my mother wouldn't let anyone call me Kathy as a child. I rarely meet other women with the name and my family is not Irish. Some friends call me Kat which is fine.

12/09/2022 16:46:48

I love my name. I'm 35 and there aren't too many Kathleens around (at least not that i've met). I hate when people misspell it (Kathlene, Katheline Kathline) or try something cute like calling me Kathy or Katie. It's Kathleen and I like it!

12/09/2022 09:25:58

Kathleen is also my name. Although It's not one of a kind, I appreciate it. :D

12/06/2022 22:39:18

I'm a 2009 Kathleen, I really like my name because no one i know has it. I am called Kat.I hate how some people pronounce my name wrong they call me Kathrine or Katilyn. i always correct them. I have been called Kath-A-leen. and it gets anoying but i guess thats what you get when you don't have a very common name. Originally my parents were going to name me Kathrine but my grandmother'suggested Kathleen and my mom fell in love with it. my name is Kathleen Anne.

12/01/2022 08:20:52

Born 2007 My name is spelled Kathlene my dad name me after my great grandma and my dads mom which is my grandma. He formed Katharine and Aleen and he made it Kathlene. He didn't want it to be with the "leen" so he made it "lene" to make it more unquie. I love my name and everyone always says it a very pretty name. I was the only girl in middle school and high school with that name. I'm very proud of my name. I don't go by any nicknames only Kathlene. But a lot of people pronounce my name as Kaitlyn or Katharine. Which I don't understand why. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

11/15/2022 11:28:04

I'm a 1986 Kathleen. Growing up I didn't particularly like it because Catherine and Katherine were the norm at the time, but now I truly see It's beauty. Over the years I transitioned to Kathy and now want to revert back to the full Kathleen as an adult.

10/28/2022 07:20:12

I simply love my name Kathleen. If not in a gas station, doctor's office, grocery store etc nametag Kathy or Kathleen...very popular!

10/25/2022 21:08:48

A ton of the friends that i've had, do not seem to know how to pronounce it. They know It's Kathleen Elizabeth, but they don't pronounce it like that. It always tends to be along the lines of, "Kath-a-leen El-(long i)-zabeth". I can not tell you how many times i've had to correct people on that! My parents thought it was a great family name and sounded right with my last name to, syllable, or something similar, wise. I tried to go by Kate, but I ended up as Katie, then Katy (k-t). When I went by Katy people would call me cat-ie. FYI: I'm not a cat!

10/10/2022 07:54:28

My name is Kathleen and I think It's a pretty good name. As I get older (I'm now 15) I'm starting to like it more and more. Everyone usually spells my name wrong. They spell it with a "C" and sometimes spell it Cathlene or Kathlene. Most people pronounce my name Kath-a-leen. I'm constantly correcting them; I have to at least once everyday and it gets very tiring. i've never had anyone have the'same name as me in my school until this year. One girl's name is Kathleen but she goes by Katie so I don't think it really counts. I was named after my grandma Kathy so I can't go by it and there are too many Katie's so I just go by Kathleen and Kat.

09/25/2022 05:32:34

I'm a 2010 Kathleen and I absolutely love my name! It's so special and unique, and nowadays, It's hard to find someone with such a classic name.

09/23/2022 22:41:04

I'm a 2000 Kathleen and I love it! I have never met another person with my name! I have never'shortened my name or had a nickname! I have always been very proud to be a Kathleen... It's a great classic name! :)

09/20/2022 02:59:28

I obvious have the name Kathleen and I could not be happier with it! I would have liked to be called that but over the years (up in age) had to settle for Kathy which I do like as well........thumbs up the the name

09/01/2022 01:44:42

My name is Kathleen, I am 42 yearso old and hagve never liked it, I have always discouraged anyone from calling me Kathleen although I hate Kath just as much, I prefer Kat or Kathy.

08/17/2022 22:16:48

I'm Kathleen marie...named after'someone's favourite aunt.I knew I was in trouble if mum used my full name.Most people over the years have called me Kath or Kathy but my husband started to call me Kate after'seeing fI'm Taming of the'shrew.Cheek.Ive always tried to live up to its meaning..pure.Am I boring❤️

08/02/2022 05:18:00

I'm a 2006 Kathleen. I was named because my dad liked it and it Isn't a very popular name. I absolutely refuse for people to call me Kathy or Katie, but some of my friends call me Kat or Kath, and I think that's fine. When people meet me, they repeat my name and most of the time say Katherine, which is so annoying because I always have to correct them. Sometimes people pronounce my name Kath-a-leen, but I don't really mind if they say it that way.

07/29/2022 14:22:30

I love my name and wouldn't change it for the world. I got the name because I was born with a head full of red hair and my mom thought I should be given an Irish name, even'though we're not Irish! :)

06/26/2022 20:23:24

I'm a Kathleen and though I like my name I hate most of the nicknames for it! Kathy is so horrible and I don't like Kate much either. I usually go by Kat, It's much cuter. My best friend always tells me my name'sounds too old for me, so he never uses my full name.

05/09/2022 01:11:24

My name is Kathleen, I was born in 1974. I am Irish, I love my name.

04/24/2022 16:14:06

When I was younger I hated my name. I was named after my great-grandmother and my mother chose it because she'said it was a "woman's name" not a "girl's name". Now that I'm an adult I understand her completely and I love my name. I'm proud of It's origins and think It's more elegant than many of these trendy compound names. The only thing that frustrates me is that'so many non-English speakers (ironically from countries where Anna is a very common name) call me Ann because they assume, since I'm an English speaker, that my name could not be Anna and has to be Ann. That's very annoying.

04/21/2022 04:58:12

I am a 1969 Kathleen. My father named me. My middle name is Rose. I have always loved my name. All my family has always called me Kathy, but everyone else calls me Kathleen. It is a very feminine name and I feel special that it Isn't popular. I like having a unique name. The baristas at Starbucks call me Kat and it is OK as I am a cat lover. I have only met a Kathleen who was much older than I. I am so happy that my parents named me Kathleen. I feel special.

04/08/2022 03:07:30

I'm a 1971 Kathleen and I love my name. I have always insisted that I be called by my full name and I don't have a middle name. When someone called me Kathy, I was sure to correct them right away. Out of the 4000 kids in my high school, there were only 2 Kathleens that went by Kathleen; there were too many Kathy's to count but I think a lot of them were actually Kathryn's. My nickname is Katz.

03/25/2022 04:14:06

My sister was a 1939 Kathleen. Even when we were children, she would correct anyone who mispronounced or misspelled her name. If called on the'schoolyard by anything else, she would ignore it. She never accepted a nickname.

03/24/2022 15:25:30

I disliked my name as a child but as an adult I really like it. I'm a 1976 Kathleen and I can'tell you, there were tons of Katherines. And they were all called Kathy. It was the era of everyone having an IE-Y nickname and that was why I didn't like it when I was a kid. I was the only Kathleen I knew. And I still hardly ever meet people named Kathleen. My father as adamant that I was NOT to be called Kathy and I never was. Stupid people call me Kath-a-leen. I generally go by Kat. Only my husband and mother call me Kathleen. But I love either.

02/02/2022 05:47:42

I am only 14 years old, so I havn't had as much "experience" with the name, but I truly do Love my name being Kathleen. I was named after a combination of 3 of my aunts' names -my aunt KATHy, and my aunt charLEEN and combined to make Kathleen. and my middle name renee. people say that It's to hard to pronouce so they try to call me Kitkat or Kat, but i prefer to be called Kathleen. I am VERY Irish so i adore the name.

01/13/2022 09:04:48

My name is Kathleen, and I was named after my grandma. I go by "Katie", my grandmas idea since Kathleen is such a long name for a little girl. As I get older, I go by Kathleen more and more. Its a classy name that has tradition to it. Extrenely proud of it.

08/10/2021 17:08:06

My name is Kathleen because my father wanted me to have that name. He then promptly started calling me Kelly at it is supposedly a nick-name akin to "lassy". The name is beautiful but I have never felt like a kathleen.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Kathleen?
The origin of the name Kathleen is Irish.
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Almost 714000 people are named Kathleen.
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The names of Victoria, Kayden, Kaiden, Adriel, Caden