Leola meaning

: Loyal, Faithful, Lion

Leola Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \le(o)-la\
Number of People 👶 28,000
Rate in 2021 9877
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Latin
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Forouzan is an expert in choosing names and has been advising on choosing names for babies for about 10 years. Also, Forozan has an Instagram page for introducing Persian names.

Leola Name Meaning

Are you curious about the meaning behind the name "Leola"? Well, you're in luck! "Leola" is a beautiful and unique name with a rich history and significance.

The name "Leola" has its roots in Greek and Latin origins. In Greek, it is derived from the word "leos," which means "lion." This association with the king of beasts brings forth qualities such as strength, courage, and leadership.

In Latin, "Leola" is believed to be a feminine form of the name "Leo," which means "lion" as well. It carries similar connotations of power and bravery.

Those who bear the name Leola are often described as confident, charismatic individuals who possess a natural ability to inspire others. They are known for their strong personalities and their unwavering determination to achieve their goals.

So if you know someone named Leola or are considering this unique moniker for your child, rest assured that it carries a powerful meaning that reflects strength and leadership. Embrace the beauty behind this wonderful name!

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Comments on the name Leola
01/11/2024 19:59:22

My name is Leola and in my entire life I have never met anyone with my name. People often pronounce my name wrong and also spell it wrong. I often get the nickname Lola. Whenever'someone says my name incorrectly,I only correct them if It's really important

11/23/2023 10:26:30

My middle name is Leola and I'm 55 yrs-old. I too was named after my father's sister. I was once told that the name is an Indian name referring to a prairie flower.

07/30/2023 10:08:18

I'm 82 soon to be 83.My name is Leola Lee. Many miss pronounce my name, but I never correct them, unless It's important. I never cared for nicknames, but some call me Lee. When I got married my husbands family asked if it was okay to call me Lee, I said yes. I wasn't named after anyone I knew and never knew anyone named Leola. I'm glad to see there is still some Leola's

05/26/2023 01:56:50 name is Leola and I am 32yrs....old and I was also named after my great grandma who is a very beautiful woman....I am always having to tell people how to spell my name my friends have so many nick names for me lee,lo,lola,lelola and also leelee...I have yet to meet anyone with my name I think it would be cool to meet other Leola's....,.

05/14/2023 12:48:36

Hi! My names Leola, and I am 15. I am named after my great grandma. I have a lot of different nicknames. Such as: Lee, Lilo, Leo, Leoly, Lola, and Lee Lee. I absolutely love my name. I have never met anyone who had the'same name as me. People usually don't spell my name wrong, but every once in a while some one will miss pronounce it. The correct way to say my name is: "Lee ola"

05/10/2023 10:21:26

Whoever has this name is probablly one of the best snugglers in the world. It is an inter'sting and fun name and the person that has it will reflect that. :)

04/16/2023 23:15:58

Hello my name is leola as well. Im 34 years old and after reading the comments im also named after my grandmother. It is unique and usually i reci've compliments such as ( i love your name) my nickname is lee lee bt, as ive gotten older i tend to prefer lee or simply leola! I enjoy having such a unique name it fits my unique personailty..hip hop horray for all the Leolas out there:)

02/24/2023 15:17:02

My name is Leola I was named after my father's sister. I have meet a few people who tell me of a relative with the'same name. I don't really like it but I am stuck with it. Had it for 59 years.

10/17/2022 08:00:44

hI'my name is leola to im 14 and there is a lady in my family name leola and we had another person name leola to but she died a couple years ago and my great grandmother was name leola and people have nicknames for me to such as leelee,lola,leo,lee and i only had one person to ever'spell my name wrong :) im lucky i love my name

10/13/2022 07:37:00

Hello my name is Leola I am named after my great grandmother from Louisiana .

09/30/2022 23:04:58

Leola is my sister's name, she will be turning 50 the day after tomorrow. she was named after our great grandmother, who was named after a child in her neighborhood drowned and the mother asked my great-great grandmother to name her baby after her. her name is distinctive and i have only heard her name called out in a crowd once, and they weren't calling for her. i love to tease her because she has to spell not only her first name but her last when ever'she talks to someone over the phone.

09/25/2022 20:14:14

Hey! My name is Leola and I am 15. I was named after my great, great grandmother. I absolutely love my name. It's so unique and i've never met anyone with my name. I don't really like nicknames that are related to my name, I don't why, but I still have people try and call me them. Typically I get Leo, Lola (I hate when people call me that), Lee (my middle name, lol), Leoly, Leela. I only like Leo and Lee. A lot of times when someone is reading my name they always mispronounce it by saying it by going Lae-o-la instead of Lee-o-la (how It's actually pronounced).

05/08/2022 00:29:06

My name is Leeola I am 24 I was named after a black lady my mother'sat with everyday I'm White tho but also my name comes from both of my grand mother one name is olamae an the other was Carrie Lee an till this day I'm glad my mother named me after them three ladies even if I didn't meet either one

04/01/2022 11:00:00

Hello! My name is Leeola and I am 17. I was named after my mom's grandmother and my father. Her grandmother's name was Leola and my dad's name is Lee so my mother just added another -e-. I have a lot of nicknames also, Leelo, Leeo, Lee, Leela, Leeolabeth, Lola, etc. I am not a huge fan of my name, mostly because a lot of people have trouble pronouncing and/or spelling it. I have never met another person with my name, but i have heard about them, already dead.

01/12/2022 17:31:30

HI'my name is Leolla - notice the 2 l's❤️ I am 10 years old and from all the research I have done I am the only one with the name Leolla spelt with two l's - I am the unique of all the Leolla's - LOVE the name! :)

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Leola FAQs

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Leola?
The origin of the name Leola is Latin.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Leola?
Loyal, Faithful, Lion
*️⃣ How many people are named Leola?
Almost 28000 people are named Leola.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Leola?
The names of Layla, Lily, Lyla, Leila, Laila