Malia meaning

: Perhaps, Probably

Malia Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \m(a)-lia\
Number of People 👶 25,000
Rate in 2021 557
Numerology 🔢 9
Name origin 🌍 Hawaiian
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Malia Name Meaning

The name Malia holds a beautiful and meaningful significance. Derived from Hawaiian origins, Malia is a name that embodies grace, strength, and beauty.

In Hawaiian culture, the name Malia is often associated with tranquility and peace. It represents a deep connection to nature and the ability to find harmony within oneself.

Malia also carries a sense of leadership and determination. Those who bear this name are often seen as confident individuals who possess great ambition and drive.

Furthermore, Malia symbolizes loyalty and compassion. Individuals with this name are known for their caring nature and their ability to empathize with others.

Overall, the name Malia encompasses a rich blend of qualities that make it both powerful and inspiring. It serves as a reminder to embrace our inner strength, seek balance in life, and show kindness towards others.

Cool Info About Name Malia

Additional name description Malia
Additional name description Malia


The Hawaiian name Malia first appeared on the US popularity charts in 1977, but was in general use before this date in the state of Hawaii. In fact, Malia has been a top favorite girl's name in the state of Hawaii for over 40 years. In 2011, Malia was ranked as the 13th most used female name in our Aloha State. Not as popular on the mainland, Malia has, however, seen some remarkable growth in recent years. The name gained currency in 2008 and 2009 thanks to Malia Obama, the daughter of President Obama, who was hoisted into the public eye and brought her beloved name to the forefront of the American consciousness. For a couple of years, parents responded and the name skyrocketed in popularity. Also, the name has a few creative respellings that American parents are so famous and fond of: Melia, Maliyah, Maleah and Maliah. Malia is one of those gorgeous sounding Hawaiian names - light and airy; easy and windy.

Famous people named Malia

Malia (British singer)

Malia Jones (model/surfer)

Malia Metella (French Olympic swimmer)

Malia Obama (President Obama's daughter)

Malia Hosaka (professional wrestler)


The number of the name Malia in numerology is 8. The motto of the name Malia and eights in life is: “I am the best!”

The patron planet for the name Malia is Saturn.

The zodiac sign for the name Malia is Leo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Talisman stones for the name Malia are calcite, cinnabar, coral, dioptase, ivory, black lignite, marcasite, mika, opal, selenite, serpentine, smoky quartz.


The number 8 for the name Malia means the planet Saturn. Outwardly, the owners of the name Malia are cold, but this is just a mask to hide their natural craving for warmth and well-being. They are prone to stability, to a stable financial position. They are constant in everything: in relationships, in habits, in work. By old age, the bearers of the name Malia are most often financially secure. Among other things, they are stubborn, which contributes to the achievement of any goals. As a rule, people of Saturn subjugate, and do not obey themselves. They are always faithful and constant, you can rely on them. Harmony is achieved with people of the second type.


Pink color named after Malia. From the bearers of the name Malia, it is impossible to hear criticism of others. But they evaluate themselves people with the name Malia are always critical, because of which there are frequent emotional gains and depressive states. They are wonderful family men, because it is impossible not to love them. The positive character traits of the name Malia are philanthropy and sincerity. The negative character traits of the name Malia are depression and criticality.

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Comments on the name Malia
01/14/2024 00:00:00

My husband and I are planning to name our second daughter Malia. We love the name but are struggling with deciding how to spell It'so as to avoid people mispronouncing it. We're hoping that the'spelling "Malia" won't result in people saying "ma-liya" with a long i sound.

11/28/2023 12:24:20

The Hidden Hand, Or, Capitola the Madcap By E.D.E.N. Southworth The name "Capitola" comes from the feisty, cross-dressing heroine of this 1859 adventure novel. ("E.D.E.N. Southworth was one of the most popular and prolific writers of the nineteenth century and her Capitola Black, or Black Cap... was so well-loved that the book was serialized three times between 1859 and 1888 and was dramatized in forty different versions... The pace is fast, the action wonderfully unbelievable. This is escape literature at its nineteenth-century best, with a woman at its center who makes you feel strong, daring and reckless." -- Erica Bauermeister, 500 Great Books by Women)

11/09/2023 21:41:40

Its my middle name. I wish my parents would have chosen it as my first. It'seems to be hard one for people to guess or spell. I have seen other'spellings.

11/07/2023 11:12:38

My 10 month old daughter is named Malia. It is for Mary, but also Marie. Marie and Mary are both family names; also its Hawaiian for both of those and Malia was born in Hawaii. Now that we live on the mainland, its unusual and pretty!

11/05/2023 03:04:40

I spelled my daughters name...MALEYAH and only a few people say her name correctly.

10/31/2023 10:13:28

I bet this name will become more popular because Malia is the name of one of Obama's daughters.

10/05/2023 20:35:04

My 9 month old daughter's name is Mahlia.(mah-lee-ah) We chose this alternate spelling because we thought it was pretty. We've had people mispronounce the name...but when we correct them, they are always quick to say "What a beautiful name!"

08/15/2023 11:43:14

My 9 yr old daughter is named Malia. I think its beautiful. I tell people the'same thing...its Maria with an L.

08/04/2023 03:52:24

My name is Malia, I love my name. It is very unique, and everyone always tells me what a beautiful or pretty name it is. However, growing up and while It'school, and even now people still mispronounce it. It is just like "Maria" but with an "L" Instead of the R. So... Muh-LEE-uh.

06/14/2023 22:55:44

I lived in Hawaii for many years and went back for a visit when I found out I was pregnant in (2016). The name is fitting for these reasons alone. Also, loved Malia Jones (surfer/model)...and so did my husband who willing agreed on the name. My dsughter is 7 now and hates her name b/c it is mispronounced all the time...I hope some day she learns to love it...and appreciate the'story

06/02/2023 04:06:32

My daughter's name is Malia. She also has problems with people mispronouncing the name. It is just like 'Maria' but with an 'L' instead of the 'R'. When I write the name, I would put an accent mark over the 'i' to indicate the inflection. The name is Hawaiian and is the English equivalent of 'Mary'.

04/11/2023 00:08:32

My daughters name is Maleah which is pronouned Ma lee ah. It means beautiful in Hawiian. Every where we go people say how beautiful she is and they ask what her name is and I say Maleah and they say that is beautiful and unique too. I just say that's exactly what it means. I love this name.

02/05/2023 01:38:58

my names maleeha buh it has a silent 'h' i use to hate it people kept pronoucing the H buh now whem im older ilike my name its different

01/16/2023 21:07:32

I give you the thumbs up for actually pronouncing it correctly!

12/22/2022 15:25:14

My name is Malea and I hated it when I was younger...none of my teache's can pronounce my name! But now that I'm older I love it because its don't hear it often...I always get compliments about my name being very pretty!

10/24/2022 14:17:18

Our daughter is Melia. We love the name but people do have a problem pronoucing it. They think we just dropped the "A" off "Amelia". We have to tell them how to pronounce it. I didn't think it would be that difficult:)

09/23/2022 08:17:02

My daughters name is Maleea and we spelled it that way because her dad and grandfathe's middle names are Lee. It fits her perfect she is beautiful and it means beautiful. We always get compliments on her name.

03/12/2022 14:17:06

My granddaughter's name is Mahlia. We chose to spell her this way so people hopefully would pronounce it right. Mahlia is a beautiful 9 month old, whose name fits her perfectly! Everywhere we take her, people comment on her physical beauty and when'they learn her name, they say the name fits her beauty! We, too, pronounce her name as Mah-lee-ah.

09/20/2021 21:20:06

i get tons of compliments on my name and the way it is spelled. Malea. I love it because I am the only malea I know within miles of where I live.

08/02/2021 18:48:54

My name is Malia and I was born and raised in Hawaii. I absolutely love my name but hate all the different variations of spellings that people have come up with. People always mispronounce it, which is funny cause I think It's so easy. I just say, "It's like Maria but with an L". I get comments and compliments about my name all the time. Did you know there is a recently discovered island in Greece named "Malia"❤️❤️❤️

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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Malia?
The origin of the name Malia is Hawaiian.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Malia?
Perhaps, Probably
*️⃣ How many people are named Malia?
Almost 25000 people are named Malia.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Malia?
The names of Emma, William, James, John, Elizabeth