Annette meaning

: grace.

Annette Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a(n)-nette, ann(et)-te\
Number of People 👶 169,000
Rate in 2021 2366
Numerology 🔢 7
Name origin 🌍 French
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Annette Name Meaning

Annette is a name of French origins, denoting "grace" or "favor". This name connotes a sense of elegance, beauty, and kindness. It personifies an individual who carries herself with dignity and poise. This name comes with the dual blessing of simplicity and sophistication, making it a timeless choice.

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Annette Name Origin and History

Additional description of the name Annette
Additional description of the name Annette

The name Annette is a diminutive of Anne, a name of Hebrew origin meaning "grace". Annette was adopted by the French in the late Middle Ages and has since been popular in many English-speaking and European countries.

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Additional name description Annette
Additional name description Annette

The name Annette enjoyed a wave of popularity in the 20th century, particularly in the 1960s, partly thanks to Annette Funicello, a famous American actress and singer who was one of Walt Disney's original Mouseketeers. Annette Bening, Oscar-nominated American actress, also carries this name. The name Annette implies a personality that's elegant, kind, and poised. Despite declining in use in recent decade, Annette retains a timeless charm that's poised for a potential resurgence.

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Comments on the name Annette
12/24/2023 00:34:34

My name is Annette. I was the only girl in my junior school and senior school with the name. Did not like it when i was younger but now I'm glad my parents called me it. Although my sister and some friends call me Netty for short..

11/11/2023 03:05:00

My name is Anette. Only one "n". I was named after my aunt, because I was supposed to be born on her birth day, but instead I was born the day before. Still, I like the name, it makes me feel different.

10/14/2023 18:32:08

My friends hate my name but love me. I love my name and love me. If my friends loved my name it would be a thumbs up, naturally!

10/07/2023 21:57:28

Hate it. Never liked it. It's not in any way novel and sounds too conservative.

09/26/2023 06:45:48

HI'my name is Annette as well I'm not sure if I like it or not its still pritty rear name only ever met a couple othe's but when I do us Annette's seem to have a strange connection some how probly coz there's not many of us my middle name is Jane so out them together its nicer.

08/11/2023 17:12:10

My name is Annette and I'm grateful my parents picked this name meaning favor and grace. . It Isn't a common name where I live but most people tell me they think It's a beautiful name. Yes, I have to spell it out to people most of the time but that's ok.

07/24/2023 01:54:14

My name is Annette my nickname is Nan but only family calls me Nan everyone else uses Annette my grandmother's name is Annette Katherine my mother myself and my daughter are all also Annette Katherine .four generations and I love both daughter decided that was enough and named my granddaughter Chloe Anne

07/05/2023 00:01:30

My name is Annette. I hated it when I was younger because I always had to spell it for people, but I love it now. I haven't met many people with my name, and I think that is awesome!

06/26/2023 20:52:58

Hi. I am Annette. I didn't particularly care for it when I was younger but, in my older years, I do like it. I think probably because it is my middle name and teache's always called me by my first name. Every year it would take a while to get them to call me Annette. My mother's side calls me 'Ah-Net', as is how I pronounce it. My father's side call me 'Ann-ette'. Friends typically call me 'Net' or 'Nette' and my sister calls me 'Nettie'. RE: 'Ah-Net' or 'Ann-ette', I don't feel one is more correct or incorrect than the other. It's all good. As long as they don't call me by my whole, entire name. Then I know I'm in trouble then! LOL! It was a hard name to learn to write. Especially cursive. Two 'n's', two 'e's', and two 't's'; and all those loops. It's really pretty written by someone with excellent penmenship. I don't really fall in that category. And, yes, it is always very frustrating being called Anita, Antonette, etc. It's surprising to me how often it is mis-spelled and mis-pronounced. I was born in 1971 and am about to turn 61 years old.

04/03/2023 10:13:30

Well I do like the name jade because its a real pretty stone and its just a nice simple name to remember and when I'meet new people they love my name, but i've only met two other jades❤❤❤

03/29/2023 17:22:18

My name is Annette. I really like the name. I used to hate it when I was younger because It's so different. Now I'm glad that it is. i've probably only ran into 3 or 4 othe's with my name, and I'm a flight attendant and I'meet people from all over.

03/12/2023 20:23:34

Yes this is my name. Many people pronounce it wrong likd sadie or said. It really makes me bad. But I am glad my parents named me that. The correct way to say my name is like "shy-day". I was named after the'singer. But I once met a nurse tha worked in the hospital in my home town and she'said my name was nigerian. i've only met a couple girls with the name'sade. But I like it It's unique and cute, a lot of people say I have a pretty name!

02/11/2023 18:06:46

does everyone spell their name Annette/Anhet cause i spell mine Anette. but anyway's i think my name is ok 1) It's rare no one in my class has my name it feels like it belong's to me and only me. 2) i like my nick names netta,netti etc...

02/05/2023 19:16:58

My name is Anette with only one n and it gets annoying to have people always ask me why only one n, but I think that It's good since I know that othe's people spell it this way even'though it might not be correct.

01/13/2023 14:04:10

I thought I was the only one my age to be named Annette when I was in Jr high. By the time I graduated I had me only 1 other Annette. After I'moved and was working in another city I ended up carpooling with another Annette. Sconce then and before facebook I had met at least 3 more Annette' s.

12/29/2022 21:24:10

My name is Annette and i've never liked it. It's boring, uninspiring, and I get mistaken for Annie or Anita all the time, which is annoying. Had I been able to pick my own name, this would not have been it.

12/27/2022 21:29:56

i've only met one other person with my name. I really like it. I go by Annette not Anne. I think It's a solid confident name. Annette -Idaho

10/07/2022 19:57:16

Love my name! After the Dionne quintuplet- and my paternal aunt! Loved that there were hardly any other girls named Annette.

09/20/2022 07:06:20

Hey my name is Annette and sometimes I hate it lol like everyone just calles me ❤️AUH - NET❤️ lol I never met anyone else with my name I'm currently 16 years old

09/04/2022 10:13:32

My name is pronounced Ann ette, little Ann, a flat pronunciation for the Ann and a light, higher pronunciation for the ette. I never liked it as a child because I was always called Anna, which I liked and was used to, or Annie Oakley, which I hated. Now I always correct people and say It's Annette when improperly introduced by my siblings, which they still do!

08/20/2022 16:09:36

My Mother and her'sister which is my Aunt Cil both liked the name Anne Marie For a little girl . My Aunt cil named her daughter Mariann and my mom named me Annette Marie . My experiences with my name was people called me Anita Antoinette,Lynette,danette everything pretty much but AH NET like I preferred it to be pronounced .I did not like my name pronounce An Net.Pretty much people couldn't pronounce or spell my name. And no one had my mane in grade school or high school I was the only one pretty unique back then or so I thought When when I hit 50 Years of age I started sEwing more women sharing my name lol. My dad called me annetta which was really special and my husband calls me Net. I didn't like my name growing up but I love it now my full name Annette Marie

04/09/2022 23:57:36

the correct way to say haden is hay-den. very simpley.

01/18/2022 13:31:12

My name is Anette, only with one "n" because my mom wanted my name to be unique. At first I didn't like it because I would get made fun of because of the way It'sounds "A-net" which is not how you say it. Even my teache's would spell it with double "n" . But but now that I'm in middle school I'm starting to love my name because it is unique and different from othe's

12/27/2021 20:53:06

Well my name is Annette, but my nephew calls me Aunt Annette & when he pronounces it altogether It'sounds like he is calling me "Antoinette". So I love it when it come out that way. I think It's a beautiful name as well as my name Annette.

10/12/2021 09:23:42

My name is Annette. I am 49 years old. I like my name but it constantly amazes me how many times it gets mispronounced, even when spelled correctly. I get Anita, Antinette, Antoinette, Lynnette, Jeanette etc. I actually worked with two other women around my age named Annette at one point in time over my career and that was when we had less than 200 employees. Pretty unique.

09/27/2021 21:41:42

Don't like my name, never have. inter'stingly neither of my parents could remember who decided to call me it. I don't even have a middle name I could go by instead.

08/19/2021 20:44:06

My name is Annette. My nick names are Nettie, Net, and Ani. I love my name. My mother is Annette as well and she was named after Annette Funicello. When people used to call me they asked for me by my nick names or if it was family I was ❤️little Annette❤️. In my neighborhood I was the only Annette. In school I was confused with Antoinette, Jannette or Yvette. I always corrected them since I was the only one of me ❤️


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Annette?
The origin of the name Annette is French.
*️⃣ What is meaning of name Annette?
*️⃣ How many people are named Annette?
Almost 169000 people are named Annette.
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The names of Andrew, Andrea, Andre, Ander, Andrey