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Jayce Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \ja(y)-ce\
Number in U.S 👶 33,000
Rate in 2021 272
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Jayce : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Jayce is a fantasy name, different from the United States. It is either a one syllable sound (JASE) as a nickname for Jason, or it is a phonetic spelling dictated by the initials JC (pronounced JAY-cee). There is no etymological sense or substantial root for this name. The feminine form of this name is normally spelled Jaycee.


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The male name Jayce first appeared on the US pop charts in 1986 but then abruptly disappeared for ten years until re-emerging in 1996. The name has gained over 700 chart positions in 15 years indicating quite impressive growth. This is a very modern name. If you like the sound of initials, we suggest naming his son something like John Christopher Jeffery or Carlos and calling him “J. C” for short. The name is Jayce over-simplified, plain and boring. It really lacks pizzazz.

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Comments on the name Jayce
12/9/2022 5:04:26 PM

Our first son's name is Jayce Aaron. We love the name. People mispronounce it all of the time as Jaycee. It drives my husband crazy! He usually responds to someone with, "It is just like Joyce with an 'a' you don't call someone named Joyce...Joycee do you?" We love it though besides the fact. I am glad to see othe's spell it Jayce. Most othe's that I have met spell it Jace or Jase. I like it with a Y!! :)

12/4/2022 4:49:26 AM

I was born in 1986 and have had my ups and downs with Jayce. Joyce, Jaycee, Jay, Jason, Janice are a few misspellings that are common. As a child, it was a tough name, but as I grew older I realized what a blessing it was. When I first started in Sales, I realized that it is not only a conversation started, but they never forget it. All in all it is a great name!

11/21/2022 10:56:06 PM

This is my sons name, and i still love it just as much now! despite callin it out a million times a day lol...never get bored of it...we have some people spellin it wrong in cards or callin him Kay or Kyle, but i always correct them! If he had of been a girl he would have been Kaiya.

11/16/2022 5:06:04 AM

My son's name is Jayce. He was born in Aprilof 08. Everyone messes up his name calling him Jaycee, Jason, or Chase. I had one person call him Bryce. Where do you get Bryce from Jayce? I don't know. I love the name. He also has a female cousin named Jayce as well.

11/7/2022 1:54:34 PM

We name our son Pascal. It is a great name and he is a great kid!

11/7/2022 5:58:28 AM

My son's name is Jayce & I love it! I'm so glad I won that battle with my husband! We receive compliments constantly & even know another baby named Jace after they had heard his name. If You're trying to settle on a name, I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed.

11/2/2022 7:14:36 AM

We named our little boy after my father-in-law and his name is Sonny! He is an awesome boy, handsome and smart, and oh so funny! I can't imagine his name being anything else!

10/29/2022 5:08:02 PM

My Son Jayce Michael Barry was born April26, 2013. He was named after his Uncle Jason whom we called "Jay". He died the night Jayce was conceived. We wanted to name our son after Jay but didn't want to name him Jason or Jay. One day on tv there was this little boy with no arms or legs and his name was Jace. We loved the name but changed the'spelling to include "Jay" in it. Our son is not only named for his uncle but also for Jay's girlfriend (and Jayce's godmother) Michelle and my step father Barry.

10/23/2022 6:53:30 PM

this name is getting very popular in the uk also. I know a couple of friends who have given'their daughters this and both are shortened to maddie. I personally find the name quite harsh sounding, but it would be boring if everyone agreed that they liked the'same names.

10/12/2022 3:59:28 AM

Our son, Jayce Joseph, was born in 2005. I first heard (and saw) the name on a Saturday morning cartoon show in 1997. I was already dating my future husband and he liked it too. Guess the name'stuck with us because, 8 years later, it was at the top of the baby name list. Years later I found the name of the cartoon on the internet - Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. I still need to buy a tape of the'show for nostalgia's sake. ;-) Yes, like othe's, he gets called Jason, Chase, and "J.C.". He gets the occasional letter addressed to "Joyce". I knew we had a challenging LAST name but I never imagined that people would confuse the pronunciation of his FIRST name. JAYCE seems so simple and straightforward, doesn't it? If I wanted him to be a "J.C.", I would have spelled his name differently (a "ee" or "ie" perhaps). Luckily, Jayce likes his name in spite of the confusion. I love the name. It looks good, It'sounds good... It's different and youthful yet it "grows up" well. In 2005, I liked the name because it was unique but maybe as we get more Jayce's in the world people will actually learn how to say it!

9/21/2022 10:43:52 AM

I love seeing that there are other Jayce Ryan's mentioned here! My son is also Jayce Ryan, born January 2017. When my husband and I found out we were having a son, the name Jayce I'mediately was our choice. We really don't recall where we heard the name in the first place, but we just knew our son would be Jayce. We couldn't figure out what other boy's name we liked for his middle name until one evening it popped into my head... Jayce Ryan! We don't even know anyone named Ryan but it just sounded right. Then one night shortly after he was born, we were watching a beloved '80s movie, "Sixteen Candles" and it I'mediately stuck me... the character Jake Ryan that I had adored in the movie! All I could say was "oh my god, honey... I think I almost named our son after my teenage movie crush!" We both got a good laugh but I still adore my very own Jayce Ryan more than that crush anyday!!! Cheers to everyone named Jayce!!!

9/9/2022 2:47:06 AM

my name is Jayce, and man is it awesome! but everyone here should name their kid, "Jayce number 2/3/etc." because I was here first! just kidding. seriously, though. This name is the best.

8/24/2022 1:29:24 PM

My son's name is Jayce and he was born in March 2021, I love the name.. I got the name from a person who's sons name was Jason and they called him Jayce for short... :)

7/28/2022 11:44:06 PM

My Son was born Sept 07 and I went with the name Jayce after hearing it as a football players sons name on a show I watched all during my pregnancy. Still to this day at the doctors the one nurse calls him Joyce. I too have to repeat the name when someone asks me what his name is, sometimes its funny but other times aggrivating. I like how different and unique it is.

7/20/2022 5:10:48 PM

My lil brother's name is Jayce he was born in 1998 and was named after the tv show. My mom and I hate when people say it wrong its not hard to say.They'll say JC when its Jay-ce.Like ace but with a J in the front. I'met a lady that has a tatoo of Jayce on her arm and I was like hey thats my bros name & she was like its my sons name i kinda didn't like that because I know his name is rare. My mom,myself,and my bro have rare names. I love having a name no one else has. I just hate saying my name because it gives people ideas. I'm very protective of my name and of my brothe's name. Oh yeah,and I'm not going to type my name either.:)

7/5/2022 3:51:36 AM

My name is Jayce Ray my daddy's name is Jewell Ray and my Pawpaw's name is Hubert Ray. My future wife and I are planing on naming our first son Hank Ray to keep the tradition going. I really like my name but it does get annoying sometimes when people don't know how to pronounce it. But overall I like Jayce.

6/30/2022 1:08:42 PM

I'm due in 2 weeks and I'm naming my baby boy Jayce. When I tell people they always say oh Chase! ... I hate it.. BUT i LOVE the name!

6/28/2022 7:03:18 PM

My son, Jayce Patrick was born in 1990. I first heard that name on an old cowboy movie.

6/25/2022 11:27:00 AM

My son is named Jayce Adam Roebuck who was born 25th march 2020, I fell in love with this name about a year before i found out i was having a baby.. We offen get people calling him Jason, Jaycee and we've even had a Jade grrrr lol.. I love my son's unique name and it fits his personality just right :D

6/19/2022 5:17:06 PM

My son is also named Jayce. We saw the name "Jace" in a High School hockey program and decided to add the "y" (in case we called him Jay). Yes, everybody conver's his name to Jason, mistakes it as Chase, or misreads it as Jay-cee (2 syllables). I would not have guessed that'since Joyce is very common and people don't say Joy-cee. Jayce is 14 and we have met or heard of less than 5 other Jayce's. I'm still happy I chose this unique name.

4/27/2022 2:41:24 PM

My son was born on Dec 16 2017 and i named him Jayce. I didn't know of many Jayces at the time but all of a sudden quite a few baby boys have been born and named Jayce recently!

4/21/2022 8:31:30 PM

My name is Jayce. I was born Jan 14, 1972. Am I the oldest Jayce out there?

4/8/2022 6:47:06 AM

We just named our baby Daughter Abbey and every time someone asks her name and i say "Abbey" they say "Abbey" what a beautiful name! makes me proud

2/16/2022 4:34:48 PM

My name is Jayce Marcus and its a sexy name for a boy.

2/6/2022 5:45:54 PM

my son was born in May of 2020 his name is Jayce Mitchell Johnson. I had a lot of comments from nurses about how unusual the name was. I am glad to see that it is pretty popular! He was named after my grandmother Joyce and his father Jay.

12/28/2021 9:35:24 PM

I named my son Jayce. Often, people call him Jason. This upsets me greatly! It's pronounced JAY+S.

12/10/2021 7:59:06 AM

My son is 3 mos old and his name is Jayce. When people ask what his name is, they think i am saying Jason. I love this name and found it on the internet. I wanted to go with the'spelling Jase, but figured that was typical. I love the Jayce spelling. I am so happy I chose this name for my son.

12/5/2021 2:37:48 AM

My daughter's name is Cayce and her husband is Jake, so their daughter is Jayce, it fits just perfect.

11/15/2021 5:48:36 PM

We have 2 boys Kyle and Ryan (irish names) When we were having our third and final baby, we wanted another irish name, but one that definitely not as popular as the boys. Elated when we found out we were having a girl cause prayer and faith played a strong role. We named her Reagan Faith. My daughter is "the ruler" of our household now. Loved by her'siblings and Faith cause I had "faith" God was going to bless me with the daughter i so needed and wanted. I hope she grows to love her name.

7/31/2021 2:45:54 AM

My son was born on August 15, 2019 and his name is Jayce David. I agree it really gets on my nerves when people call him Jaycee & if they don't do that they think I said Jason or Chase.

7/7/2021 6:47:06 PM

My nephe's name is Jayce.. I think it is an awesome name

7/6/2021 12:35:24 PM

We named our son Jayse. I love the name. The only problem is that everyone pronounces it Jaysie. Jaysie is a girls name. We always correct it. Everyone always compliments on his name. And they liked the name.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Jayce?
The origin of the name Jayce is Hebrew.
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Almost 33000 people are named Jayce.
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The names of John, Aaron, Juan, Mary, June