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Jeremiah Name Information

Gender 🧑 Boy
Pronunciation 📣 \j(e)-re-miah\
Number in U.S 👶 202,000
Rate in 2021 123
Numerology 🔢 6
Name origin 🌍 Hebrew

Jeremiah : Meaning, Origin and Popularity

Origin of the name Jeremiah :Hebrew

Meaning of name Jeremiah :It comes from yirmeyah: "exaltation of God"

History of the name Jeremiah : Jeremiah is a biblical prophet, author of the book that bears his name and also the Book of Lamentations. The word "jeremiad", derived from his name, designates an exaggerated display of pain.

Famous people with the last name Jeremiah

Jeremy Bentham, English philosopher (1848-1832)

Jerry Lewis, American actor and film director (1926- )

Jeremy Irons, British actor (1948- )

Characteristics of the Name Jeremiah

They place great emphasis on honesty and treating people equally. They are very good friends. They try to make their friends happy. However, they may not give themselves the importance they give to other people. They may overlook their own abilities.

They are people of love. They live for love. They are very fond of their freedom. They love to live life. They love to have fun outside with their friends. They have the ability to see and evaluate events from different aspects. They are objective thinkers.

They reflect the intense emotions they experience in their inner world to the outside. They scrutinize and reflect on events. Their work ethic is very high. They work with an inexhaustible energy. However, they may have difficulty adjusting the balance between their work and private lives.

They are complete workaholics. Their energy is never ending. Sleep has nothing to do with it. They are quite healthy. They are domestic people. They love home life. They are very careful about their financial situation. They are calculating people.

They are very thoughtful and compassionate people. They are artistic and creative people. They are very good observers. They can be good fashion designers, writers. However, they can sometimes have trouble with dealing with too much work. They can be voracious and starting other businesses without finishing their work may lead to their failure.

He is a natural leader. He has his own opinions and thoughts. He does not make decisions under the influence of other people. He does not shy away from taking responsibility and duties. They are brave people. However, in some cases, they should not control their courage and make decisions immediately, be flexible and take into account the opinions of other people.

They love to make money and spend as much. They are creative and productive people. Most of the time, they act on their instincts and feelings. They like to act alone. Sometimes they can be skeptical people. Succumbing to their doubts can create problems.

Horoscope for the Meaning of the Name Jeremiah

The most distinctive feature of your character is rationality. You act with your logic rather than your feelings. You defend yourself. The education, culture and intelligence of the person you will be with are also important to you. You act with your mind, not your emotions, in your business life. Thanks to your intelligence, you open the door to many opportunities and achieve great success. You continue your success in business life in human relations. You are a person who is consulted about everything.

What Are the Advantages of the Name Jeremiah?

Although each individual has different advantages, the general advantages of people with the name Jeremiah are: Dreamer, Emotional, Adventurous, Intelligent, Energetic, Sociable, Calm.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Name Jeremiah?

Although each individual has different disadvantages according to their own, the disadvantages of people with the name Jeremiah in general are that they are Capricious, Unnecessarily Stubborn, Brutal, Unsuccessful in Art, Fragile, Aggressive, Panic.

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Comments on the name Jeremiah
12/5/2022 8:47:34 PM

Absolutly LOVE this name! Definatly naming my babyboy this!

11/27/2022 10:00:34 AM

i love the name it reminds me of the bible it rocks

11/12/2022 5:20:34 PM

my husband and i are debating on this one. he likes the name, but i want something a little different. i thought of maybe spelling it a little diffrently. maybe jeremyah. does it look to feminine spelled that way?

10/27/2022 7:52:30 PM

This is my best friend's name! Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine. LOL

10/25/2022 6:12:28 PM

My son who is 35 years old is named Jeremiah James, we call him Jim Bob, Jim and or JI'my, the reason for this was no one seems to know how to spell Jeremiah, including the teacher whom he had in grammer'school. I chose both his first and middle name from the bible.

10/12/2022 11:40:54 PM

Love this name. love how It'sounds when you say it. One of my boys names. I got it from the movie detroit rock city.

8/15/2022 3:22:48 PM

My son name is Jeremiah, but we spelled it different so it would be unique still! We spell it "Jeremaya"......he has an older'sister named Amaya from my husband's first relationship. So we named him after the Jeremiah in the bible and spelled it after his sister!! We get many compliments on the'spelling of his name!!!

7/16/2022 4:11:24 PM

A classic! Definately one of my favortite boys names. It is strong, timeless, and sexy!! What more could you want in a name?

1/11/2022 5:44:06 PM

Love it, love it, love it! Jeremiah is such a great name for a child, and it is an awesome name for a man. It's strong, solid, and it rolls off the tongue very nicely. I plan on naming my first son Isaac Jeremiah.

1/6/2022 6:53:24 AM

My three year old son is named Jeremiah. We like the name because it is a biblical name. His name means "appointed by God."

1/1/2022 12:30:54 PM

i absolutely love the name.. my sons name is Jerimiah Ray. I had my son in November 24th,2019 and he is a blessing. always laughing, so happy, strong, brave. I couldnt ask for a better'son :) I did not pick his name from the bible. his fathe's name is Jesse Ray. everybody was doing the jr. names and i didnt want that, so i chaned the first name and kept the middle and last, with the'same initials. jerimiah was the cutest jay name and also none of my friends kids had that name. today however i looked up in the bible, Jeremiah 20:11, his name and the year he was born, and the bible verse read... But the LORD is with me like a mighty warrior; so my persecutors will stumble and not prevail. They will fail and be thoroughly disgraced; their dishonor will never be forgotten.


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*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Jeremiah?
The origin of the name Jeremiah is Hebrew.
*️⃣ How many people are named Jeremiah?
Almost 202000 people are named Jeremiah.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Jeremiah?
The names of Jade, Jude, Judah, Jett, Jada