Allyson Name Information

Gender 👩 Girl
Pronunciation 📣 \a-lly-son\
Number in U.S 👶 52,000
Rate in 2021 1237
Numerology 🔢 8
Name origin 🌍 German

Meaning of Allyson

"Allyson" is a popular name for girls that has German origin. Meaning of the name Allyson is: "Noble".

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the meaning of name  Allyson
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Comments on the name Allyson
9/23/2022 4:13:08 PM

This is my name and I love it, but I have had some problems as a child by the'similarity with a Chilean airline (LanChile), and words are assimilated into English, but still not exactly their origin and meaning Adios

9/9/2022 8:57:24 AM

This is my name and I like it. The French love it, the BrIt'sh know how to say it and disney poodle is a nice representation for the name. I was named after my father and is fits my spunky, outgoing personality well.

2/9/2022 6:03:00 PM

I love this name! Wanted to use it for one of my daughters but dh didn't like it. My sister used for it my niece and I still love the name! It's easy to shorten'to Ally too.


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Frequently asked questions

*️⃣ What is the origin of the name Allyson?
The origin of the name Allyson is German.
*️⃣ How many people are named Allyson?
Almost 52000 people are named Allyson.
*️⃣ Which names are related to the name Allyson?
The names of Alan, Alina, Alaina, Alana, Alayna